Cambio freni a disco e pastiglie Fiat Panda

Cambio freni a disco e pastiglie Fiat Panda

disc and the pads are worn out disassemble the jaws that block the pads disassemble the old disk clean the new disc with a solvent before installing it removing the protective oil layer we pass some abrasive paper to prepare the surface of the disk we replace the hooks that hold pads in place with a little lubricant we release the pistons let’s move on to the second brake repeat the cleaning as with the first disk check the oil level of the brakes manually compressing the main piston … … the oil level rises if as in this case it is too high … … must be removed with a syringe up to bring it back to normal level a big thank you to Antonio’s “mechanic”!

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  1. Compra il grasso al silicone e mettilo nei piolini scorrevoli della pinza. Lo svitol si asciuga alla prima frenata.

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