Abstract / Pop Art Painting Demonstration in Acrylics – Brush, Knife, spray – Jim Morrison

Abstract / Pop Art Painting Demonstration in Acrylics – Brush, Knife, spray – Jim Morrison

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Comments (100)

  1. Too many paint artists says that "if you can't draw, you can paint abstract art" definitively no applies on you. Awesome job, greetings from México.

  2. You are so talented! Beautiful! 💜💕💜


  4. Merci, tu es vraiment tres bravo👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Was für eine grandiose Inspiration! Absolut wundervoll.

  6. Comete un error al tapar el punto del ojo derecho cuando le quiere dar ese pequeño brillo con el plateado

  7. Esto no es pintura abstracta,en cuanto que hay figura,el retrato de Morrison en este caso…lo mejor,la música…

  8. The ones that disliked that GO AND FUCK YOURSELF… Nice job

  9. Cool man good moment

  10. Wow!!! Just awesome. Sending love

  11. Hi John. Can uou please tell me which spray are you using? Is this water or some oil?

  12. Amazing freehand art…….. But that noise in the background was unbearable had to switch off.

  13. 配色が鮮やかでめちゃめちゃ素敵ですね〜!👏👏👏

  14. What is the tool used to create the spiral lines???

  15. Did you use the permanent marker?

  16. vous avez un coup de main sur !!! travailler directement avec un marker permanent c'est fort

  17. Genial como siempre!!

  18. Yeah I dont have the balls doing that freehand…

  19. It was good until you splattered paint everywhere his face. The hell? Now it looks like a work mat in the garage.

  20. I’m amazed! Great job!

  21. What tool or brush did you use at 0:45 to make those streaks?

  22. Damn…I take it back. I posted a smart ass comment on one of your other videos. I will delete it asap because you showed me your level of talent. Not to mention that not every person out there may be able to draw meticulously, but everyone deserves an outlet to express themselves. Your channel helps them to do that.

  23. That’s beautiful

  24. Ballsy is the word……….

  25. Ou a tu pris la feuille trouée??

  26. 6:20 please singer and song name 😊🙏🌈

  27. I dont trust myself to do that with a permanent marker. I use chalk so i dont mess up my backgrounder

  28. Oh my god soooo perfect

  29. 👍👍👍👍👍😊😊🖼🎨❤❤I Like this Goos Job. Your Pop Art Job is very gratefull and powerfull amazing like an escape in the other world. Hey. Congratulations and god job💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏

  30. I have watched a couple of your videos lately, but thisa video – partly, because I really love especially THAT song, partially, because the blend of music and your paint performance is spot-on.
    Thank you!


  32. I'd love to have a Freddie Mercury painting done by you.

  33. Who of the kids know jim. Like if u want to make me believe in this generation again

  34. Came for the music; now let's wait.

  35. Eu amo as suas artes! Qual produto você joga na tela de pintura parecendo um líquido no início do vídeo?

  36. Awesome
    That’s what makes you stand out !
    How effortlessly you drew the portrait with free hand without error ! Mark of an artist! 👏🏻

  37. Just incredible……so much Faith in yourself not to use a pencil to draw out his silhouette! Straight in with a texta…..amazing

  38. C'est ca que je veux faire. Je vais deja des pop art au crayon d'abord comme ça si je fais de petites erreurs je gomme facilement et après je passe au stylo noir. Imaginons si vous faites d'erreurs sur le passage au feutre noir, comment vous allez l'effacer (J'espère que vous me comprenez.)

    Merci encore! (Je pose tellement de questions 😅)

  39. No measuring !, lets give this man around of applause!

  40. John Beckley,com essa pintura e desenho cheguei a conclusão que é um artista completo, parabéns

  41. Amazing! Freehand?! What?! So 😎.

  42. Hi love your channel and would love to see more of pop art…love ur work

  43. 😳😳😳 free hand?!?! AWESOME!

  44. this was Good – I like how you just free hand painted Jim, I would have gone with my technique which is drawing then cutting a stencil to spray paint …. Great Job

  45. Κατά τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού

  46. Normal person: uses grid and pencil
    John Beckley: hold my sharpy

  47. Amoooo The Doors 🤘🏻❤🖤, trabalho fantástico, parabéns👏🏻👏🏻

  48. Jim Morrison,the Man front the Door,you best painting you Master….I like this painting Jim Morrison I love

  49. Isn't that Crafts? You're very good at tracing and your final image, the style and techniques look familiar like I've seen it before… Perhaps it was your work I've seen before… Looks nice…

  50. Omg le dessins au marker direct! Bien joué! Si j'avais faut ça, ça ressemblerait à un dessin d'enfant


  52. I love it. More tuto pop art please 🙂
    Thank you

  53. ♥️❤️❣️

  54. parles plus lent s’il tu plait!! :)))
    je ne peux pas comprendre que tu dis !
    je suis débutent en français
    merci beaucoup ♥️

  55. We dont see what you use for the texture on the right. .Im upset a bit of your vid.

  56. Very good painting..but why u use the music from Mike Jagger 😎

  57. Damn!!!!!! Outstanding!

  58. Fuck yeah! That is awesome

  59. Yes how much for a David Bowie or wonder woman in this style

  60. Amazing😍😍😍

  61. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

  62. Merci! Cest formidable!

  63. Awesome dude absolutely awesome and of the greatest poet that ever lived. Period!

  64. Way to long video. Double up the speed next time

  65. That's so impressive that you free handed that and got the perspectives so spot-on. it's just awesome thank you for sharing I think this is like my second or third time watching LOL sending love from Austin Texas

  66. Like plllz my chaine

  67. Hell yeah! Nice job man.

  68. Wow! C'est super bien garçon. Franchement t'as du talent. Bonne continuation. Abonné.

  69. This is figurative, not abstract 🤔

  70. Kad ovo vidim picaso je pickin dim

  71. Mr. Mojo risin! Beautifully done!

  72. Not abstract, figurative from the moment you can see a human face

  73. I thought it look fantastic with just the marker. This is great art.

  74. This song was produced when there were real men leading on the music industry, speaking the right words , playing the perfect tones and saying no to capitalism in Vietnam. Bless the doors and the 1968/1970 era.

    Oh nice painting by da way!

  75. Why would you not paint the grid first?! That's a substantial amount of time used repainting the silhouette.

  76. amazing art , fantastic drawing ,color selecting ,beautiful artwork.. !

  77. Big huge fan of the Doors Jim Morrison!also I have become a big fan of yours,love your style!I got into painting now because of you bro,I would love to recreate this Jim Morrison Art but I don't know if I can do the face ,any pointers?

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