Action Trailer I Vishal, Tamannaah I Hiphop Tamizha I Sundar.C I Official

Tell me… Where is he? You’re nearing him 40 metres… 3 metres… To your left I found it! His name is… Colonel Subash This is an international issue
involving two nations The whole world is scared of me, Tahir! And you want me to be
scared of an Indian? They must shed tears like the
way we are shedding now! You must punish them Whom do you work for?
Who’s behind all this? Refuse and I’ll die! Say it and you’ll die! Then you die first! It’s time for ACTION! A message that Rs. 50,000 has been
withdrawn from my account. Who did it? Is only ‘Action King’ Arjun
allowed to hack your account? Title: ACTION

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