What’s poppin y’all we’ve had a lot of here today gone tomorrow type rappers that have made in the past two years or so 2018 is the year that i believe many of them will fall off a lot of them already became ghosts in 2017 and their career is over but some of them managed to stay somewhat relevant or not fall off completely but that isn’t gonna last for long so we don’t talk about five who i think is fallen off this year number one lil yachty after having a flop of a garbage album selling only 44k first week which is an embarrassment considering how his peers on a double xl freshman class sold their first week on their debut albums He hasn’t had a hit since i spy with kyle that he was featured in that was late 2016 early 2017 and broccoli would drom which was in 2016 and those were the ones he was featured in his last hit solo was either one night or minnesota which is over two years now He tried with peekaboo that was garbage and it’s looking like nobody’s even interested in what he has to drop about disappointing His first album was i stray as a whole song was terrible and his feature did nothing To save it the migas are still really big So he’ll probably just be featured on their songs maybe on culture too and his label will try to do their best To make sure he doesn’t fade but the novelty of his gimmick has worn off from the hair to the clothes and all that If he doesn’t come with some incredible music like it can’t even be decent as To be so good that even yachty haters love it like awesome exo tour life type song Then is really a rat for him number two is famous dex He had a really hot year from late 2015 to 2016 everything he was dropping was nothing but heat nobody out of chicago was making music like him and in part he’s largely responsible for the success of cole bennett really getting the fans eyes on him it was new it was fresh and it was good but 2017 he got a little cold ever since he’s on too rich the kid really it seemed like one of two things happened he got lazy or we just got tired of hearing his music but I’m not entirely sure which it is yet he missed his chance for 2017 freshman list because of that video of him beating up his girl surfaced online and it’s a shame because he’s definitely not making it this year This new song you got way sab rocky is good but that’s the only good thing i’ve heard from him in all the 2017 He’s either got, to get back to what got Him poppin or switch signing up because i lost interest in famous decks music Probably over ten months ago and it’s gonna take some real fire to get me back listening again and i can say that for most people were fans index from 2015 days number three is vic mensa that altercation he had with dj academics must have been a bad turning point for his career because it’s pretty much become his career and the only thing he’s ever asked about in interviews 20:17 has not been a good year for him i Loved his internet tape project way back when and since then it looked like he was going through a bunch of Transformations and had no idea who he was And there was such a long way to his debut album which he released the manuscript first which barely anybody listened to and then the autobiography it wasn’t a bad album but it wasn’t too memorable either but we’re talking about popularity here it bricked 13k first week and not even being right next to jay-z And even going on tour with him after jay-z is having a huge year musically, to save his career people are just caring less and less about the music yes To release and i think it may be in part his personality but i don’t really know i just know it’s pretty much over for him and he’s lost whatever fanbase he had pre 2014 number 4 t grizzly every year we have a rapper that Blows up after double xl gets done picking all their freshmen list so they missed that year and they fall off so hard that they’re not
Even relevant enough to be put on the cover for the next year and that’s t grizzly first day out was a huge song and then he had the hype for from the d to the a but simon with 300 entertainment must have been the worst decision he could ever make i didn’t even know he released a debut album in 2017 called my moment i have no idea how much is sold it couldn’t have been too much He didn’t even really cultivate a fanbase it was so rushed and then he dropped the collab album or tape below dirt i’ma keep it real with you ain’t nobody listening to that please stop with these collab tapes it’s a shame cuz i think he could have done well but nobody on 300 is doing good especially since leora : left and kevin louses running things up there I mean just somebody tell me who on the roster is doing well and don’t even say young thug cuz he could be way bigger and more successful than he is right now and that’s just facts number five trippy red this is a bit of a hard choice or guess to put on here because the way i see it he could either blow up this year even bigger or just fall off entirely that beef would ceccacci 69 was not a good look for him considering he lost on all fronts and his features with xxx that i see on were the highlights of this year they, were both way bigger than any solo songs he released except for maybe love scars The only way he seems to be able to stay talked about is by social media antics and i think he has to be signed To one of those social media agencies because he’s always inserting himself into some sort of beef like when he came at Xxx and tyonne then took him back it’s a kashi 69 beef like three of them taking it back every time like did become cool again Him always begging his fans for likes and comments on his post if they want new music this was the funniest though Because if y’all didn’t know he said that he can never drop music again he’s set for life that’s a lot the label or agency or whatever is telling him and any other rapper that does this if they don’t get enough engagement which it’s usually on instagram likes comments etc views on live streams on their instagram post then they’re not gonna release their music cuz it will just fall on deaf ears pretty much But, let me know what we all think is falling off this year in the comments and why like subscribe hit that notification bell if you enjoyed thank you for watching peace

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