4 K-pop Vocal Coaches react to Morissette Amon – 체념 (Resignation) (Asia Song Festival 2018)

체념 (Resignation) Is she the Morissette Amon? I am so looking forward to it. So good It’s the Big mama’s (Lee Yong-hun) song, but sounds like American pop (ALL) Yes Cause it’s the English version Code is a bit changed, and also the beat, because of the lyrics, Sounds more classy I was so surprised, cause it is exactly K-pop sensitivity Yes it is It is touched my heart, cause I knew this song maybe I practiced this song a lot before She exactly knows this song (all) YES Probably she doesn’t speak Korean though And, at the chorus part, She is singing tight on purpose To make the sensitivity like Prof. Careymi, (Mariah Carey + Seon Mi, Seon Mi’s nickname) lol I think you knows that, lol Well, It’s so fresh, moreover, I think it is not enhanced. No tunes Awesome Well, the next part will coming, Let’s see here it comes Oh She speaks Korean? Isn’t she crying? I almost cried Me too Awesome, wow The last part is insane I really almost cried I was so surprised Singing in Korean touches my heart Yes it is I was so surprised too That How can she sings like that? Wow, insane Well, It is so hard to sing like that It is tired for even Koreans to sing this song though She exactly knows this song

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