ALL GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019

ALL GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019

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  1. Nice compilations.. good efforts there… There were some distortions though in the audio… If you could please take care of those next time it would help the comfort of the viewers

  2. The firs lady! Is amazing! I never seen it.

  3. I gotta say, I really liked Simon's golden buzzer for this fight song, much better….. Look it up.

  4. Second was not for golden buzzer. Others yes , especially first and last performance

  5. l Felt sad in the first

  6. Thank God Im a western enjoy this life people..I visited Saudi Arabia and art singing everything fun is forbidden there.
    I really think western countries are blessed.
    Pray Islam will not take over the west.
    In West everyone is equal and we all together enjoy our lifes.

  7. No more doubt Simon favourite song is you are the reason 2 golden buzzer in a row

  8. First contestant. Wow, pure talent.

  9. you just proved to me that I have a soft or heart

  10. Show show parabéns

  11. I love them all but they always pick the same song lets be more strict when it comes to it

  12. Canción del 4:11 ???

  13. That is the voice. Am i at the wrong channel?

  14. Amazing acts. All deserving of the Golden Buzzer 🙂

  15. Wow YOU ARE THE RESON. Abosulty beautiful.

  16. No sweeping exit absolutely great.

  17. Wow so good to be a champion

  18. Terry should rather stick to movies.

  19. Mel B was correct in her comments to Angelica, wrong song, wrong voice

  20. How you gonna play the rest of the clips with the judges coming up to greet them and the last clip you cut it off and you didn't even let Heidi come up to congratulate them.

  21. My god Mel b was just hammered. Drink some more.glad she's off the show

  22. สุดยอดคับ

  23. I dislike that singers get far! Yes, singing is a talent, but there are so many different show dedicated to singers only. There are no massive shows for dancing, or other talents.

  24. Finally Susan Boyle got the golden buzzer what she deserved years ago.

  25. God has reason for what happened to you.

  26. OMG is good painting

  27. I love ketchi the most wonderful song the lovely song. The best Beautiful song that i listened ever.

  28. 2 se deja yon star

  29. Anfèt yo tout fè sanm mache waaaaaw

  30. Навеяло что то советское!))

  31. You know it surprises me how Angelica has not been signed with some sort of record deal because she has the most amazing voice I've heard. I think she's a lot better than Grace ran to her all she's a little overrated

  32. Contestants are awesome

  33. The first act reminded of Nina from the goodnight show

  34. Agellica your champion nice voice

  35. Thanks Simon for the program

  36. What’s the song on the first golden buzzer

  37. Around 6:00 she is amazing!

  38. she reminded me of moana (the little girl)

  39. En El Minuto 23:07,…ES DE INFARTO……HELP!!!!!

  40. They are all amazing so they are called golden buzzers they deserve that,because that's gods gift God is so wonderful

  41. Susan Boyle looks so beautiful love u susan she is comfortable hugging Simon

  42. 子供がちょっと成長して髪上げてるの草生える

  43. I heard THANK YOU NIGGAS on the first one 😑

  44. Аябай сонун

  45. The best talent in the world is french ! look that :

  46. When you Get a golden buzzer:OMG I'm so happy!
    The cleaners:why…what did I do wrong …

  47. 14:46 thank you simon

  48. Wow Nice . Try to watch the voice kids philippines on my channel Thanks

  49. Savedo Iraq people came out to demand his right and now kills the streets .The streets have become rivers of blood #Naddona from the Iranian government Nnwo people of Iraq 😭😭😭😭 # 2 million martyrs huge number of dead young people

  50. spoiler alert:
    they all get golden buzzers

  51. Alguien en Español???

  52. Law of Attraction really works. Thoughts and words create reality. I share this because it is amazing that so many people does not know about it. Spread this information. We are creators of our lifes. Literally. I wish you all the best

  53. The last performance was amazingly crazy I have never seen this before wow 😮

  54. Супер,👍👍👍

  55. Demasiada publicidad Adblocker contigo

  56. Worth seeing repeatedly. thank you very much

  57. Oh, so I'm spontaneously weeping for joy for strangers today? That's what I'm doing?

    Okay then.

  58. 💕💕💕Susan💕💕💕💕

  59. السلام عليكم تحياتي لكم للجميع
    قانتي فاتحها جديد
    والقناة لطفل
    ممكن تشتركو في قناتي
    الله يرزقك كل واحد يشترك والرزاق الله وشكرا للجميع

  60. Wie schön sowas ist es berührt mich einfach wenn ich Menschen auf der Bühne sehe und sie so eine unfassbare Stimme haben einfach nur schön sowas und wie glücklich sie sind wenn man den golden Bazen drückt es berührt mich wirklich wie schön und wie oft ich es sagen könnte die person die live da sitzen finden es bestimmt noch schöner unglaublich wie mainche aufgehen wenn sie singen

  61. All of you are soooooooooooooooooooooo

  62. I can't speak for the bow but i throw knives myself, the knive part is shit easy. Let him do it like do, at 15 yards! :-))

  63. The first one made me cry it was so good,or imma crybaby.AH WUT THE HECK WHY CANT IT BE bOtH

  64. Im crying like … i dont know what to say

  65. — Thumbs down, chopped too much out.

  66. The fist one was so unique, I liked it

  67. And the first one, so creative, so touching!! I loved it

  68. Heidi had a

  69. The first one got me. Losing my dad is one of my biggest fears.

  70. The first one was so good

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