Adam Levine’s Daughter Doesn’t Like His Singing

How old is Dusty Rose now? She’s three. She just turned three. Just turned three. And she was born
on September 21, which is so awesome, because
you know what that means, right? That means you get the
Earth, Wind, and Fire song. Yes. (SINGING) 21st
night of September. Yeah. It’s amazing. It’s the best
post-birthday song ever. Are you kidding me? Like– Did you play it for
her for her birthday? She doesn’t, like,
love the song yet. OK. She doesn’t hear it. She doesn’t hear
that moment where her birthday– she’s just,
like, so little, you know. Figuring it all out. Well, she– but she will love
that song when she gets older. Just sing it to her every
birthday, and she’ll catch on. Yeah, you know, you’d
think that she’d like it when I sang to her. She just doesn’t
like it that much. What? Like, I wish I was
lying, you know. She’s like– I was– there
was one moment where I was– I spent with her, kind of
just, like, playing guitar, and she was playing with
stuff, and looking up at me everyone once in a while. I was like, oh, my
god, it’s working! She’s loving this. It’s so great! I was, like, auditioning for my
daughter, which is ridiculous. And we’re having fun,
and she looked at me, and finally she just looked at
me, and she, like, touched– the guitar was,
like, right here, and she was just
like, put that down. I was like, put that down? Cool. Wow. Sweet. This was like, wow. It was the most humbling
thing that’s ever happened. I’m like, OK. Oh, no. All right, cool. I’ll put it down. I’ve been trying. I don’t know if I
have the courage to confront her again and
perform music in front of her. Just pass her and sing
and see if it works. Just check her out. The other one likes it. Gio loves music. But, yeah, Dusty is, like,
Dusty is the manager, you know? Gio’s the talent,
Dusty’s the manager. That’s very funny. So this is really funny. Adam Sandler said
that he called you up, asked you to perform at his
daughter’s bat mitzvah, and– He did. He was like, oh, man,
I hate doing this. I hate myself for asking you. Like, he did this whole thing. And I was like, I’m
not going to say no. That’s awesome. So you performed– I love him. –at his daughter’s bat mitzvah. I did, I did. And is that– do you do
things like that often? I don’t. I don’t. I don’t do things like that
often, but, you know, I felt like this was one of those– Aw. I don’t do it, like, that often. Jeez. Sorry. No, they’re just looking
at the picture saying, aw. Oh! Oh! Not like– Like do more bar mitzvahs! Aw. Did he pay you? He did not. Because one of the things
you, as I know you know, because you do these things,
there’s a lot of private gigs that you can– they pay you
a fortune to go and just do a night, like a party a
birthday party or somebody– Yeah. So when’s the last time
you all were on tour? We– well, that’s another
thing that’s interesting, too, about not
being on The Voice anymore is the tour
has become something that I want to devote more time
to, because we have the time now. Yeah. And my band is stoked. They’re like, oh
my god, thank god, you get to come on
tour with us now. So we toured for the
last couple of years, and we’ve taken some
time off, and we’re going to go back out there soon. Really? You are? Well, that’s a
wonderful thing to hear, and thanks to American Express,
everyone in the audience is getting a pair of
tickets to go see Maroon 5. Adam will be later in the
show to perform with Maroon 5. We’ll be back.

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