Bruges is triggering activity on the Richter scale | #secretsofbruges

So, here we are on the rooftop
of Concertgebouw Brugge. It’s beautiful, as you can see. It’s exclusive, as well.
Normally, people aren’t allowed up here. Yes, you can see city hall. This building was built on 5,000 springs, so that gives it
a better acoustic situation. So, if we all jump up at the same time, it’s as if we make an earthquake happen. Maybe we can try it together? Okay. Three, two, one. Did you feel the vibrations?
– Yes. Yes? It is, in fact, true that this magnificent
building rests on 5,000 springs, and that it works wonders for the acoustics
during the concerts and performances that take place here. It’s not just the interior
that’s very impressive. In this tower, you can enjoy modern art
by Luc Tuymans, Carl De Keyzer and Dirk Braeckman. And of course panoramic views
of the three historic towers: the Belfry, the Saint Saviour’s Cathedral
and the Church of Our Lady. But again, the most impressive events
still occur inside the building. That is where the magic happens.

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