Are Pop Rocks Dangerous?

Are Pop Rocks Dangerous?

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  1. what if they put helium in the pop rocks could they be still made

  2. I was having pop rocks while watching THIS! lol who else did that!

  3. Watch this vid and got a toilet ad straight away just wow

  4. is anybody eating pop rocks while watching this?

  5. As long as you dont breathe in co2 its not dangerous, co2 is in soda as well

  6. I once ate pop rocks… and drank coke…

    My head blew up.

  7. I'm eating them as I watch this

  8. I still don't know what pop rocks are. Some shit that fat Yanks stuff in their faces I guess.

  9. If you were to stir Pop Rocks into juice, would you make soda?

  10. Pop Rocks are in Oreo's now.

  11. I herd of women putting them on there VginaZ.ha

  12. well, try stick out your tongue once they're there, hurts a little bit

  13. who else ate pop rocks while watching this

  14. im eating pop rocks rn

  15. I'm eating pop Rocks right now

  16. So I can eat pop rocks and drink coke at the same time? Because I do that!!

  17. also it is made with carbon dioxide

  18. It hurts when I eat pop rocks

  19. Who's watching this while eating popping candy? 😂

  20. I had a traumatic experience when I was a youngster. I had a pack of pop rocks that had the 'mother of all' pop-rocks. I put them in my mouth and proceeded to have a joyous pop-a-thon. I decided to chew the pop rocks and chomped down on the 'mother of all' pop rocks. the 'mother' exploded in my mouth with such force that my mouth was forced open. I have not been able to eat pop rocks since. Pop Rocks be evil.

  21. Watching when eating pop rocks


  23. I am eating pop rock rn!

  24. I’m eating a pop rock chocolate bar.

  25. I share pop rocks with my friends then a guy called Jose said they were bad becuse in the back it says it contains carbón doixod but i still eat it

  26. I don't like pop rocks

  27. I am eating pop rocks

  28. I want to eat pop rocks

  29. I used I put pop rock in my yogurt when I was a kid and the yogurt pop into my eye

  30. I had pop rocks 2 minutes befor I watched this video

  31. Im eating pop rocks right now

  32. Actually it's milk not water.

  33. who else watching this while eating pop rocks??????

  34. I ate pop rocks, drank coke, and snorted a 1/11th a key of coke 6 weeks ago and I’m completely fine…I actually was just made partner in my law firm 2 weeks ago. Thanks pop rocks!!!

  35. I don’t like pop rocks they hurt… or I’m a wimp… 😂😂

  36. Pop rocks killed my father and raped my mother😔

  37. One time I stuck a bunch of pop rocks in my girlfriends vagina and then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her and I ejaculated on the pop rocks and it felt really good on my throbbing, rock hard, penis.

  38. Im eating pop rocks while watching this HAHAHAHA

  39. who else is watching this while eating pop rocks

  40. Omg i just added pop rocks to ice cream before (sounds weird but it is nice) and i wondered, why don’t these pop rocks popping? Thx cool vid enjoy your 1 like!

  41. That saliva sound was so irritating.

  42. One just exploded in my eye from my tounge

  43. Eating pop rocks ool

  44. A good intersting video👍, you've got a nice voice😊

  45. Why would pop rocks be dangerous? Pop rocks is just candy that pops in your mouth

  46. It got in my eye awwwww
    It pops in my eye helpppp

  47. Does pr mean pop rocks

  48. but my tropical punch flavord pop rocks that I'm eating Wright now whip wrighting this sais it has sugar lactose (milk) corn syrup artificial flavor bule 1 processed with carbon dioxide.😧😨😩

  49. so is this dangerous or not? I need to know so i can eat my pop rocks now or get rid of them. o no… poor Xmas gift… ye I got them for a Xmas gift because were I live we don't have American candy we have British "sweets"😂

  50. who else eating pop rocks and watching this😭?

  51. I was eating pop rocks while I watched this lol

  52. So pop rocks are edible version of soda

  53. I searched up “fizzle rocks” (from riverdale) and this popped up I’m-

  54. Since everyone is eating pop rocks right now, I'm eating the strawberry ones right now, what about y'all?

  55. I'm only watching this cuz I'm eating pop rocks lol

  56. Anyone get a really giant pop rock that hurts when it explodes

  57. I was eating a huge poprock while watching and also its chocolate flavor

  58. Im eating some pop rocks right now

  59. The double red and blue packs were the best! I'd always dump them out and eat the biggest ones first. Good times! They were fun mixing with ice cream as well 🙂

  60. Matt Stonie brought me here

  61. I'm here because of Matt Stonie.

  62. Poprocks pops in my throat

  63. They hurt my mouth

  64. I was eating pop rocks as well

  65. Its been ages I ate pop rocks. maybe in 199X. not remember '-'

  66. I'm NOT eating pop rocks while I'm watching this

  67. I was eating pop rocks during this video 😂

  68. I put pop rocks in ma wageena and had to call my bf to get rid of the same. I was so worried and would never do that ever again.

  69. Im here after watching Matt Stonie’s challenge

  70. My tongue was actually burning when I took it the first time.
    I'm fine don't worry.
    It wasn't even so sweet LOL

  71. I’m the only person eating them and watching this

  72. A friend dared me to put Pop Rocks up my but, so I did it, I could run faster then Flash.

  73. I was just eating pop rocks.

  74. Popcorn flavored pop rocks 😩

  75. Matt stonie😂😂😂challange

  76. im eating strawberry pop rock while watching

  77. Im eating them right now-

  78. I eat pop rocks and my tongue hurts

  79. Pop rocks while watching

  80. Wow this vid. is from 5 years ago? I remember my childhood when almost every stores in our place were selling pop rocks, now pop rocks are popular among children once again after years 😂 skl

  81. What if they pump it with 2100 psi? Would that hurt the mouth?

  82. but how many can i put in my mouth without hurting myself

  83. I’m gonna raid Area 51 using a shipment of pop rocks as a breaching charge

  84. I’m eating pop rocks while watching this

  85. Jaja one time when i was little i ate it went outside and had to poop and when i did it was crackiling

  86. I sniffed poprocks one time in high school

  87. I have 4 different flavors of Pop Rocks here with me right now.

  88. Eating them rn😂😂

  89. I am eating poping rocks while looking this video

  90. eating pop rock and watching pop rocks at this time of my life age late 30s

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