Canada Vs. USA: Who Has The Best Fries?

Canada Vs. USA: Who Has The Best Fries?

right off the bat I can’t help but notice these globs of what looks like a cheese poop I guess that’s why they call it poutine ladies and gentlemen who is gonna take home before in this week’s episode of EVs watch we have two contestants here from different parts of North America here to compete for the glory of the golden spork two people come in two meals are swapped but only one can win today we are swapping fries I’m representing the Philly Jersey Delaware area with some disco fries these don’t look like traditional disco fries disco fries are supposed to have gravy on them and some like sprinkle cheese I guess these will do for today disco fries to me or god it’s so nostalgic basically when you grow up in an area where diners are on every street corner you go with your friends when you’re sixteen to a diner and you just get the cheapest thing on the menu which is disco fries they’re pretty much like a poor man’s poutine so so I represent in Canada we have Poots in and it’s from Quebec so and again puts in Putin puts in good tene is the English version but I’ve been so used to say the French wipe that puts in yes there you go educating everyone today so this is pretty similar to a disco fries as fries and what’s a difference is that there’s cheese curds and the word cheese curd sounds gross but if you say in French it’s nicer homage ankh I know it’s like that again imagine Chi Y Maj I’m going to claim green okay okay yeah so it’s like grain of cheese and so it’s like little clumps of cheese that’s very like chewy and like squeaky when you put in your mouth because they’re fresh if you put in the fridge it like absorbs all the moisture so it comes really hard so it has to be fresh and then you melt it with like hot gravy it’s just a beautiful combination so this is very common in Canada I’m from Montreal so it’s like in the province of Quebec and same thing like it’s a great hangover food or like after like a night out let me tell you something about disco fries once you have them you want any other cheese fries forget it chili cheese fries absolutely not nacho fries no don’t even think about it disco fries you get potato you get the gravy you get the cheese you understand but you don’t get that squeak what’s that squeaks cheese curd gets hard it absorbs the moisture in the fridge sounds like bacteria place that I wanna be I think this is gonna win because once you’ve tried cheese curd that’s squeak in your mouth you can’t go back like she said it’s the poor man’s version of the service oh this is like a classic the one thing that you should try most of us are poor though so we found some gravy so now I think we have a much better chance of winning and it smells pretty good it really does it does I’m a little nervous let’s do it enjoy you as well right off the bat I can’t help but notice these globs of what looks like a cheese poop I guess that’s why they call it poutine I’m excited to try it I mean it smells like french fries and cheese and gravy so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t taste good well I’m the Canadian so I can’t help but be nice this presentation is really beautiful with the gravy and the parsley it just adds a nice little touch thumbs up is there a way to stay in English Bon Appetit but like the English way you know I’m words for anything okay so I’m trying to make a cheese pull that’s kind of clumpy again being nice if it was a little bit more heated it’d be a nicer cheese pull I’m not getting a squeaks I know squeak these curds I will say these aren’t these are really tasty though the gravy is really good the cheese kind of tastes like a mild watered-down mozzarella maybe it’s not really doing it for me I don’t really taste the cheese because the gravy is so flavorful but I could feel the cheesiness in my mouth but the cheese doesn’t have any distinctive flavor but the gravy very good got some neutral cheese’s here I like that you can kind of get one with every bite but it I want to be able to mix it all up kind of like you can with those guys this is kind of like you have to piece it together I get enough at it I’m like a salad it’s like a french fries salad I do see your point of how it’s like everything’s already like mixed together but the only thing is when everything is melted it kind of feels like a big clump when I tickets all like together so it’s really hard for me to just like eat it we’re not cute over there in the tri-state area this is really similar to the Canadian version so yeah I feel like if I missed home and I wasn’t in Canada and I was like in New York or New Jersey I would totally go for disco fries because it’s the same it just reminds me of home it’s close enough well I want to try those things so try to scrapie so good I pumped immediately my face changed I’m really happy there’s a bit of a squeak it feels more fresh it would really feel a squeak but I can imagine it she’s imagining the squeak it’s not there this is like disco fries served at an Italian restaurant this gravy tastes very like it’s got a bunch of oregano in it it’s almost like a pasta sauce it’s really tasty it’s not quite it I would say that’s more like gravy in my mind yeah really more thicker like yeah almost a sick-ass soup I feel like you should just try this one more time the cheese now that you’ve compared that cheese though this cheese okay there’s just more like personality to the cheese that little guy right there yeah you’re right got more personality poutine was very good cheese curds tasted really great just go fries little disappointing not the Jersey Philly diner way I did really like my experience with disco fries I would be curious to try DSN tick 1/2 – I love the name disco fries but at the other day my heart goes to puts in because it’s the cheese yeah the Irish tray that’s true we have come to a final decision Canada I’m sorry the US but another dog went cheap tuition for school we have free health care nature fresh air puts in and William and I want to share this because Canadians are nice you see this look at us I love Canada we didn’t be friends that’s all yeah people who eat disco fries this is devastating please help me describe how just amazing they are comments please puts in lovers you need the tried disco fries try the cousin version of boots in because that’s great as well but idea today Canadians win the squeak the squeak yes cheesecake squeak don’t don’t be afraid of the names cheese curds remember for all mankind so to go home as okay one more time homage on guy great [Music]

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  1. 35 year old American here. I heard of poutine a million times. Never heard of Disco fries.

  2. This American chick is high key annoying

  3. Canada is way better

  4. I love how us Canadians are so nice and polite but some countries do not want to do that

  5. as a proud canadian I'm also proud to hate cheese curds, fries with just gravy is good enough

  6. I threw my hands up when she said SQUEAKY
    for reals before my state pulled cheese curds off the market, they were my daughter's favorite thing. she would ask me to go get her "squeaky cheese" from the store all the time.

  7. disco fries is a copy of poutine ,americans won't admit it because they like to steel everything from everybody

  8. I don't know, that looks like a pretty crap poutine for one and two she says she's from Montreal but doesn't say it the proper way so I can't really trust this video. At least she pronounced poutine correctly…

    Also if she's comparing the cheese curds to mozzarella then they aren't using real cheese curds

  9. Emily’s honestly so rude to our Canadian foods

  10. I feel like disco fries are super regional. But then again I've had pizza and bagels many places outside the northeast (in the US) and I'm having doubts about whether other Americans have had actual pizza and bagels either, lol

  11. This video should not have been 7 minutes long. Stop, Buzzfeed

  12. i am pretty sure the american fries" are not even real potatoes lol

  13. Montreal represent πŸ˜›

  14. Disco fries seem very regional in the US, however it goes by other names like wet fries or fries with gravy. I think a more competitive version would have been chili cheese fries.

  15. As an American from the Southeast my preference is for cheese bacon greenonion fries or BBQ fries.
    I've had poutine fries but the cheese isn't flavorful enough for me. And I want onion or some form of veggie on my fries.

  16. Poutine win…. Fu** yeah a fellow canadian

  17. Not all Canadians are nice smh

  18. She pronounced poutine correctly holy crap miracles do happen!!! πŸ˜‚

  19. "Loaded Fries" (restaurants that have them, have their own unique toppings)

    "Irish Natchos" (usually found in pubs, ingredients are the same as regular natcho's, but with "Lattice Fries" instead of natcho chips)

    "Breakfast Poutine" (basically, home fries, instead of french fries, topped with chopped sausage, bacon, and sometimes onions and/or green peppers. 2 or 3 eggs, to order, but normally over easy. then finally, instead of gravy you get Hollandase sauce)
    (should you not like Hollandaise, gravy can still be used, and still be tasty)

  20. btw
    I've been eating cheese and gravy fries as far back as I can remember,from childhood in 70s Wiartoni Ontario to now in Guelph Ontario. They're not, i feel, really a regional (or nation-centric) thing

    (also, you guys should try battered mushrooms, topped with a little honey…mmmmmmmm)

  21. I think people who say Emily is rude are actually more rude than her, i mean, she doesn't keep it to herself i don't think that's bad, I'm just saying that she's trying to be honest and tell her thoughts on the dish, i think this deserves respect, I'm russian so I don't rlly know what's the popular dishes in USA or Canada out there, but i want to try both dishes so badly. Also, I'm sure that my special russian dish "vinegret" would win) (not really, i just guess our tastes are too different) (also I'm russian and heard of disco fries soo…)

  22. What the hell are disco fries

  23. Emily is kinda freaking mean πŸ™„πŸ™„

  24. Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
    Poutine for the WIN πŸ˜‰

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