Akram Khan’s Giselle: Composer Vincenzo Lamagna | English National Ballet

Akram Khan’s Giselle: Composer Vincenzo Lamagna | English National Ballet

[Music playing] The requirement was quite clear: this
is Giselle so we want to use the original score as a reference and when
I came in, him [Akram] and Ruth had already picked a few themes and certain
sections that they liked. In this kind of production is not just
taste it’s also about what resonates with your work so he found certain parts
that he connected with and my job was just to create a whole new score
around these parts, bring something that sounds very classical, very melodic, very
beautiful and pretty in certain moments to an equally beautiful but darker place.
The way that it is presenting Giselle, it’s something that really connects with what
I want to say too. Especially this whole idea of the factory, of the
immigrants and the refugees. We had a conversation about how can we use something that again belongs to a different era that has been said many times over the years? How can we bring it to today and and use
it and find elements that belongs to our times? Vince is amazing because he’s truly
embraced the narrative of what is happening on stage and I’m ever so
grateful to him to have to come in at very short notice and create an
entire score. I had something in my head about
creating this balance between darkness something really dark and again this
beauty on top, and it clicked. I think this balance has been found. Which I hope, I believe and I hope that
it’s serving Akram’s vision and I hope that it’s going to talk to the audience,
to people. I hope they can find something. There are some bits that are really harsh, they really shouldn’t be there. In theory they’re wrong but that’s exciting
for me to try these things of like ‘ok this particular chord shouldn’t really be
there let’s see what happens’. It hit me when I hear it. I think I managed to put myself in that and marry me with the
piece somehow. I think again I’ve managed to
achieve this balance between the dark side and the sky if you want to call it
that way. Again it’s a matter I think of noise and melody. There’s a lot
of strength in darkness. There’s a lot of beauty in there.

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  1. Really, really wish to see it, unfortunately I'm not even close to the UK. Hope you sell a DVD or something like that.

  2. Will there be a CD release of this soundtrack? It’s so beautiful and as much as I love the original, I’d love to be able to listen to this one…

  3. Estou ansiosa pra assistir esse trabalho. Parece muito inovador e Maravilhoso!

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