Chance The Rapper “65th & Ingleside” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Chance The Rapper “65th & Ingleside” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

So my sister in law to be, my big sister bought
a spot a two flat on 65th. The outside of the house didnt look that great
to be honest with you, but the inside was very nice. It was always a lot of women energy there. They always had their friends over and stuff. I didn’t really have friends over because
it wasn’t that level of kick it yet. I was just kind of living off them. The song is about me wanting to pay back or
at least make right the things for which I owed. I met my daughter’s mother. Our parents actually worked together. My mom’s boss was her mom at a real estate
agent when I was a little boy so the first time I met her I was probably 9, but we reconnected
at South By Southwest. You know, before the end of the year we were
boyfriend and girlfriend. It was ingrained in me since I was a kid by
my dad because his father was a piece of shit. You can’t be a man waking up wondering where
your kid’s at. I owe her the world because she literally
kept me and housed me and fed me when I didn’t have anything and gave me my daughter and
so in reality there’s no way that I could pay her back. Obviously me and my girl we watch Martin and
Jamie Foxx every night. I think it was just me relating to him in
terms of like not being everything that I am today like understanding that I hadn’t
grown I wasn’t mature yet. Donald brought me on for like two dates to replace somebody. So I left got, some money. After I got the money from the camp tour. I got brought on a few more tours got some
more money. And I wasn’t really at any point moving
my girl in with me. Like I got a crib, a nice apartment didn’t
reciprocate the love and like I just kinda started trying to live this rapper life yo
like I literally got like a rapper mansion at one point. And was just like the pools the basketball
court and like the all the swag but I wasn’t keeping it a hundred with like my girl who
really held me down. I felt empty and I felt like I hadn’t been
living my life like I was supposed to be. Nothing felt right until shortly after my
girl got pregnant I realized that I needed to be around her to be with her. Well she doesn’t do it anymore but my girl
used to be a studio rat. She used to be in the studio with me as long
as I would be. Obviously after hearing it a million times,
she didn’t want to hear that shit no more. But if she was to ask me play a song it was
the most validation that I could feel out of anybody saying anything about my music. This shit is what happened everytime we went
to gas station anywhere. I think that’s just the Chicago like black
south and west side Chicagoans feel is that PTSD of having seen some shit happen and understanding how people move that creates your whole like the way you move I want my daughter to have everything I couldn’t
have which was a lot. You know? I think that’s what every parent wants like
that’s why there’s so many kids’ parents are like “You better go to college!” My girl was a real estate agent. I gave Kanye that line once. “She in school to be a real estate agent.” She was a model and she was a waitress at
this spot called The Pump Room at the time. And…so she was getting money. She had some cash, she had a car, she had
a crib. She was doing decent. Having real OGs around you, real people that’s
been through this shit, that will tell you what it is, what’s really gangster like
what’s really like a real man’s job is the most important thing you can find as a
young man. My girl is not from Evanston, that’s like
a joke for like Chicago people. Evanston is like the most, is like the first
suburb you hit going north of Chicago. My girlfriend came from better beginnings
than I did. Eggelston is close to my house. I live on 79th like I live in just like not
as nice neighborhood. The biggest lie I ever told my girl was probably
that I couldn’t be with her. That I wasn’t ready to love her, that I
didn’t love her. Something crazy like that. Love like has given me some of my best song. I wrote “That’s Love” about Kiersten,
I wrote my first feature with Lil Wayne about Kiersten. She is my understanding of love and like how
it’s not always what you read about or saw in a movie it’s like some of the toughest
shit you’ll ever have to do in your life.

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