2019 SCCA Music Video

2019 SCCA Music Video

It’s a nice brisk 90 degrees. The
intensity levels like nothing that I’ve experienced. Cars are hot tracks are hot.
I’m out here going up against the best of the best. It’s just the best of the
best. 1500 plus competitors. The site is just massive. I just see a whole bunch of
concrete. This year we’re 75 years young, born in
1944. We’ve got over 1,500 participants across seven days with our pro solo
finale as well as the solo national. You don’t see the types of cars that are
here in one place anywhere else. This is where we get to come and see all the
other competition. It’s a measuring stick to see how far I
need to go to improve myself. It’s freaking awesome yeah it’s like nothing
else seriously. Everyone’s here having fun everyone’s partying and we’re
competing too so it’s the best of both worlds really. I think both of these courses are
awesome two different designers two different courses. This East course is
more our style because it’s more transitional. There was a lot of 90-degree turns and
all that so it’s a lot of hard acceleration hard braking get the car
turned. It’s fast it’s freaking fast and it’s long it’s
tiring it’s like nothing else. The corn side, the west side is a very good
course with very technical course also a very fast course. Make a pivot stay on
the gas and just ride it out the braking points are tough there are a lot of
decreasing radius is tough but if you nail it right it pays off for a long way down. We’re just one big family here I get to see
people l don’t see all year round. I’d come out here even if I couldn’t drive. When I
came back from Germany from being part of the military for a number of years you
know overseas military it turns into a mini family and when I came into the
Minnesota autocross Club it brought back that same sense of camaraderie and a
sense of family where something breaks for even if you’re a competitor in the
same class it doesn’t matter drop all hands on deck we take care of it we make
sure everything’s good. Now I just want a nice level playing field and if that
means you know I’ve got a dive under someone’s car hold a flashlight or
something like that and I’m more than happy to do that. We’re all here to do
the same thing we all made a long long journey to get here and anybody to do
anything to help you out.

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