3 Ways You Can Learn Dance At Home | Dance Tips | STEEZY.CO

3 Ways You Can Learn Dance At Home | Dance Tips | STEEZY.CO

Don’t live near a dance studio or you
just don’t want to go to one? That’s okay because you can learn to dance right at
home. Hi I’m Jesse and I’m Clay and here are three ways that you can learn to
dance at home today! Number one: record yourself doing the move that you want to
master. Whether it’s the stuff you see people do that the club, moves from
fortnight, I mean not from fortnight but let’s not get into that right now,
choreography that you saw in a music video. It’s not enough to just try and
copy your favorite moves. You need some sort of feedback. And since you’re most
likely doing this home alone, a good way to do that is to record yourself and see
what you look like. You’ll observe a lot more than if you were to just watch
yourself in the mirror and you can send this video to your friends to get
feedback. Recording your dancing costs FREE 99, and you can learn all the moves that you want to learn, and nothing that you don’t. BUT Self-practicing a few of your
favorite moves isn’t necessarily going to teach you how to dance, or transform
you into an all-around amazing dancer but it’ll give you a few party tricks
under your belt, which might be enough for you. Next way to learn dance at home
is number two: create a playlist of the right YouTube tutorials. We all know
there are a ton of dance tutorials out there on YouTube and they’re free. Which
means you can’t always trust that you’re gonna get the most reliable information.
“This is what we call popping, ah straight” the tutorials that do, won’t be easy to
find. That’s why it’s super important to find credible teachers that know what
they’re doing. We’ll list out our recommendations for the best YouTube
tutorials in the description box below Another way to learn dance at home is to
number three: hire private dance teacher. Reach out to people that you want to
learn from and see if they offer private lessons. Some people, like myself, even
offer video chat lessons. A private teacher can work with your schedule, and
offer a much more personalized learning experience. But that’s only if you get
lucky locking down the perfect teacher with the right experience, and knowledge,
and teaching style for you. Not to mention private teachers can run pretty pricey. You can do these three things but honestly, it’s a lot of work. Just save
yourself the trouble of money, and use STEEZY Studio. You’ll get structured guidance,
variety of different styles, length of classes, a video player that’s
built for you to learn dance, and the best teachers ever. It takes all the
guesswork out of learning alone. And we’re adding more classes and styles to STEEZY Studio. In fact by the end of 2020 you’ll be able to learn any, and every style
that you could think of on STEEZY. Say whaaaaaaa That was wrong! Hope this video was helpful go and punch that subscribe button in the face if you want to get more dance tips
and leave a comment below with something that you do at home to become a better
dancer. Thanks for watching y’all bye bye shy guy

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  1. 1:07 "Pop-Lock" – World of dance philippines tv show. Whaaaaat???

  2. It's funny because I was going to sign up online for the free trial a few weeks ago, but hurt my back beforehand -_- hoping I'm better soon so I can start!

  3. If you learn from YouTube, how do you start?

  4. Okay fellow dancers and Steezy Nation, how do you stay confident while dancing? I always worry about other people's judgment and it kind of.. Limits my potential? I feel like I can do so much better if I don't pay attention, but I just simply can't. Any tips?

  5. Love these kinds of videos! Teaching myself to dance at home because I can only afford dance class once a week atm ❤️ #notificationsquad

  6. I have no money 😢

  7. Hi. I wanna learn how to dance but in my city (i'm from brazil) doesn' t have dance classes that i can pay. So i record myself when i learn a coreo. But what i can't understand it's why i look so good in the record but when i dance in front of people it is like trash. How can i become more confident?
    (Sorry if i wrote something wrong my english isn't good)

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  10. Thanks for the tip. 😀

  11. This is really true since I learned how to dance at home self thought.. I myself can’t say that I’m a great dancer since I didn’t really have the right guide from someone who’s professional but I watched tutorials and guides how to dance and I guess you can say that I can dance…? Idk 😐

  12. I'm doing dance at home because I don't have enough money to go studio

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  18. I signed up but was doubtful.. but it was worth every penny.. the way you guys are transforming dance teaching experience. Great lessons. I'm learning every style.

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  25. I think it would be super cool if people could send you videos of them dancing and you tell them how they could improve their dancing skills!

  26. A good (and free) channel with kpop dance tutorials is Ellen and Brian. I think their videos actually help me approve because the actual dances are to fast/ complicated for me to follow, but they break it down move by move. I’d just wanted to share a channel I thought was helpful 😊

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  32. this is so great since i have anxiety and find it really hard to dance in front of people hense why i stopped going to my studio since it was so much money and i hated dancing in front of people but now there’s this and i feel like i finally have hope to becoming a great dancer

  33. I want to sunscribe to steezy studio so much but I cant afford it 🙁 and Im also worried that if i start 7dy trial then i will feel tired or get hurt on like second or third day and then i will just waste it… i dont know what to do 🙁

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  38. i have a few questions:
    1. why do i look totally different from mirror to camera?????? i never knew that my moves are ugly and cringey until i record myself and….. i gave up.
    2. i also move differently when im dancing for myself vs when im dancing in front of people. is it just because of my lack of confidence?

  39. Good afternoon sir..!!
    I really happy for your support for making me a dancer sir.. Thank you sir and madam..!! Others telling me that your style is not good and am lacking of style sir.. I don't know what to do?? Teach me sir..!!

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  41. I'm too broke to sign up. Yes I've been learning from free tutorial from youtube but as a person who's a slow learner and a not so nicely toned body(coz I'm fat) I'm struggling a bit. But one day steezy. I'll sign up for y'all classes.

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