Brasstracks at Outside Lands 2019 – Talks Forthcoming Album, Area 51

b-sides on-air on location outside lands
2019 we are here with the lovely gentleman of brass tracks Connor and
Ivan hi well we’re having us in San Francisco
balmy skies the Golden Gate Park how you feeling
feel pretty good man how about you pretty great this is historic the Golden
Gate Park is where many a musical event has taken place over the century with
decades I should also gonna say centuries but decades centuries yes have
you gotten to party Williams check out things here at Golden Gate Park during
your many visits here on honestly yeah I just walked all the way to this 110th
that promised to give us some chocolate bars because they got chocolate bars and
outside lands now and like they sell like weed and stuff I smoke weed
sometimes I’m allowed to say that in this state that’s right we went all the
way over there and they gave us a gym bag full with like socks and other stuff
so but I came back and outside lands provided us with
everything that we needed so far that’s all I’ve done Connor what have you done
I’ve been in the tent just kind of hanging out and I’m gonna go walk around
after this yeah okay wow that’s very exciting
yeah are you one of those festival people that just like kind of goes under
the radar and and wanders or do you have a purpose my I do have a purpose my
purpose before we play I actually attach myself to a tree and I go into the tree
and until I play the tree hugger I was about to say yes you are at one with a
tree oh when you become the tree always he is the tree you just had an EP that
was released yes before we go yes live from Capitol
Records we did and I loved the performance you guys did with our Lamar
thank you yeah it’s a wonderful place are you guys friends is that how that
collaboration came about or now we hate each other
or what’s it an email blank ODF did you slide into his DMS and say hey I like
what you do and let’s let’s do something all jokes aside we we are friends and we
love working with Reggie is the best hey we made us on together cuz we back each
other’s music we’ve definitely a Twitter thing right like Twitter Instagram one
of the one of the things that’s the beautiful part about social media now is
you can contact anybody you want if you like their music and hopefully make a
connection happen yeah that’s one of the good things definitely a double heck
yeah that’s like that’s our favorite thing about social media we’re we’re
we’re fickle with those two words but yeah that’s our favorite thing about it
being able to reach out to all of your favorite artists and say hey let’s make
a song and now we’re friends nice now I know you guys would work out an album
what’s the latest on that how does that come along it’s coming along it’s it
started with just experimenting with stuff trying to find a sound that feels
honest and continuing on with some some old elements from our sound but trying
to break the barriers a bit while still keeping it light and happy a little bit
more a little bit more of a tinge of seriousness yeah it feels like our first
real like stab at throwing art you know throwing our name of that half you know
like being like no we’re here we’re like serious artists we’re making an album
we’ve done EPS we’ve done live projects we’ve done singles covers collabs
remixes all shit like all this time a lot of curse sure sorry we’ve done all
that stuff I feel like if I doing one more eat if we do one more EP we’re
gonna go insane it’s time to like you know really buckle down and make an
album and we’re we’re getting close and it’s really exciting it’s like it’s a
the feeling of making a whole project that’s like an LP non the EP something
that’s like a real statement but also is like easy but we’re trying to like go
through this like the real statement it’s easily digestible it’s fun it’s
serious but it’s not there’s like so many lines if they’re rather it’s such a
fine line to walk on we’re actually having a really fun time trying to find
that’s pretty much we say serious is it subject matter as well lyrically in
terms of a reflection of what is going on in society and the social political
political scene right now or is it musically a music it’s more influenced
by like self-discovery and like and come into your own and the pressure of making
music the pressure of making music and trying to be a human being at the same
time and balancing those things and those include themes of like loving
friendship and having fun and not too fun all human emotions right that’s
essentially what we get from your music and I’m looking forward to this album I
really appreciate your time one last question
September 20th is coming that Facebook group is growing and growing two million
people signed up for the storm area 51 are you going to be a part of it are you
gonna go bring home yourself an alien I didn’t know about this what’s going on
oh there’s somebody basement I don’t have this yeah and so basically they’re
getting people all together and they’re saying they can’t stop us all let’s go
to area 51 and see what’s up with the alien Connor I’m letting you do this one
I already went there okay nothing to see keep moving well I I’m I’m just sworn to
secrecy now all right we’ll talk off-camera
brownie max thank you so much guys thanks man we’re at outside lands 2019
b-sides on air oh yeah

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