A Defense of Overthinking Pop Culture

A Defense of Overthinking Pop Culture

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  1. Overthinking Overwatch over eggs over easy.

  2. To me it seems that pop culture always has values and philosophical ideas in it, usually unintentional on the producer's part, because the producer is simply regurgitating what they know and are familiar with. As an example, Peter Gabriel's music is often artistic and thought-provoking, because Peter tries to make thoughtful music. Phil Collins' music, on the other hand, is probably more representative of "the masses", because he is not trying to make high-concept, artistic music. Peter's already put a lot of thought into his music; it's Phil's music that cries out for overthinking.

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  4. No snacks at the opera? I guess they don't know about those delicious cinnamon-roasted nuts they sell in paper cones

  5. Won't the last episode of idea channel technically be a comment response video?

  6. I like your pod cast, you should slow down your speaking. It is sometimes difficult to understand all your words. You are highly intelligent and I feel each and every word is important. I will be on the look out for more of your work.

  7. The picture at 0:48 is amazing btw.

    I also concur with the conclusion of this video that thinking is important.

  8. heheh Corey Seager sighting

  9. I agree with your point but you got a little dramatic there.

  10. … there are no snacks!

  11. Mike,
    Great job with Idea Channel. I look forward to see what you do next.

  12. Does anyone know what anime is shown in the gif at 1:57 ?

  13. Beautiful tearful

  14. I love how people here don't have to be sociologists to simply discussing things like 'culture' in good detail.

  15. "The Aesthete" by Alan LaCerra

    The aesthete knows far too much about aesthetics.

    His eight-month-old niece yells, “Dadadadadadada,”
    and smiles toothlessly. His response? A lecture on L.H.O.O.Q.
    “They chose ‘Dada’ because it is a nonsense word,”
    he tells the baby’s father, who agrees.
    If she’d said “Mama,” the conversation would have turned
    to Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face,” which opens mumbling.
    High. Low. Cultural studies studies all cultures.

    But the aesthete’s a deconstructionist at heart.
    When his first-years argue about the literary “cannon,”
    inserting an extra “n” between the vowels,
    and put up authors to be “fired” from it, circus-style,
    he says, “Save the puns for our deconstruction discussion
    on Robert Browning’s ‘Meeting at Night.’”
    It’s only fair. He’s been saving his:

    “What kind of meeting can occur
    through the pane of a closed window?
    The unkindness of pain.
    Hearts may sync their sounds,
    but sinking hearts sound sad
    when no entrance emerges.
    Where is the door, where the opening?
    The end disenables the deed.
    The poem has no meeting at night
    unless ill met by moonlight.”

    He watches science fiction and fantasy fare
    (calling it “animationist” to exclude cartoons
    merely because they are cartoons)
    and wonders how each episode can boast the fullest moon.

    Possibility One: The episodes occur on the same night.
    Possibility Two: The episodes occur approximately thirty days apart.
    Possibility Three: The writers are stupid or lazy.

    As a writer, the aesthete tells himself his words are art.
    If only he could get the world to realize this as axiomatic.
    But axioms belong on math-class chalkboards,
    where the history of Arabic numerals is erased
    from side to side, from beginning to end,
    for that which embodies pure function
    can have nothing beauteous in its form.

    Outside, the moon’s a waxing gibbous.
    Inside, the baby’s crying.

  16. Thank you. I'm accused of over-thinking all the time!

  17. To some extent you can argue that 'overthinking' can be a bad thing if it distracts you from the rest of your life and limits your ability to reach your own personal goals.

    For example, as a society, we wouldn't want doctors who were tired for surgery because they were up late fanatically analysing a new season of the walking dead for its cultural implications the night before. I think there's also an element of diminishing returns on a personal level – as we move through the education system and mature, we should aim to get a grasp on some major themes to society, politics, economics and culture (pop or not). But once we've done this, we can internalise some of that knowledge, continue to use those skills as new developments/interests arise and move on. With a system as complex as all of human collective consciousness, we'll never find that one 'key' to understanding, even if there are many routes we can go down to understand more. And as an individual, no matter how 'enlightened' we are, there will always be limits placed on us by society that we cannot ourselves change to any great extent. We have to accept that and remember to focus on the aspects of society we can do well in for the well being of ourselves and those around us.

    There is, of course, a lot of subjectivity in what exactly 'overthinking' would look like, or what the most important things to have thought critically about are, but we should recognise that overthinking does at least have the potential to be a bad thing.

  18. I agree with the conclusion, although I think many of your arguments for it are spurious.

  19. When you mentioned opera being snobby and boring to a lot of people, I thought of how those people should really check out some Gilbert and Sullivan. I think the heavy comedic aspects make it more accessible.

  20. @12:34 OG monty python ministry of silly walks

  21. I edit sales copy, and I think emoji should be included in quotes, but that emoji should be both singular and plural. Ie, one emoji two emoji. But that's just me. I'd definitely follow the style guide set out by the senior editors wherever I happened to be at the time.

  22. someone give this man the "communicator prize", please

  23. I am a fan of overthinking. But I have never thought about it. Did that make sense? I mean that while I am aware that it is happening, I never stop to think about why it's happening 🤔.

  24. I only subscribed last week

  25. Is there somewhere I can find the music used in this episode? Its so good 😮

  26. I know this is kinda a sidestepp of the whole conversation, but WHERE IS THAT GIF AT 13:14 TAKEN FROM THAT LOOKS A BIT TOO MUCH LIKE IRON GIANT 2 TO ME (I need to know where it came from, cause i LOOooooooOOOve iron giant game)

  27. Ok, you've convinced me, I'll watch your channel.

    Oh wait…

  28. Damn I literally just heard of PBS Idea Channel today 9/20/17.. I hope your video stay up I want to check them out.

  29. Over thinking, also known as critical thinking. Consume, comprehend, interpret, understand.

  30. Thank you, Idea Channel, for teaching me the proper way to pronounce "GIF" and "meme".

  31. Is your benchtop not level? Or is the camera tilted?

  32. Shit haven't been on this channel in many months, can't believe it's shit down or that it never reached over a million subs. I just hope you helped some people explore new ways of thought or at least more open to critical thinking

  33. High and low culture and the ideas from them seem to be hierarchical not simply because of arbitrary distinction. High tends to be where the ideas COME from (John Locke, Adam Smith, Rousseau…) and the low makes derivatives of those ideas. In the case of 1789 France the popular culture took hold of PART of the ideas that came from the high and were motivated to action (not to say that that was only cause of revolution, just a part).

    Low Culture is low because it takes far less thought and reason. Its consumed like a "snack" because its easy, and because of this it tends to miss the heart of the ideas generated by the High.

  34. If you don't already do over voice for Tv commercials then you should. You talk very fast. Fast enough to name all the bad side effects of a drug before anyone HEARS it😊

  35. For the record, HMS Pinafore is brilliant.

  36. Definitely interesting points. I disagreed with almost everything you said, except the last point about analyzing everything. Beautiful channel, beautiful person, and beautiful work. Farewell

  37. I'm overthinking about this video.

  38. Could someone tell me what his laptop sticker means?

  39. Speaking of proper you're saying those terms improperly and it's annoying.

  40. Who's we? Is that the royal we? I have heard the word hegemony so much in my pop culture class it makes want puke.

  41. Just found this channel and I don't get everything from the first shot and I LOVE it. That is how I talk in real life.

  42. Overthinking is fine if there is something there to think about. But most people overthink by seeing something there that isn't (much like the critic who sees Picasso in a painting made by a chimp) in which case it is mental masturbation. There are better uses of one's mind than to spend it finding sociopolitical mysteries in a photograph of a bowl of soup. I find people who do this more like Philip Glass ( than Daniel Dennett. Most of these armchair YouTube philosophers find themselves genius intellectuals with some clever insight to some mundane piece of media but sometimes they don't see the forest for the trees, and they tend to elevate some tripe like a Yorgos Lanthimos film to that of Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch.

  43. Some of us don't stop thinking.

    You must not be that smart.

  44. To critique pop culture does not mean to be elitist, because pop culture is in itself elitist, as it is produced by multi-billion dollar conglomerates, literally the elite itself. We must end the myth that pop culture is the "culture os masses", and the argument of the video reproduces this common sense.

  45. Too much philosophy brings us nowhere.Its just the matter of percepcion.To me the best approach is more like zen,dont get attached to anything especialy the meaning you give to media because its not the real meaning of the things.Your brain can be so much in wrong while having this theories and ideas and wrongly shaped percepcion of oneself,not enyoing the moments fully.Im much more into facts because i choose that way since philosophy leads me to depression,activates my brain in the ways i dont want my neurons to be fired that way.Our brain actualy doesnt know whats real from what we imagine and stories we tell ourselves.Edit : Somehow i feel like i have the phase when im obssesed with learning and being in my comfort zone,but after changing my beliefs i can swap my reality realy fast and easy.This is why i choose not to overthink,not to take too much information which can be misleading and it can be escapist habit.Its the state of a mind.

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