Anna and Elsa Toddlers Pool Party! Movie Disco Swimming Water Slide Pizza Dance Ariel Toys & Dolls

oh we feel like here for one hour and no
one’s crying Oh Oh Christopher don’t be silly darling you’ve only been waiting
like five minutes come on why don’t you come over in his
life adelphia oh and there’s the doctor lay off
come on I’ll get the yes but too soon Christopher didn’t he . Toys in Action he shorted no I want a reference to you know be loneliness on your closet
Oh Oh cousin Ashley she’s the one who always purchased the bank
hi Ashley look at my dress it’s so sad see I do do you wanna go in the awesome
rock pool jump off the step you wanted to do a better job than you or they’re I
could do huge better dive oh my mom can do a flip in the air so I
ingested to the air come on then in the no no no oh yeah I did the best in my
love magazine hi Elsa I’ve got the kid
see you at 3:00 well now I love your costume we’re really looking forward to
having Mandy and Ben junior here at the party come on kids
thanks for inviting me also say hey I’m here hey what are you doing you want to
see mature boys these days hey Anya what are you doing over there
hey Arnie I don’t know that awesome slide over there yeah okay Mandy come on
I’ll race you here come the cops life in his name can we do momen which is total
beautiful boy something yes mama you remember the spell if anything goes
wrong yes mama I’m outta here hey boys boys hey join us my great new
diving trick I’m knocking yeah my mom is going bears hey boys what are you doing
a few being like cleaning any money lately
oh yeah my niece Polly time yes tell us about it ha ha down to the death
daughter princess Elsie our facilities your husband see you later boys royal
shoe do you like my new grain spin it I want to smack you
oh thank you oh whoa I love green Elsie oh you look so pretty today do you want
it on the side with me oh yeah I love to go this way with you Oh ladies first
oh thank you that’s very funny
Dylan’s in love with Althea hahahaha purposes anyway I was just thinking like
you and a Canadian play with good planning very much Janie okay you’re so good at sliding communica
oh yeah hey girl I had Skinner lives pink kind
of tiny boys loose Dylan didn’t it go through everything the girls too huh
hi this was uh LC LC uh what have you been doing lately
wow I thought about playing my crafts with dad Oh Bobby one style
Oh Bobby yeah oh yeah Cece likes Bobby oh I like that city
you ain’t connected to my house after the pool party oh yeah yeah yeah no be
also doing so funny he’s going to like talk about Barbie dolls so he wants to
go to the girl half with not a single boy but if you would like I don’t like
girls girls have got germs you know look they’re all barbash although soup is any
pizza yeah hey Elsa is any pizza hey guys oh man this is awesome
hey teach those boys a lesson girls do you think we should getting back to
teasing my man and we can also bonus keep study okay what I’m sorry what’s
happening sir hi boy hi all right the girls are stolen okay so he enjoy new paper and how to fight
Appetit so I’ve done all sorts over your started on let’s read the story
delicious I’m glad guys policing Kenny yeah you’re a richer book they were
signing me to you yeah they’re always been to me oh yes so
uh what do you want to do now oh you and I have some cake oh you’re all okay
Stephanie side type I lost totally key let’s go boy hey hey Dylan
I got you a piece of my rainbow cake I offered Oh through or did you produce
yourself yeah alright so delicious it’s got flavor and
strawberry I own a free burrito villages but look
girls go oh it’s so delicious oh how you going
down there kids have that I would that’s a lot of requests all right also I might
need to pick up your help stretching you could die you did a magic to which a
substance movie I wanted kids let me whip you up some beautiful icy cold
smoothies thanks mummy now this is so delicious hmm
thanks auntie outside this is fine so I should thank you my mouth and I made is
a sigh delicious hey girls come back in the pullet sorry oh thanks so much for
this through the LCS really dies hey diddly I’m back in the pool food
dude ah man no pizza also honor it looks like
the kids are having a great time just gotta wait the best time to go down we
can start the disco I know it’s going to be awesome if you’re gonna love it
oh yeah this is so yummy Oh lovely there’s still some cupcakes laughs
that’s my favorite pot of kids bodies sugar show the sugar mmm cupcake come to
mama see you tomorrow bye humming oh oh oh oh boy sighs cualquier hamster swimming listen
today I’m gonna get it check this out hey Lance look at you sweating me huh
so anyway what else happening Mandy and I see here that what’s going on
symmetric kind of clash right relaxing in here huh beckoning to go let’s check
this out I smell a salad they do is catch this
what you call that so check yourself hey watch this borin Oh kiss look it’s
starting to get a little bit dark I think it’s nearly getting time for the
disco look just stop are you kids’ll say I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it alright or just gonna pack up this
tootsie roll and we’ll get the gas already this is
going to be so much such a great party dude yeah okay kids
here we go it’s disco pot and after the super extra surprise yeah there’s less rock on a turn and disco be
hi do you want to dance Paris well for you also I’d love to do it I even needed
it yeah and you read Chloe can you put on a slow song okay Dylan are you like
half Oh perfect it’s me Felipe’s come on Come on Chloe let’s get some music rocking … come
on Christopher.. come on Kristevil this is so awesome (singning). nananananana down down down it takes me all right looks like I’m up
there this spot on Christopher going down
slide look at the spotlight girls. hey this behind me down dad
using challenges you can dance now left tail parties but is going to come in
together the bass whistle party loves I love this song. Naaa naaa… I was made for lovvvvvviinnnn youuuuuu that’s it the DJ Chloe
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watching oh right oh right on time fun let’s pop this this is been the best day
ever what do you say Gilles oh yeah this is
the first tool for do-over hmm I better go get some cold water
oh can I have a bucket and some ice cream I retired are mine for more fun videos from toys in action
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