Algonquin College Music Industry Arts Program

Algonquin College Music Industry Arts Program

[MUSIC] I’m Colin Mills. I’m the Program Coordinator of the Music
Industry Arts Program. A new student in our program would expect
to learn a little bit about the music business and music production. As part of the admission process all of
our applicants have to submit a supplemental form and an
MP3 recording. And those are basically just showing us
that they’ve had a little experience or they’ve taken the initiative to learn a
little bit about recording themselves outside of of the program before it
starts. Yeah, we’re always looking for
opportunities for students outside of the college and one of
the most memorable ones was when Bon Jovi was coming to the Canadian
Tire Center a few years ago, and we got to bring a bunch of our students
and, and, to intern with their crew. So they got to spend the entire day while
everything got set up and the sound check happened, and tour the stage and under the
stage and get to see a little bit of the behind the scenes production on on a
big big concert like that. All of our students have to have some
passion for the music industry and music in general. I think our students really have to be a
hard working and expect a very busy, [LAUGH] busy year in the music industry
arts program. But the passion is really what drives
people in this industry. [MUSIC]

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  1. I am taking this program right now and it is without a doubt the best educational choice I've made as a student. I recommend this program 100% 🙂

  2. What would be the equivalence of this in Montreal? Anyone?

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