90’s Pop Music | The Impossible Memory Challenge

– (FBE) Today you’re gonna be
playing a game we have called Too Much Information. – Okay, I don’t know what that is. – I did one of these before,
and I did okay, but I think I got really lucky. – (FBE) This is a game that we have
where we show you a video that we only play once.
– Okay. – (FBE) With a ton of information
about a specific topic. – Oh! And then you quiz me on it? – (FBE) Yes. After you finish the video,
we will ask you a series of 10 questions,
and you have to get all 10 questions correct
in order to win. – This is like Survivor. – It’s just downhill from here. I don’t even think I’m gonna
remember all of it. – (FBE) The topic for today
will be ’90s pop music. – Oh, that I feel like
I can definitely handle. (George screams) – Yes!
My childhood! – I can remember lyrics really well,
but I couldn’t tell you the artist. So that’s the bad part,
so we’ll see how this goes. (laughs) – (FBE) You will have one bail out,
that you can use at any point during the quiz.
– Okay. – (FBE) It will consist of three
multiple choice answers, one of which will be correct. Remember, you will only be able
to use this once. – Okay. Okay, I got this,
I can do this. – It’s okay,
it’ll be there when I need it, which will be the first question. – Amazing.
I’m in the studio. We’re singing Say My Name,
we’re laying down vocals for Say My Name right now. – (narrator) The Backstreet Boys
started in Orlando two years before NSYNC in 1993.
– Knew that. – (narrator) Britney Spears’s hit song
Baby One More Time was originally offered to TLC,
Backstreet Boys, and the British group 5ive. – I used to love Britney Spears. – (narrator) Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake,
Christina Aguilera, and JC Chasez were all on the Mickey Mouse Club.
– Disney. – (narrator) Baby One More Time
was written by Max Martin, who also wrote I Want It That Way
by the Backstreet Boys. – Go off, Max! – (narrator) Since Max Martin spoke
English as a second language, he thought hit me
was slang for call me. – I’m already lost. – (narrator) The Spice Girls’ album
Spice World, is one of the world’s
best-selling albums by a girl group. – Yeah, that makes sense. – (narrator) Britney Spears
and Justin Timberlake. – Yes!
– (narrator) Dated in the ’90s, breaking up in 2002. – They’re so young. – (narrator) NSYNC comes from
the names of the original members, Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason and JC. – How did I not know that? – (narrator) The members of
the Backstreet Boys are AJ McLean, Howie Dorough,
Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell.
– Ah, see. – (narrator) Selena started in a group
with her family called Selena y Los Dinos. – Oh, okay, lost me. – (narrator) Natalie Imbruglia’s
Torn was actually the fourth time the song
had been recorded. – Love Torn. – (narrator) Torn was recorded first
by Liz Sorenson in 1993. – Huh. – (narrator) Then by the songwriter’s
band Ednaswap in 1995, and then by Trine Rein in 1996. – And this one,
see I listened to them. – (narrator) Baby Spice, Emma Bunton
taught all the Spice Girls karate for their music video
Say You’ll Be There. – Oh my gosh,
this is so much information. – (narrator) Emma Bunton
has a blue belt in karate. – Did not know that. – (narrator) Mariah Carey directed
her music video for Fantasy. – Ah! – (narrator) Selena had to
learn Spanish phonetically with guidance from her father. – Oh my God, this is so much. – (narrator) Christina Aguilera used
a cover of Whitney Houston’s Run To You as an audition
for singing the radio version of Reflection in Mulan. – Is this gonna stop
any time soon? – (narrator) Destiny’s Child
went through several name changes. Girl’s Tyme.
– Girl Tyme. – (narrator) Something Fresh,
Cliche, The Dolls, and Destiny. – Just when I think it’s over,
it like keeps going. (laughs) – (narrator) Mariah Carey’s
highest recorded note is a G7 on Emotions. – G7 like a G6. – (narrator) Destiny’s Child’s song,
Killing Time, was included on
the Men In Black soundtrack in 1997. – That went in one ear
and out the other. – If this is the amount of information
I can remember, you guys gave me like this much,
so I feel like I’m going to do very poorly on this. – Oh my God, you guys are,
you guys are such irritants. (laughs) – Let’s get to the questions now!
(laughs) – (FBE) The first question,
Justin Timberlake dated which fellow pop star in the ’90s? – Christina Aguilera.
No, Britney Spears. I think it’s Britney Spears. – (FBE) It is Britney Spears.
– Yes, does that count? – (FBE) It does count.
– Cool! – Britney Spears, that I know.
(bell rings) – Britney Spears!
(bell rings) – Britney Spears.
(bell rings) – Britney Spears.
– Britney Spears. Woof, that’s one.
– Britney Spears. (bell rings)
And they broke up, they said in 2002? – Britney Spears.
(bell rings) You gotta know that one,
I mean come on, the denim, iconic. – Selena had to learn
what language phonetically? – Spanish.
– (FBE) Is that your final answer? – Yes.
– (FBE) Are you sure? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s correct. (Ed sighs) – Espanol, by her father.
(bell rings) – Spanish.
– Spanish. – Spanish.
– Spanish. I got it up in here. – Spanish, I think. (laughs)
– (FBE) That’s correct. – Woohoo, oh my gosh.
Wow, two for two. – Spanish.
(bell rings) I’m already thankful right now,
I got two out of the 10 so far. – (FBE) Who wrote the song
Baby One More Time? – [bleep] – It was like Max Martin or something. – Matt Mutton. I don’t know
if I’m pronouncing it right, I just don’t want to butcher his name,
but yes, Matt Mutton? – Yeah, I kinda have to do
the multiple choice. – I’ll just use it now. – Bail out. – I don’t remember his exact name, so I’m just gonna,
I know it’s super early, but I’m gonna have to use
my bail out on that one. – (FBE) A, TLC.
B, Max Martin. – [bleep].
– (FBE) Or C, Justin Timberlake. – I’m so mad at myself,
’cause I even said his name! It’s Max Martin.
(bell rings) – I remember something was TLC,
but I feel like it was Max Martin. – (FBE) You gonna lock that in?
– Yeah. – (FBE) Okay, you got it right.
– Yes! – Max Martin.
(bell rings) Ugh, that seems so easy now. – Max Martin.
– Max Martin. – Max Martin.
– Matt Mutton? Where did that get,
see, I was onto that so bad. – Max Martin.
(bell rings) And he thought hit me
was call me in American, ’cause he’s, I believe he’s Swedish. I think that’s great.
What a fun fact. – (FBE) What year did
the Backstreet Boys start? – 1993.
– I’m gonna go with ’93. That’s my final answer.
– (FBE) You sure? – Oh, not anymore. (laughs) ’97 now, I’m thinking.
God, see, your “are you sure”? – I’m gonna take
my thing for this one. – A, 1993, B, 1995,
or C, 1996. – Hmm, I’m like trying to think
where I was in my life at these times. – In 1993, I was 23 years old. Justin Timberlake,
I wanna say is 10 years, so he woulda been 13,
so that’s when he was, so I’m gonna go with ’97.
– (FBE) It was 1993. – Oh you suck!
(buzzer rings) That was really, really, rude of you. – Wait, no no no.
No no no, 1995. – (FBE) It was ’93.
– Oh no! – I’m gonna say 1993. – (FBE) Are you gonna lock that in? – I’m gonna lock her in. Yeah, I’m not confident, but,
I’m gonna go for it. – (FBE) That is correct. (bell rings)
– Oh my God! – ’93?
(bell rings) I was almost about to say ’92,
but I was like no, I’m pretty sure it was ’93. – I’m just gonna go with it, because it’s in my head, 1993.
(bell rings) – I’m going with 1993.
(bell rings) – 1993?
(bell rings) – (FBE) Which Spice Girl
taught all of the Spice Girls karate? – Can I just say the red head?
Ginger Spice. – (FBE) Is that your final answer?
– Yeah. – (FBE) That is incorrect!
(buzzer rings) – Is it, was it Baby?
– (FBE) Yep! – The blonde one, right?
– (FBE) It was Baby Spice. – Emma Bunton, Baby Spice.
(bell rings) – Emma Bunton, Baby Spice!
(bell rings) – Emma, Baby Spice.
(bell rings) – Emma Bunton, Baby Spice.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Which member of NSYNC
is the C? – I have a name in my mind,
but I don’t know if it’s right. It might be a Backstreet Boy instead. – It’s like French.
It’s like Chasez or something? Chase, it’s JC.
(bell rings) That guy.
– JC! – (FBE) That is correct.
– Oof. – JC Chasez!
(bell rings) – JC Chasez? – (FBE) JC Chasez is correct!
(bell rings) – Yes, I’m killing this. Watch me get it like wrong now. – (FBE) What was Destiny’s Child’s
original name? – Oh [bleep]. I didn’t think of it as original name,
I thought it was just a whole bunch of different names
they went before, they thought about before. – Well they gave a few.
– (FBE) But one of those was first. – It wasn’t Cliche, it wasn’t Destiny,
that was the very last one, I can see it, I’m telling you,
I have a good memory, but the first one
was something stupid. – I mean, I know it’s gonna be wrong,
’cause I can’t remember what the first one was. But I guess I’ll go with
Destiny? – (FBE) That is incorrect.
(buzzer rings) – Yeah, what was it? – I don’t know, the Dolls
was the one that stuck with me. Oh, I can’t let my girls down! Oh yeah, I’ll use my bail out,
’cause it’s Destiny’s Child. – (FBE) Something Fresh, Cliche,
or Girl’s Tyme. – I think it was Girl’s Tyme. – (FBE) That’s right!
– Yes! – Girl Talk, Girl Tyme.
Girl, wait, stop. Girl, was it Tyme or Talk? Girl Talk was the game,
I really wanted to play. (laughs) Never got to.
I think it’s Girl Tyme. (bell rings)
– (FBE) It is Girl’s Tyme, but I will give you that. – Girl’s Tyme.
(bell rings) And that was the one
I hated the most, actually. I thought that was like ooh,
don’t like that one. – (FBE) What singer used
Whitney Houston’s Run To You as an audition song?
– Christina Aguilera. (bell rings)
– (FBE) Wow, okay. Okay, rude.
(both laugh) See how it is?
– I’m gonna forget everything! It’s leaking out, slowly. – Christina Aguilera.
(bell rings) – Christina Aguilera.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Mariah Carey’s highest
recorded note was on what song? – It has to be what song?
I know it was a G7. – I know it was a G7. I don’t know Mariah Carey that well,
but I’m a big Mariah Stan. – Was it Fantasy?
Is it Sweet Fantasy, whatever it’s called?
– (FBE) Is that your final answer? – Yeah, why not? – (FBE) So Fantasy was the one
she directed. (buzzer rings)
– That’s bull. – It’s not right, but it’s only
because I said it earlier, so I’m gonna say Fantasy? – (FBE) Nope.
That’s the one she directed. – Yeah, I know,
this was like, I couldn’t think of it. – Oh, on Emotions.
– (FBE) Great. – Yes! – (FBE) Emotions was the one.
– Oh! Oh yeah, she does the step up.
Damn it. – Oh!
I can’t do it! – (FBE) You made it through
nine questions! – I’m very like, I am shocked. I’m really, these questions
are a lot nicer than I thought, I guess when I was like watching it, I was like oh God,
what if they ask that question? – (FBE) Who originally
wrote the song Torn? – I don’t know, some random bitch.
I think it’s Lee something? – (FBE) You’re very close to winning,
this is the last question. – Is this the last question!?
– (FBE) Yep. – Oh my God, Blythe, really?
Ugh! I honestly, don’t know,
it was like Diana or Susana or Sandra, or like Leann, or… – (FBE) The person who wrote the song
was the band Ednaswap, who actually recorded
the second version of the song. – Yeah, oh really?
– (FBE) Yep. – I didn’t remember that one. – (FBE) So you did not win today.
– That was tough. I most certainly did not.
I definitely lost. – I’m shocked. I did not think I’d make it that far. – I’m a little pissed at you still,
for making me screw up on the ’93. – I think this should be
graded on a curve, an alternative curve,
and I should get an A. – Thanks for watching
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