☑ Cómo reproducir melodías monofónicas formato Nokia Composer en Arduino

Hello youtube friends, today I’ll show you how to put melodies monophonic our arduino card
playback through a piezoelectric buzzer … we will prepare our
hardware We need an Arduino UNO board,
a piezoelectric buzzer which we will connect a pair of wires we can try
different models to see different results in terms of volume and tone We connect the negative to the land of our arduino and positive of
Piezoelectric to pin No. 2 arduino digital port card …
…. seek a power supply in this case using a battery
9V … we will prepare our sofware in the description I’ll let these two separate files
we will decompress the rar programs folder then I’ll leave too
bookstore, let’s open the folder programs and there are two programs
examples here are the basic program and the program with several
melodies and a file where there are pages so that you can place
more melodies in their codes we will analyze the example program to let them:
Here are the notes and here is the command used to
play the notes easily through this bookstore which is the
another file that leave here is this that is here Well I’ll give you click compile, to see that if we tried on our IDE and such as it is not going to work until
we install our library Then we go to the program, including library, library add ZIP and we go to our file laubicación (our library Nokia composeer) We will select open already loaded and ready. we will schedule and
our Arduino board to connect to and give computer program Well let’s open another example
I left them … This example has more melodies, you are the be added and as this is within the “void loop” to recur
cyclically here I leave a url where they can get more melodies to place the arduino card and give more
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