BEYONCE – The Greatest Coachella Performer – Reaction 2018

BEYONCE – The Greatest Coachella Performer – Reaction 2018

We’re reacting to miss
Beyonce at Coachella 2018. Beyonce 2018 Coachella’s
performance is fire. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s, up everybody? It’s your boy,
2Looker, coming at you with another reaction review. Of course, you can see
I’m in my man cave. But long story short, it’s
going to be a small reaction– a brief reaction– but I got
to do it because my girl– [MUSIC] –friend. [MUSIC] My ace boon coon. [MUSIC] The girl who breaks it down. Houston, Texas. Went and represented
down there at Coachella. That live performance is
just around maybe a minute, but it is well worth
watching two times. Because she brings the
house down, period. What can I say? Ever since MJ gone, we’ve got
Beyonce, who’s doing her thing. So if you’re ready for this
two looks, let’s do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let me tell you something. I know you want some more. All right. First of all, Miss Beyonce,
which I’m not going to show, she performed with
Destiny’s Child 2018. They did a couple of
her songs with them. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let me tell you something. I know you want some more. So I’m going to
show you part two. But let me tell you
my little spiel. Then she performed, of course,
with her husband, Jay-Z. And then she just did
the Beyonce thing. She made up for that time when
she was out there, pregnant. And people was mad
because she really couldn’t be as active as a
normal Beyonce performance is. But this one, right
here, it’s well worth it. Let’s check it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] That move right there. [MUSIC PLAYING] And that move. And that move. [MUSIC PLAYING] There. [MUSIC PLAYING] There. Right there. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s what makes her– [MUSIC PLAYING] –Beyonce. [MUSIC PLAYING] There. Right there. [MUSIC] Did she just drop it? [MUSIC PLAYING] There. That move right there. That’s what makes her Beyonce. [MUSIC PLAYING] The greatest performer of
our time, since MJ is gone. Of course, I have to
put that out there. But Jay-Z is one lucky– but look at that. [MUSIC] Her performance says it itself. If you haven’t
done this already, please Like and Subscribe. As I say, it’s important to
always give things in life two looks, because
you never know what you’re going to
find when you look at that thing the second time. All right. 2Looker’s out. Peace.

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  1. No one does it better than BEYONCE!!! Catch her fire moves that cook all visual marbles…Enjoy like, subscribe, and comment down below who you think can touch her.

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