7-Year-Old Pop and Locker Lil’ Mushroom Breaks It Down

7-Year-Old Pop and Locker Lil’ Mushroom Breaks It Down

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  1. Wow😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Wow she's incredible. But tbh, this video was kind of depressing. I mean, there she is at 7 doing that, and I'm here at 14, double her age, unable to do any of that. 😂😂😂

  3. Effing (Just in case the kids reads it) awesome

  4. How does she remember all of this

  5. She's a adorable😍😘😊💖💗💞

  6. Wow!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮💗💗💗💗💗💗😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 🐙

  7. 444th like cuz Ellen is amazing!

  8. Ahhhhhh I love her so much!!!! I hope she comes back to Ellen soon!

  9. When the weekend arrives 😂😂😂

  10. U realize how insane of a dancer she'll be on 10 years it's crazy how good she'll be

  11. OMG! 😱 😍 im 17 and cant do a one step and she did break the record XD 😍😘❤😂😂

  12. So when she does those moves she is adorable but when I do them I'm, and I quote, a "dying walrus?" Pffttt….forget the haters.

  13. I read it wrong I thought it said seven year old pop (or soda wherever u are from) with lil mushrooms breaking it down

  14. Cute! 😁😍😁😇😘😝😈😇💪🙏 xxx

  15. Is this meant to be special? I could do this as a paraplegic

  16. Who else thinks team 10 should be on the Ellen show

  17. Literally me in the shower 😂😂

  18. who think Emerald Wulf should go on the Ellen show?

  19. Anyone know this music ?

  20. that outfit is dopeeee

  21. Go ahead lil sweetie! 💜

  22. Adorable 😂😂😍

  23. FINE! I'll admit she's better than me.

  24. getting an A on a test like…

  25. This is good but weirdly creepy

  26. She is sooo incredible

  27. Way to go, Lil' Mushroom! 😀 Though I'm wondering why she calls herself "Lil' Mushroom" when her nickname in Chinese means "Poisonous Mushroom." 😛

  28. She’s so so cute OMG 😮

  29. When will I ever be this cool? Never.

  30. so cool,,well done 🙂

  31. She's so talented and adorable ❤️

  32. How. Just how. So AMAZING!!

  33. This Little girl got the moves!

  34. I am so proud to be Lil' Mushroom's stage translator on Ellen Show interview part. She is amazing. 跳得太帅了!

  35. she is so cute and talented

  36. Pinky girl nice hhhh

  37. Dance like twitch.

  38. She's gonna be god(dess) level when she gets older. Only 7 and already past beginner level.

  39. she should be studying, that age is for education..what kind of parents they are. and media is appreciating it..

  40. I like her facial expressions😂

  41. Google pixel ads have a good beat to them

  42. Oh God! She is a thunder storm

  43. This dance is called POPPING!

  44. That's a bit of Aya Sato choreography right there!!

  45. She's so cute she looks sorta like Na Eun(?) who does many kpop dance covers

  46. Anyone notice so many korean people have been on the show very often this year…maybe BTS is next any ARMYS out there?


  48. My sisters worst nightmare is a bowl with cereal but when you pour in the milk…THERE IS NONE

    And I had nightmares ever since

  49. WOW… 😃 Sooo nice! Love her moves, so much! 😄🎀Will she be performing live in The Ellen Show anytime soon?

  50. 0:12 – 1:07 When there's a spider on your sleeve and it's starts crawling.

  51. Good performance . should meet dytto..and share everything with her..

  52. What kind of monsters disliked this video!?

  53. New michael jackson

  54. She looks like she is being shocked

  55. Lil mushroom hahahahaha

  56. She is so cute!!😻😻😻😻😻

  57. Wow….. What a kid…

  58. I feel so talentless

  59. THAT WILL BE SO COOL IF IT WAS Dytto.vs. Lil Mushroom 😲😲😲😲😲

  60. Dang she can bust a move

  61. Yeah I can do that?…. 😕😧

  62. 0:47–0:51 killed me that was amazing

  63. U dance so well keep it up never give up on this💓💓💓😋

  64. She is amazing and sooo cute!!!!

  65. For some reason, the music makes me feel like I can do anything! 😂😭✌🏽

  66. I wonder how much her parents force her to work every day.

  67. Love u lil mushroom

  68. Roses are red…vio…are…b…there's an…always better than…😂

  69. Hay eny body can you tell Ellen that i found Ellens answer to her question about who is ellen drew, shes an actress from some westerns she was born 11,23,1915 and died in 12,3,2003. The reason i put this here because i just watch a repeat episode of ellens show from around the time of the Olympics i mist it then.♡

  70. If she never stop dancing… I wonder how skilled she could be when older like 16-18 + with the control of her facial & character expressions… ? You can clearly see them skills in her eyes…. big motivation for me. Keep up the good work Lil Magic Mushroom ! you make me hallucinate

  71. Stay in school. …

  72. She’s so much better now. Hope she appears on ellen more!

  73. Maika is better than her

  74. I just cant get enough of her!!!!!

  75. Lil' Mushroom is such a cute name for such an adorable & very talented girl! Hope to see more of her on Ellen's show! Amazing dance moves!

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