Blind Person Experiences Coachella Music Festival!

Blind Person Experiences Coachella Music Festival!

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  1. Cool video! It's nice to see your perspective when going to festivals and concerts, it would be hard for me to imagine

  2. lol i saw that same donut at the pool

  3. If applying for accommodations at places like these for more mental disabilities(like mental illnesses or neurodevelopment disabilities) wouldn't that start to venture in kind of personal territory? wouldn't that make it more complicated for people without official diagnoses yet to get it he accommodations they need? Idk cause something should definitely be to curb able bodied people from abusing accommodations.

  4. I understand I am mentally disabled that means that I cannot read very well and I cannot function with a large crowd really well sometimes some do better and some do not do better in crowds with a disability like mine I hope you are having a good day and I agree with you about everything you said I believe everybody should have access to everything whether you're handicapped blind or hearing impaired have a good night and a good day whichever you're doing today or night bye

  5. yes I don't like rude people either I don't hate them but I just don't like what they're doing I think they're not being polite polite people are are the Mainstay of everybody's life and I know I said it twice and I meant it twice because I'm frustrated about these people that do not listen two signs if they can't read they should ask somebody what what it says that's what I would do because I can't read very well it's called being polite to everyone and have common sense which a lot of people do not have or they're just not kind at all and I'm sorry that you couldn't see part of the time bye

  6. Looks like hell to me, I can't imagination that without being in meltdown constantly… It just looks painful. But I never liked music anyway, so I don't need to worry about it.

    I would disagree with requiring proof of disability only because a lot of people with non physical disabilities can have a hard time getting a diagnosis. For instance many autistic woman don't get diagnosed or are misdiagnosed because of a doctors bias that girls can't be autistic. Or just out right doctors being idiots, like with an obviously autistic young man who despite looking for a diagnosis for years only got one recently, and ended up having to be pulled from public school because of the outright trauma, that my mom knows the mom of.

  7. As someone who is legally blind and loves music, I love going to concerts. I've only been to one really big show but it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn't exactly see what was going on onstage for the most part but the experience was what really mattered to me. I have two more shows that I'm going to this summer and I couldn't be more excited.

  8. That was cool as hell man. Would love to see LORD. I agree with having to show proof of a disability. When I went to see Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders, I had bought pretty good seats (about ten of fifty rows up) but I had got the tickets right as the concert was announced. That's my tip to anyone out there.

  9. I don't think we should have to have proof of disability just to be in the world, but I think a disability card could be of help (but still not required) for especially ppl with invisible disabilities to get the services they need. I'm definitely uncomfortable with it being a requirement, though. I use a wheelchair, so I'd like to see "sitting down" enforced at performances. I wouldn't mind that at all.

  10. sorry if this is long and if it didnt make much sense I'm a bit tired.

    i'm glad you got to expereince it! it sounds like it was fun even if the accessability was off sometimes.

    for having diagnosis papers, i wish we didnt have to need it, but able bodied dont often belive when someone say they are disabled. the only concern i have is for those who cant get their diagnosis papers/proff of disability because their doctors are jerks/wont diagose them.

    I'm starting to think the accessability veiewing areas are rarely thought through.

    (this is not from Coachella, i was on a cruise and they were having an opening night. I was using a wheelchair at the time.)
    We were placed off far to the side so we couldn't see most of the actors. Plus most of people in there where in wheelchairs and its was hard to see behind them since their chairs were slightly higher.

    They did have a screen but it was difficult to see the screens since we were off to the side.

    the accessability veiwing was very small and it was very difficult to mauver through. it was still fun, i danced when they had music playing but i didnt have any clue what they were doing.

    omg, listening to the music as the vibratoions are going through my body is my favourite thing. i wish i could experi÷nce that more.

    however Concerts are too overwhelming for me. the fans screaming is too much for me and i can feel them screaming in my stomach. its just too overwhelming and gives me a headach or makes me feel nausious.

    the ending of the video was great i loved it.😂

  11. Where did you get your sunglasses? A friend of mine is saying they would look good with my face structure. Like you, I have very light-sensitive eyes. So, I'm always open to getting new sunglasses.
    And, omg, you saw Lorde!!

  12. I'm legally blind and LOVE concerts!! Like you mentioned, it's fun to see an artist on stage, but it's mostly the physical and auditory experience I enjoy at a live show. Especially when inconsiderate bastards block what little I can see. I think a blind card to show authorities and service people we need/qualify for special assistance is an amazing idea. People sometimes challenge me on actually being blind.

  13. I would love to go to Coachella, but it's definitely massive. Also, accessibility precautions are great, but if you can't find them then… What's the point? Those things should definitely be more clearly marked and easily found.

  14. Also, I've been trying to figure out why your voice sounds so familiar, and I finally realized it's because I think you kind of sound like Penn badgly

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