BYU Composer Wins Student Emmy for “Chasm”

Chasm is the 2013 student film
for BYU’s animation program. My favorite part of the film is when the person flies through the clouds and she’s flying through space and there’s all these special effects going on. The first time I saw that scene, I was really excited because
I wanted to do something really epic. Chasm is a story about a scientist that is trying to figure out how to get
through this black cloud. I just recently found out that I won a
student Emmy for the music category for Chasm. My inspiration for the beginning
was I really wanted to have a big review, a big open wide washed feeling. We were
really lucky to get the BYU Philharmonic. They basically sight read in a two hour
session all the music. The sound design and the
music together definitely are miles ahead of what any
other student project I’ve seen. The music is very epic.
It’s huge on a grand scale.

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