Bromance (Official Music Video)

Bromance (Official Music Video)

OOOOOOOOOOOH Hey guys, I actually have to head out right noow I’ll see you guys later? Yeah yeah, I love you man. (I love you guys.) What are you doing? What? Why are you showing so much affection for each other? It’s… weird. No! We’re friends I mean we’re best friends. You know it’s like um… What is that word? What is that one word I saw in that one video? (Gasps in remembrance) Brooomance Bro-o-o-maaance It’s Like Eminem and Doctor Dre If I loved you more I might be gay And when I’m feelin down you know just what to say You my homie (Homie). Ya you know me (Know me). And if you ever need a wingman, I’d let any girl blow me… Off ‘Cause you’re more important than the rest I confess I’m a mess If I’m not hanging with my BFF You know its true, you my male boo (male boo) Now sing the chorus with me if you’re feeling the same way too Brooomance! Nothing really gay about it Woh oh oh! Not, that there’s anything wrong with being gay! Ga-a-ay! Bro-o-o-o-o-mance! Shouldn’t be ashamed or hiding Woh oh oh! I love you! In the most heterosexual way. Hold me! To a promise that I’ll be the kind of the friend that in the end, will always keep you company Because when the world gets tough (Tough) And times get hard (hard) I will always love you, I’ll be your bodyguard ‘Cause you’re my bestie (bestie) And if you test me (test me) I’ll prove it time and time again I got your back until the end A brother from another mother Never knew how much I loved ya Till I started singing this song… huh? Brooomance! (Bromance!) Nothing really gay about it Oh Oh Oh! Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay Ga-a-ay! Bro-o-o-mance! (Bromance!) Shouldn’t be ashamed or hiding Woh oh oh! I love you, in the most heterosexual way And now that I told you how I feel I hope you feel the same way too But if you dont, this song was just a joke (ah) But if you do I LOVE YOU-OU-OU-OU-OU-OU Bromance! (Bromance!) Nothing really gay about it (Nothing gay!) Not, that there’s anything wrong with being gay Ga-a-a-a-y! Bro-o-o-mance! (Bromance!) Shouldn’t be ashamed or hiding Woh oh oh! I love you, in the most heterosexual way (Whispering) I love you bro. Oh! I get it now! Yeah! I love you bro! Love you too man! What are you doing?! NOOO! That was my lower back! Why would you touch his lower back?! You’ve changed. You’ve changed dude! He has Changed… Too Far! Why?! (Slap) I love you, in the most heterosexual way. TEEHEE

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  1. I seriously still fuck with this song and any other songs by Ryan

  2. Welp this is a different song..

  3. "hey guys, I have to head off now."
    spends 3 and a half minutes singing

  4. Why is wayne brady in this video? lets make a deal guy is the one getting his ass slapped in the beginning.

  5. Where my bros at

  6. 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤

  7. I prefer bromance over romance, I don't know seeing bromance just excited me more

  8. hahahahaha starting was awesome 😛

  9. My hubbys boyfriend send him this🤦🏼‍♀️🙄



  11. 🥰🥰🥰😅😅

  12. 0:44 is that Wayne Brady?? 😂😂

  13. This song makes me wanna kiss my homies goodnight

  14. How did he manage to get Wayne Brady in this?

  15. The production on this song was amazing even now lol

  16. Fck why i found out about it just know?

  17. Gayest heterosexual music ever!


  19. 2:33 * plays guitar on a clarinet *

  20. This was my jam when i was like 8 years old lmao.

  21. i miss when these kinds of videos were popular

  22. You gotta know the limits of bromance, don’t touch the lower back, don’t take your socks off, and most importantly (and I can’t stress this enough) do not forget to kiss the homies good night

  23. It's not gay if you say no homo 🤷‍♂️

  24. How you know that you're that type of bro………… I know the song by heart and I could sing every lyric no problem and I sing it with my Bros…….. It's not gay if you say no homo

  25. You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me.

  26. Throwback when YouTube was good

  27. Why isn't bromance on itune

  28. This is exactly why ryan is the greatest YouTuber, he's such a big youtuber but he makes stuff that he wants.

  29. Fuck the lgbtq and feminist movement, this is actually when humans were cool

  30. When YouTube was actually good…

    Also admit it, whenever you listened to this song that one bro popped into your head

  31. Still the best song a youtuber has ever made

  32. So you’re telling me that this isn’t a pro song and I’ve remembered this being on the radio when it was not

  33. This song is awesome

    But it's easily better on 1.5 speed

  34. I feel bad for Sean at the end. In the most heterosexual way.

  35. Bro classic YouTuber music was the best like I was rocking this song in middle school!!!

  36. if you here in 2100, this was the golden period when youtube was amazing.

  37. Back when YouTubers actually got along with each other, supported one another and created a good song together.

  38. "Guardian "crack video brought me here 😂

  39. This is not lgbt, don't gets your hopes up gay cummonity

  40. It has been a few years since this came out… BUT I STILL LOVE IT!!!

  41. This song still fire 🔥🔥🔥

  42. One of the best songs in existence

  43. I miss this era of YouTube.

  44. so isnt the last bit about shaming gays?

  45. Ryan friend: *makes guitar noises with flute
    Guitar: am I a joke to you


  47. 2.18 hahahahahahahaha his expression

  48. my dad texted this to me saying “my friend sent this to me isn’t it funny” not knowing i’m subscribed

  49. anyone else spot Wayne Brady at 0:44 and again at 2:59

  50. Good old days 🙁


  52. you changed you changed man

  53. I am kinda confused I think the one who scream bromance like that guy called Sean (in the mv) I guess I mean not in heterosexual way . 😅🤔 Right?

  54. I went from being a little kid listening to this song after school on the family computer to being an adult coming home from work listening to this song to unwind. Classics are classics, man.

  55. Also it's been 7 years how has it only received 43 million views wtf? Disrespectful.

  56. Nostalgia trip anyone?


  58. Bestie's test:

    what is my favorite color?
    D)All of the above<—

  59. It’s crazy how it’s been like 7 years since I heard this and I still remember every word 😂

  60. Am I the only one that noticed James Stinson at 2:59 (Barney Stinson's gay step brother from How I Met Your Mother played by Wayne Brady)

  61. I always wanted a friendship like this

  62. At one point in time Ryan was my most listened to artist

  63. I've become addited to this song since i watch this song

  64. 3:24 😂😂
    And then Sean 's face is so sad it hurts

  65. It’s 2019 and you still make me laugh!😂

  66. Is there a name for bromance between two girls

  67. 2019 and this is still the best song ever

  68. 7 years, still sounds great

  69. It's catchy wtf 😂😂

  70. Better than any shitty song these days

  71. I found this video only a couple days after its release in late March of 2012…I NEVER FUCKING NOTICED THAT WAYNE BRADY FROM WLIIA IS THE GUY THAT RYAN SLAPS ON THE ASS AT THE BEGINNING!! WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK!!

  72. Oh fuck ,I miss my buddies and all those smoking and abusing!!!!

  73. This song was ahead of its time

  74. Jamás entenderé como funcionan las amistades masculinas…
    Ni siquiera entiendo las femeninas y soy mujer! :v

  75. Just realized that guy was Wayne Brady

  76. 2012: no
    2013: no
    2014: nope
    2015: nah
    2016: still not time
    2017: no way
    2018: I don’t think so
    No one will ever understand the YouTube Algorithm

  77. this is like no homo but like in a whole new level

  78. Chester and Ryan need to re-collab for another music video. Please make it happen.

  79. 2019 and this song destroys all the top 10 artists there 💥🔥

  80. Who watching this in 2019

  81. Still the 2nd best song YouTube after coffee shop love

  82. 2:05 my favorite scene Lmfaoo you guys are the best 😭

  83. Damn didn't know luis suarez is in the video

  84. Still a bop seven years later!

  85. When he said 👬I felt that

  86. Now this is QUALITY music

  87. this song dosnt deserve to bop as much as it does.

  88. Dude he way he screams NO

  89. 1:45 I just had to pause.
    Anyway it reads:
    Bestie's Test
    1. What is my Favorite
    A. 17
    B. Apple
    C. A
    D. All of the Above *is circled

  90. Dis is GAY.

    But okay.

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