Beastie Boys, Nas – Too Many Rappers

Beastie Boys, Nas – Too Many Rappers

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  1. Too many real rap

  2. This would have been good if it wasn't for that colored fella.

  3. Sooo goood!!! & thanks for uploading it!!! ✊🏼🤙🏼‼️

    PS: timeless

  4. All the fake Beastie fans coming out 10 years later and saying thanks fur the recommendation!

  5. loved the beastie boys as a kid in 1999 i bought their greatest hits and my uncle had them in his car and when he got in a wreck he forgot to grab it for me s hit sucks

  6. Imagine you are in the grocery store and you bump into these 4 cats…


  7. Because 4-rapper wannabes are just not enough. Oh yeah, they are all MCs. Who the fuck is in the ceremony if everyone is a master of it ?

  8. Always sick beats

  9. Beastie Boys I like the three weirdest looking rappers of all time

  10. Beastie boys NEVER get old, neither do their music.

  11. Michael Diamond's hair is legit.

  12. Fuck these mumble rappers. Tell 'em Ad Rock

  13. i no NAS but thy be …. u know…

  14. I guess lord jamar would call the beasties a guest to hip hop as well. But wait they are white and help create hip hop before they even came out!

  15. Beastie boys feat Nas feat The Ice Truck Killa!

  16. RIP to the LEGEND MCA!

  17. happy birthday nasty nas!

  18. Played this to a millenial, they said how come it's not autotune? Lol

  19. The GOAT with the best white boys ever

  20. What if Eminem did a Collab with the remaining Beastie Boys? My opinion FIRE!!!

  21. Beastie boys look like memes

  22. Is this their last song

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