Art, music and sounds in Re-Legion | Re-vlog #3

Hey guys, My name is Kacper and I will be your
host this time. Mateusz had to focus on programming so we can polish the game for Q1 release welcome
to the third installme nt of our Re-vlog series about Re-Legion – a Cyberpunk RTS that lets
you become a leader of your own Cult. If you haven’t seen previous episodes you can find
the links below this video. Ok, let’s cut to the chase. Today we’ll
focus on what makes a proper atmosphere in our game. Art, music and voice acting. Starting with art, let’s take a look at
the work of Daniel Tyka, our art director. He’s responsible for the beautiful and dark,
concept arts and splash screens you may have already seen on our Facebook page or somewhere
else on the internet. He’s a big fan of classic sci-fi, especially cyberpunk, so he
understands how to create the proper feeling. The most important are colors and light. It’s
the world of the future, without a future. A world dominated by huge neon lights that
contrast with dark alleyways. Atmosphere is very important for us, we want players to
feel every aspect of this nameless City. All those arts will be available on Steam
in a form of digital artbook, when the game is released
The proper look is necessary, but it’s not all about what you can see. it’s what you
can hear as well. Re-Legion will feature full voice-acting in
English. Every character has its unique voice and personality. We’re working with great
voice actors, who truly understand the heroes they portray and really breathe life into
them. Another thing that makes the world alive are
environmental sounds. We usually take them for granted but sounds
other than shooting or things exploding are crucial to create the immersion of the game.
For example – can you imagine a drone not making a sound? Or a special building just
silently existing somewhere on the map? And did you ever wonder how were those sounds
made? Everyday objects and some digital processing can usually do the trick. Since we’re talking about sound we have
to mention the soundtrack. We are working with some great composers, who have managed
to create true pieces of art for the game. Music that is in cyberpunk style, with a bit
of action and a lot of religious tones that won’t let you forget our vision of the future.
Enough talking, just have a listen… The Re-Legion soundtrack will be available
on Steam (for you) when the game is released. We hope it’ll allow you to dive deeper into
this dark world, just like it did for us. So, that’s all for today. Of course all
of that was just a little glimpse of what we’re preparing for you in Re-Legion. More
updates coming soon… be sure to add us to your wishlist on Steam. You can also find
us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in
comments below. Thank you for watching and See you next time!

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