Cake Pops! PRINCESS CAKEPOPS! Make Princess Party Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Princess
Cakepop Tutorial. I am super excited about these gorgeous princess cakepops and I’ll
be showing you how to make them today. Tools and equipments that we will be using
today: I have some lollipop sticks.
I’ve got a couple of cakepop balls, pre-made. If you don’t have a great recipe and technique
for your cakepop balls, you can check out our cakepop basics series. There’s a recipe
and tutorial on our channel. I’ve got some melted white chocolate that
I’ve tinted green. Now I will mention for all of these princesses that you see in the
shot today, I haven’t use candy melts. I’ve used melted white chocolate, tinted in different
colors, so I will leave some information, the descriptions, as to what colors I’ve used.
But I will let you know that I’ve used any color paste and just very small amount of
color paste. So never use a liquid color if you’re trying to color chocolate.
I’ve got some sticky tape. I’ve got some of my printables. Now these
are just some printables that I’ve found online. I’ll leave a link to those in the description
box of this tutorial and I’ve pre cut out one of mine. I’m going to be doing Tiana today,
one of the princesses from the Princess and the frog. When you cut your printables out,
make sure that you are cutting off all of her skirts, so you really just want… you’ve
noticed I’ve got her shoulders, I’ve got her arms, and I’ve got her torso, and we’ve gotten
rid off all of the skirt because our cakepop is going to make up that lovely skirt.
As an option extra, I’ve also got some gold and silver edible glitter, a little bit of
water, and a paint brush. Now that is going to be used if you want to achieve the glitter
effect that you can see on the bottom of the skirt here. You don’t need it. It’s a nice
little extra but it’s certainly not a must have. They are really effective as they are
without the glitter. Let’s get started.
Now you’ll see with my cakepop balls, I’ve gotten two to show you today because I’m starting
with quite a large cakepop ball. So this is our standard-sized cakepop ball. This one’s
about, I guess, ½ cakepop ball, so just a little bit bigger. I’ve done that because
I wan to make sure I’ve got a nice full princess skirt and not a little skinny pencil work
skirt for our princesses. So I’m going to take that cakepop ball, all
rolled onto its nice little ball, and I’m just going to make it into a cone shape. So
I’m going to do this upside down. I’m just rocking it back and forth in the palms of
my hands and I’m just going to make it into a nice little cone shape there. Now I’m going
to pop that in the fridge before I do anything else for 15 minutes. I’m going to put it in
the fridge before I add the lollipop stick or anything just to let it firm up. So that
when I put the lollipop stick in the top of it, it doesn’t squash down the shape.
Because that’s going to be a little bit time consuming, I’ve got one that I prepared earlier,
so this has been refrigerated for 15 minutes. Then I’ve dipped my lollipop stick in some
melted white chocolate and I pop it into the top of the cakepop and I’ve re-refrigerated
it for another 5 minutes just to let that lovely white chocolate seal set.
It’s time to get dipping. now I should also mention that I’ve got a little piece of grease
proof paper here, a little piece of wax paper. That’s just going to be to let the cakepop
dry on. I’m going to take my little Tiana and my sticky tape. I like to do this first
because once you dip that cakepop, you want to work quite quickly to attach your princess.
So I am going to take the sticky tape and I’m just going to pop a little bit of one
side of it down on the back of Tiana and I’m going to leave the rest folded back. I’m actually
going to stick that to the little mat that I’m working on just so it’s easy for me to
grab when I need it. As always with dipping, I love to have a nice
deep container. I’m going with green because the rest of her dress is green so I’m going
with the colors that have been provided on the image and I’m just going to pop that cakepop
all the way in — tilt side to side, making sure to cover up that lovely seal and then
pull it out of the melted white chocolate. Now normally I would tap off the excess but
don’t worry about it here. We’re going to sit that down on the wax paper
and you’ll see I’m actually pushing it down as I sit it. And it’s just creating a nice
little, I guess, a little flat foot for the dress to sit on or for the princess to sit
on. Now I am going to take that pre-stuck Tiana
and I’m just going to use a sticky tape to attach it to the back of the cakepop here.
I’ll do this backwards. Now what I want to do… the reason I want to do this wet is
because I’m actually going to stick her hands into that chocolate. I’ve done that with these
other girls here. Arielle’s hands are right down into her skirts and that’s just going
to help to hold it in place. So sticking it in, trying to line up the waist, and folding
it across. Now don’t worry if you’ve got excess sticky tape hanging over the edges. You can
go along and trim that off after it is completely dry. At this stage, you want to lay back for
about 15 minutes to completely dry. Once it’s finished, you can get a little pile, a little
zip lock bag, and you can [pipes] a little patterns on it if you like.
But as I mention you’ve also got the option of adding a bit of glitter. If you want to
add glitter, I’m going to go with silver. An edible glitter is sold at all good cake
decorating shops. If you want to add glitter, wait until it’s completely dry, your cakepop,
brush it with a little bit of water, not too much. And just using your finger, just wipe
off any excess so that it’s just a nice, I guess, a little light coating of water. And
then with dry fingers, take your edible glitter. You don’t need a lot of it and you just want
to sprinkle it from a bit of a height. Now the reason that I don’t put this on the chocolate
while its wet — I like to put the water and do it after it’s dried — if you put it onto
the chocolate while it’s wet, it actually sinks into the chocolate and it doesn’t give
you as good as sparkle and you need to use a lot more of it. Edible glitter is quite
expensive so this is a cost-effective way of getting the best result. So there you have
your lovely glittery skirt. Now as I mentioned, Tiana’s going to take
about 15 minutes to dry so we’re going to let her dry. You’ll see her here with all
of her other Disney princess friends. If you wanted to turn this into a place setting,
really easy just to print out a lovely little piece of tag with the names on it and a couple
of holes, punched by a hole punch. You’ve also got the option to give them as party
favors and bonbonniere. I will also mention the paper that I used
when I made this printables was a 250GSM cardboard so it’s not a paper. It’s an actual cardboard
that I’ve printed on and it’s quite a bit sturdier than paper. You don’t want to try
and do this with paper. If you love my tutorials, make sure you subscribe
to our channel. We do upload several times a week and we love to let you know what’s
going on in the world of cake decorating. Thanks very much for watching.

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