#7 When RAPPERS Hear New Beats…Travis Scott, Future, Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Jay-Z

#7 When RAPPERS Hear New Beats…Travis Scott, Future, Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Jay-Z

Travis Scott: A little too high I want Nah…. Nahhhh Nahhhh Nahhhh Nahhh Nahhhh Nahhh Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NAH KEEP THAT IMA RIDE ON MY ENEMIES Alright we can stack that! Travis Scott: You know how like there was a perfect mmmmm mmmmm mmm It was like a perfect evil melody Metro Boomin: Black Keys Like just some ill drive type feel on it Travis Scott: Alright lets do it Lets Do it It’s only us Baby! It’s only us and the HUNDOS Baby! It’s only us! Y’Know What I Mean Gucci Mane: Ehhh Polar Bear Studio Something good got to happen, I’ll tell you that METRO… Cookin in the Kitchen (Gucci Mane: Hum Flowing to the beat) What?! Metro Hold On Hold On We just in the house we bought ourselves a Crispy Cream I’m Ready to Record Man I’m Up Now! Jay-Z: Beat’s Don’t Just Come Out DONE There’s An Idea… And there’s an Execution Of that Idea… Hopefully You don’t just lose everything in the Execution Then You Got Collaboration… Jay Z: You Know what I need… I need that Bounce But by Far for me, the most important thing is inspiration… As an artist if you ain’t inspired to work… Then You start thinking Once you start thinking, you start forcing music It’s never Good. I Think just as important as knowing when something is hot and knowing that this is the one Is Knowing when it’s not. Jay Z: You Know That One Right There Is Very Limited. Just Blaze: I Hate When He Does That Timbaland: Ahhh man why we got through this every freakin time man… I Ain’t got nothing Timbo: You Confused? Jay Z: What? Timbo: You Confused? Jay Z: Nah Timbo: Ya Right, I’ll get another one Jay Z: You got Bounce? You ain’t got no bounce in anything… You ain’t got no bounce in anything… Timbo: (Deep Breath) The bounce coming up… Jay Z: ooooOOOOHHHHH shhhhHHHHIIITTTT Timbo: Alright, you make the pick Timbo: I’m the best there is… YOU GOT THAT?

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  2. Tim eating his ass-on to them beats

  3. Timbaland loves his beats so much. Love that guy

  4. When Jay-Z stood up for the last beat….takes the cake.

  5. Can't get out of my head, can't stop taking these meds…5 MO

  6. Сука тимберленд отьеб просто уши каждым битом)вот это талант)

  7. They deadass just got a pallet of fruit in that bitch mane! 🤩

  8. Did Metro ever turn that beat into a song that he was working on with Gucci? The 808 mafia one with Southside was dope too

  9. Bro I swear Timbaland is one of the greatest producers ever.

  10. Nobody:

    Jay Z: Wheres the bounce?

  11. 7:39 That's the beat from Joeski love' s Pee wee Dance

  12. in the first vid the molly kickin hard😂😂 look at his mouth

  13. That dude is way too high bru. Every time

  14. travis rolling off molly

  15. 08:35 What song is this?

  16. Like if u have watched this vid like 5 times (like me😂)

  17. Firee! I'm workin on a FREE Loop Kit Called "BlackHeart" When I Hit the 50 SUbs I DropIt On My Channel, Bless 4 U.

  18. Whats the travis Scott s song

  19. That metro beat tho 🔥

  20. Is that Jason Bourne? 07:24

  21. K.west 🔥🔥🔥

  22. it's all about the engineer

  23. Yoo travis is tweakin he need sumn to chew on lol

  24. First song name?

  25. 3:10 this guy took a blunt from mid air

  26. Murda in 123 put up 7 fingers when it said 6😂😂

  27. Producers are the real artists

  28. where can i find this motherfuckin beat on 5:45

  29. 6:50 I love this one

  30. gucci mane is an idiot

  31. Parecen reproducidos por un nokia

  32. Travis is the best

  33. 9:27 who else immediately thought of that step up scene?

  34. 808 Mafia is a collective of Producers not only one. It was southside

  35. Jay-Z and Timbaland

  36. what was the first song with Travis called ???

  37. Travis off the molly

  38. Please post the all songs played in this video 😐

  39. Damn….

    I still waiting on that Metro $ Guwop song🤭😮😮😂😂

  40. DJ Khaled : Another one.

  41. 10:33
    Literally NOBODY :
    Jay-Z : HAHAAHAAAA….. Hahaha…. haa..

  42. Timbaland beats always get ya hype

  43. the making of Skyfall video is legendary

  44. Na Na Na Na


  45. Travis is so cute

  46. Does anybody know if there is a Song with the beat from 8:40

  47. Bro imagine metro boomin being your alarm clock in the morning! Fuck yes


  49. Timbaland is the shit!!!!!

  50. Тимбаланд прекрати уплетать бананы, ах ты мелкий жирный нигга)))

  51. someone tells me what the song is of min 7:08

  52. dj dikkat neden yok türkler olarak buna tepkiliyiz 🇹🇷

  53. Travis got the vibes eating de beats up, designer is crazy lol, metro sick with the vibes too, Jay zee, kanye west and timberland were sicken with de beats mehn lol

  54. Travis mas duro que la realidad hoy en dia

  55. Timbaland and Kanye were a class apart in this video.

  56. Damn, Miss Travie in love with the coco.

  57. So the credits goes to the editors

  58. travis rolling in the first clip lmaooo

  59. What’s the first songg??? With Travis very first video Some one drop that name

  60. Travis Scott sounds bad without auto Auto tune 🙄

  61. Dat gurn on travis lool my guy always bringing the party to the lab

  62. Mike Dean is white Dad as hell but he’s got some sick skills g

  63. We need that 5 mo second verse

  64. Someone would pass me the name of the first song of Travis please

  65. Travis Scott on some shit

  66. #7 what song is it? help me out please)

  67. aye dis nigga trav rolling hard asl lmao

  68. My trap is still pumpkin

  69. Why is everyone talking about Travis?

  70. 5:20 is that

  71. You guys can really cook 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤭🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  72. nigga travis was rolling balls 💀💀💀

  73. Rahh the auto tune on travis

  74. Travis Scott engineer is godly lmao

  75. first song name ?(travis)

  76. Travis’s jaw is in Cuba

  77. 5:28 Everybody: Ok 4.5.6

    Murda: 4.5.7

  78. Someone tell me what song the first one is. Travis Scott.

  79. Ecstasy is a helluva drug. 🤣

  80. So true dont force the music cause the result would not be good

  81. I wanna see the reaction when rappers heard the zeze instrumental

  82. 0:12 is this what highest in the room is about?

  83. Also y’all got to get me on some of what Travis doing

  84. Flame rollinnnnnnn

  85. lowkey think designer would of been good if he had his type of tyle and mastered the fuck out of it

  86. 0:23 bruh off the perc 30

  87. What song is that at 5:00

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