🎹 OST – Composer le Thème d’un jeux vidéo (Partie 1)

Hi you guys, Aurélien speaking!
So you must be wondering “Hey, why can’t I see your head, dude?” Well,
actually, my camera’s been acting up lately,
but still I want to bring out a video for you guys, so exceptionally, this one will be voice-over only,
but don’t worry, it’s still gonna be a good one! Sooo when you commit to working on a video game project,
it raises a lot of questions, like: How do you start it? What platform to aim for?
Is there a logical order in which to tackle these questions? These are the questions of the day,
that I’ll try to answer for you guys! *theme song* SOOO before even considering creating a theme,
you gotta ask yourself what you’re working from. And by that I mean,
what sort of material was provided by the developers. It comes in all shapes and sizes: First of all, it depends on the point
at which I join the team. If I join them from the very start,
it will most often be written words: a description, explaining the context, like say
“a retro 80s atmosphere, very ‘neon’, you’re in a street, and then that one thing happens.”
And so you must compose a song that corresponds to the general mood
and to the action outlined by the text. In other cases, you’re provided an image.
It can be a screenshot, a concept art, etc. Here, the idea is to come up with something
that works well with that picture. Think about the feeling that you want
to invite the player to experience. And finally, in the simplest, most ideal cases,
you’re provided a demo of the game, that’s actually playable. With this, you can litterally play like a player would,
and imagine a soundtrack as you go. Once this first step is over,
I start thinking about the track itself, in several respects: One of the first things that comes to mind
when you talk about music is style. If I’m composing the very first track for a video game, I gotta think about the general artistic direction of the entire project, and come up with a style that will be reoccurring throughout the project. There are obviously some exceptions, but usually,
the musical style is constant throughout a project. In this case, what I find easiest is to setup
a short list of existing tracks to get a precise idea of the mood I’m after here. Obviously, a very important factor that will influence
the music style is: the game’s universe. Space, forests, the futuristic cities of tomorrow,
each universe has its own codes, for their graphics and for their sounds. It’s something you must take into consideration
when you compose the soundtrack: What universe does this game belong to?
What sort of feeling must the music bring? Etc. etc… Music also aims
to represent something or someone. This shows through some places’ background songs,
or through some characters’ main themes. That’s also something
to take into consideration! So, that’s about all I can say,
as long as theory goes. There are obviously some topics I didn’t tackle
in this video, ’cause I don’t want it to last forever. I’ll talk about them in other videos
further down the line. As usual, don’t forget that if you have any questions whatsoever, you can write them down in the comments below, for me to answer them
in another video! I hope you liked this second episode,
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