‘Black Panther’ Composer Ludwig Göransson Reacts to Winning Best Score | Grammys

– [Interviewer] Congratulations! You got your first win tonight, for Best Score for Black Panther, tell me, like, how did that feel? – I’m just crying with joy, it’s awesome. This is so, so cool, I can’t believe we’re still here talking about it, yeah. – [Interviewer] So, what
was that moment like when they told you that you won, like what was that moment like for you? – It was weird because I
was doing an interview, and my wife just came up to me, and she was like, “Hey
babe, you won the Grammy!” And I was like, I didn’t
know what was happening, I thought it was just like, we’re still here, it started already? And then I understood that
we just won for Best Score. – [Interviewer] Amazing! And you’ve worked with
so many amazing artists, from Kendrick to Childish, so tell me how do you feel about the scope of R&B music right now, as it stands? We have so many amazing artists, we have H.E.R., we have LMA. What’s it like to work as a producer within that sound right now? – Well, to me it’s just so inspiring. Whenever I listen for new sounds, and listen for new ideas, or listen for what I think is creatively interesting, I always listen to hip-hop, R&B, these new young artists
that have a different idea of what the world
is, from where I’m from. I think it’s an incredible
movement happening right now, I’m just glad that I’m alive. – [Interviewer] It’s global, it’s global. And you know I have to ask, everybody’s waiting on
Gambino’s final album. Have you been working with him on that? – We’ve had some days in the studio, I mean, Donald is constantly working, whether it’s on music, or films, or TV shows, or writing or creating. And he’s such an
incredible creative artist. So we’ve been in studio a little bit, and I’m sure it’s gonna
surprise people as much as it surprised me when I heard
some of his new songs. [Interviewer] Amazing, amazing. And then I have to ask, for Black Panther, I know everybody is hoping
that the second one is coming. So, when those plans do get confirmed, will you come back to kind
of, almost settle the score? – Absolutely, I mean I hope so. I’ve already started, I have some really, little small ideas that are little seeds in my head right now, and I’m just so excited for that, and that was obviously one of the most incredible movies to ever be part of, one of the most important
films of all time, I think. And just to have a
little small part of that has been extremely, I’m
so grateful for that. – [Interviewer] Amazing, well again, congratulations on your Grammy, hopefully many many
more to come, thank you. – Thank you.

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