Batman Does the Disco – Hi Diddle Riddle Season 1 Ep 1 1966

Batman Does the Disco – Hi Diddle Riddle  Season 1 Ep 1 1966

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  1. "You shake a pretty mean cape, Batman."

  2. doesnt want to atract attention, enters with a batsuit

  3. Jill St. John was such a dish. Check her & "that nice little nothing she's almost wearing" in James Bond's "Diamonds are forever."… She was a dish until her & Robert Wagner (& maybe Christopher Walken) murdered Natalie Wood.

  4. Iconic scene! Bravest scriptwriters in history? (Remember it's a pilot episode!)

  5. Robin's not old enough to go into a club but the valet parking guy lets him move the batmobile? Love it 🙂

  6. Batman went to a disco, ordered a large orange juice… I'm crying with laughter thinking about Christian Bale's Batman doing that xD

  7. Riddle me this, Batman! When a person is drugged into helpless submission it is because, because, because, because, be Cos… or Is It… ????

  8. Robin is too young to enter the disco, but not for fist fighting with the worst criminals :S

  9. what the fuck???? hahahahahaha

  10. this is why superman works alone

  11. Wasn't bill Cosby in this episode

  12. The sickest car ever I want that Batman car shot sounds like a jet engine!

  13. dat batman nigga can double o bigh a boogah boogie!

  14. the bat man boogie!!!

  15. Feeling like a superhero? dancing all messed up? talking random nonsense? Batman was DEFINITELY on Molly

  16. play the full episode of this i wanna watch the whole thing

  17. looks like bat man and boy wonder is at a orgy

  18. This is the first time Batman on t.v. on January 12th 1966

  19. Still better than Ben Affleck

  20. That man shakes a pretty mean cape.

  21. "I'll stand at the bar. I shouldn't wish to attract attention," says the man dressed like a bat.

  22. Molly interests me…..but not strangely.

  23. This is beyond weird!

  24. ~Aduduh aduduh sakit kakiku… Kesandung… Kesandung… Kesandung… Batu… ~
    Fluxcup anyone?

  25. 1:20 ARIP, ADA BETMEN!!!

  26. Batman on drugs brought me here

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