Australian Music Vault opened @ Arts Centre Melbourne

Welcome to the Australian Music Vault
which opens today at Arts Centre Melbourne. And it’s a journey through Australian contemporary music. It had to be, it deserved to be, and it should
be in Melbourne. The biggest thing for myself and Molly was for it to be free to get in. So you can come along and have some memories
about your amazing music experiences that you’ve had while you were growing up.
Or you can learn all about Australian music. It’s got new technology. It’s got the old school physical bits and pieces And I think it’s going to be an inspiration. It’s very interactive, there’s lots of
digital and some really beautiful pieces from the Australian Performing Arts Collection. “And we hear the children cry, and we don’t know what to do. Hold on to each other and
love will see us through.” The Australian Music Vault will celebrate
the stars and the songs and the sounds that have shaped the past, the present and importantly
the future of Australian music. It is rightfully hosted here in Melbourne,
Australia’s music capital, and in the heart of Melbourne at such a hugely accessible place Australian music, nothing better.

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