Brittle Bones Nicky (Official Music Video)

Brittle Bones Nicky (Official Music Video)

Wires got crossed when I was about 3 Dad had bloody heavy hands, used them on me My mamma? Bless her heart, cuz she gave me a start She got killed, bad man, dad stiffed in a scam Grew up in the system, bounced, couple homes This woman Mary, gifted me hand-me-down clothes Shy at the start, till this guy named Shifty Who had 100 pounds on me called me “Brittle Bones Nicky” A target aimed straight at my face Big house of kids, cred is cake Rounded up a couple bucks, got it freshly baked Sat down to dinner Put it right in his face Right in his f****** face (in his face) You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (nooo!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Bounce ahead a couple years, king of my peers We biked the block, cheersin’ pretty girls beers Did alright for myself, petty thefts I pulled I dropped outta school, built a circle of bulls Needing more money, covered head to toe Snuck up, sucker, took his stash, and drove The cash stashed, it was pouring in Bulk of it up my nose How dumb I was, twenty-one And way out of control The cops kicked down the door She did a line right off my (wow!) Said “that’s one way to go down” Knew I was hard as rock Knew-I-was-hard-as-rock (hard as rock) You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (no!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Bars, new world, who could I trust? Killers were nice, smugglers were rough Met a man named Ben, quite sharp & witty Gave me books about money & cities Taught me ropes, only years coulda gained Looked out for each other, M.O’s the same That night I heard Ben, turning 50 in May Yellin’ so loud, two decades we aged Found him cornered, pants down, shanked Didn’t even think twice, man I barely blinked (I barely blinked, I barely blinked) If it cost me my life man id save my only friend That’s something I could live with I could take that till the end If it cost me my life man id save my only friend That’s something I could live with I could take that till the end You’re not gonna push me around You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) You’re not gonna push me around (no!) You can’t get me down, down, down (down!) Now every morning, coffee, park Walking around the city, deals light or dark I’m straight edge as a punk, well mannered, and I feel free Tried to do what I thought was best And that’s coming to the grave with me As I lay here in my final nights, I try to have a laugh I didn’t win the game of life But I’d give myself a pass

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  1. Song: is about the worst possible thing that can happen

    Skeleton: HAH LOOK AT THIS LOSER!!

  2. The skeleton is him his dead self

  3. At least he saved his only friend

  4. Wait the skeleton could be the kid that was called brittle bones nicky

  5. "I was hard as rock"

  6. Just realized the spoopy skeleton could be Nicky
    He has the same hat when he was put in his grave at the end
    And the skeleton is laughing about what happened to Nicky. Perhaps he was having a good time remembering his past

  7. Me: Oh man I went to hell

    Skeleton: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  8. In the bening is sad

  9. Was it really rock when he was caught?

  10. I feel I bad for this kid man that's tough I mean like what would you do if this were you I'd be dead the minute bank got shanked and what happened to bank did he leave or stay

  11. Did anyone else rewatch this multiple times just to see the dancing skeleton

  12. Thank you Rare Americans, Very cool!

  13. 2:10 is my fav, it just hits different and feels good

  14. Holy sweet divine this is deep

  15. I broke my headphones and now i only hear the copied/multi-tabs along w the instrumentals (idk what it's called plus it's great)

  16. Nicky: mom gets killed, nicky gets bullied, Nicky gets arrested and dies a bad life.


  17. We love teen angst

  18. The skeleton is me in spooktober, no lie here

  19. Is the skeleton the guy as died just telling his story?

  20. (;👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀💀🤑

  21. Было бы удобней еслиб вы вставили название группы в название видео

  22. I've watched thismabout a million times!!!!

  23. Why is this an ad?…

  24. 1:39 the way that face is animated, its like- "yo, thats bad, is he allowed to do that?- wait, you're letting him do that?"

  25. I would’ve been nicky’s friend atleast

  26. Everything on this video is great I'll name some –
    #1 Great music
    #2 Amazing comic style
    #3 The person who was singing this was amazing as well
    #4 Nice sound affects
    #5 Great animation
    And the list goes on..

  27. You guys are aware the skeleton is Nicky

  28. Am I the only one who’s heard a lot of their music and doesn’t like it at all? And this song sounds like the devil went down to Georgia lol

  29. lord, forgive me for what im bout to do

  30. 0:38 nicky really said "vibe check"

  31. 2:11 is the best part ngl

  32. Finaly a Ad worth watching

  33. Anyone else thing this is twenty one pilots 2.0?

  34. Anyone else here from that really annoying Spotify ad? Just me?

  35. If you pay attention to the tombstone in the beginning, you can see that is name is Nicolas-Joel(i think, i can see the "oel" so i think it's joel)

  36. The people who dislike this vid are haters of good music

  37. No one gonna talk about how she did a line off of his "part"??? 1:25

  38. Who came from the ad?

  39. Spotify Commercial

  40. Nicky: has a bad life

    Skeleton: dance time bitches

  41. This song ❤️❤️

  42. Let's be honest we've all listened to this more than once

  43. Nicky: gets tackled by prison guard after saving friend

    Also Nicky: aye dude! Wassup?

  44. Alive Nicky: my life ain’t that good

    Dead Nicky:groovin

  45. Kid: literally is beating up people
    Skeleton: GROOVIE

  46. Listening to this song gives me a lot of anxiety because it reminds me of a friend..

  47. Wtf did I just watched!?!?

  48. Nicky uses a mop
    it is super effective

  49. I can’t stop listening to this it is so good

  50. Im blind and this is great animation

  51. Ok so if u guys notice,when Nicky was old,look on his head…ya,that's the hat the skeli-boi was wearing…so that must be Nicky! And + his nick name,brittle BONES nicky! Now u see that the skeliton and Nicky are the same! 🙂

  52. The skeleton kinda vibin

  53. I wanted to dislike this video but I actually like this video but I'm mad I didn't dislike it… Dislikes are nicer

  54. Fine Spotify commercial. You win. This is low key catchy 🙄

  55. Nicky: beats the crap out of officer
    Gets high
    Also Nicky: I LiKe GrOoViNg

  56. How can grown men be making shit like this. This sounds like it was ghost written by a middle schooler. This song is a depictions of what edge middle schoolers think they want to be like. They make songs about drugs but they have clearly have never even been within a mile radius of any drugs. They music straight shit.

  57. What happened to the girl he was with???

  58. Imagine watching this video only for an ad of it to play right after. Good song yall

  59. Unfortunately it is impossible to stay still while someone is pushing you. And I mean as still as he was

  60. Omg thank you for responded

  61. 1:32 when u realize this takes place in Canada

    Cause those are some sweet Canadian Twenty Dollars right there

  62. This song is 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 I

  63. The skeleton just vibeing

  64. This reminds me of Fran bow

  65. This song is such a fucking bop

  66. The skeleton: we groovin

  67. Those 2.8k dislikes are all boomers

  68. My guy got his own spotify ad .

  69. Have y’all noticed that Nicky did a thumbs up when he was attacked by the cob after defending his gf. Like “hey I’m ok!” But she is like “AY GET OFF HIM” by kicking the cop.

  70. Hope y’all realize the skeleton is Brittle bones nickey

  71. Can you play in newmexico

  72. Lovin this ad more i hear it (and it reminds me of a 90's hit) ive been curious too know who n check it out. Youtube ad you pegged me right on here!

  73. Me when I get a 22% on a test " I didn't win the game of Life but I'll give myself a pass"

  74. Why is this an ad?…I was gonna watch pewds but no. Not disappointed but why YouTube?

  75. So is Canadian or American btw I'm Canadian thx for using Canadian money

  76. I love the animation style but the song just gives me the vibes of a 12 year old with fake depression talking about how independent they are.

  77. Wait you from England

  78. For the people who obviously don’t know the skeleton is dead Nicky @[email protected]

  79. Dang this slaps👍

  80. i need to comment again so i can remember a games name which is EVE online

  81. I thought ya’ll made hamburgers for like half a year.

  82. I need help I cant stop watching this

  83. Yo this man is the skeleton wtf

  84. just appreciate the "if it costs me my life" part, he was a good guy man
    but that skeleton, he be groovin'

  85. If I hear 1 more spotify ad about this fucking shit song I'm gonna kms

  86. I’m obsessed with ur guys music hopefully u do more!

  87. i’m glad i got this as an ad.

  88. Fucking Spotify ads amirite

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