Chance The Rapper Blames His Farts On Others | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Chance The Rapper Blames His Farts On Others | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– [Kelly] We have a game we’re
about to play, all right. This is called “The Last
Chance Game,” get it! (upbeat intro music) All right! Here’s how
(laughter) – did you like (imitates intro music) I like that! Here’s how it works, we each take turns pressing this button
that looks like it’s not connected to anything
but I promise you it’s on some kind of cool
bluetooth or wireless thingy or something like that, it’s great! When we press it, when we
press the Last Chance Generator That’s what we call it, the
“Last Chance Generator.” Um, it will generate a question about the last you did something. So we each have to answer, though. Although we all get one press, we all have to answer the question. And if you don’t want
to answer the question That’s fine, you’re
scared. We get it (laughs) Um, you can dance! My
band-a-plenty can dance if you don’t want to answer it, okay. (Clapping)
Are you ready? – [Female Guest] All right let’s do it – Sure – All right (laughs)
Chance, you’ve said you like to dance and you’re from Vegas You’ve got this, okay? (all laugh) All right Chance (claps), you go first! Go ahead, press that button. – Oh! – Or, “The Generator” (giggles) (button clicks) (Generator ticking over) – All right
(Generator dings) – Last dream you had that you remember – I remember a dream, I
was a – or a nightmare – Ah, I was running away and I couldn’t, I couldn’t get to where
I was trying to get I’m sorry I’m trying to make you guys my therapist right now
(audience laughter) I’m trying to figure out, what this means If there’s a Joseph in
the crowd that can ah, – (laughs) If there’s a
Joseph in the- (laughs) – Interpret my dreams (claps) – That’s a Jesus joke! That was a (laughter drowns out Chance’s voice) – I like it, I like it! – Thanks Kelly. Yeah, no I couldn’t get there. So that’s my ah, that’s my dream, and – You couldn’t get there – Tell me what my fate is, please – What does that mean?
We need a dream book. – Oh yeah – You know, to tell us what that means. – I used to have one of those Those were cool
– I have one, I’m weird. – But it was always
just like, you’re dying! – Yeah – And you’d be like “Oh?!”
(Chance laughs) – It’s like, it’s like WebMD
– Yeah, it’s WebMD – It’s like every time
you WebMD something, I have cancer!
(all laugh) Like, it’s like, and it’s a cold. – You’re running away from death (laughs) – What’s the last dream you had? – Mine was that I was doing a live show and I wasn’t prepared for it. I get that a lot. – It’s a dream! (clapping) – Wake up! (claps) You’re failing! (claps)
(laughs) You’re failing, You
forgot all the answers. Um, I have this re-occurring
dream and I haven’t had it in forever and I was just
telling someone recently actually that I had this dream. The house in on fire and
there’s a boy yelling for help And then I try and find him
and the house is on fire and I find him and he’s older than me and then I reach for him and when he touches my
hand, the dream is over. It’s happened since I was a kid, what does that mean? – It’s so cinematic – Yeah – [Chance] Yeah – Well, maybe you need to shoot it, Maybe it’s a short film
– I don’t, I don’t know if you (laughs) I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m pretty dramatic (laughs) (laughter) – Okay, so – All right, okay so
It’s my turn I’m gonna go I think we just skipped you (hits button) – Okay, yeah yeah that’s fine
(Generator ticking over) – I think that’s what we just did (Generator dings) Okay last time (chuckles) (Female claps) “Last time you passed gas and
blamed it on someone else” (audience laughs) Um, here’s the thing about me The whole thing – no filters, true colors, that’s true. I will own it. I’ll be like I’m sorry, but I’m not taking that pain for anyone, so. I – yeah, so I don’t
ever blame it on anyone – I kind of do the same as you. I will walk to the other side of the room and everyone’s like
“what’s happening?” And I, and I go “something!” – [Kelly] Something!
(Chance laughs) It’s a-brewin’
– Something’s happening – I, I always blame it on someone else especially if it’s – especially if it’s just
me and one other person like in a small room, I’ll be like “What?!” “Oh my god!” But it’s like, it’s me though. – If it’s just one other
person, they know it’s you! (laughs) – That’s a part of it, though – [Kelly] That’s a (laughs)
(claps) – Do they know themselves that well? Like,
– [Kelly] Oh my god, you’re – Sometimes things just pass – You’re throwing them out there, that I think that means you’re old.
– Yeah – When you don’t realize you farted. (laughter) – Daytime TV, we’re here
(all cheer) (clapping) – All right, one more. Go ahead, one more
– Okay (button clicks) – I love you, Chance Oh my gosh
Oh wait, yours didn’t work! – Oh! It didn’t work
– This is the dream, you’re failing
(generator ticking over) – Oh! Okay
(laughter) (generator dings) – Okay, “Last person you
met who truly impressed you” – I mean, I’m next to them! (laughter drowns out Chance’s voice) – Whoah (laughs) – And Kelly, but I already knew Kelly. (Audience cheer)
– Really? (Chance claps) That’s so exciting – You got it, you’re amazing! – Now I feel like a jerk
for my answer everyone No, no the last person it was only because he saved the day Like our very first
person we were supposed to have on the show was Kevin Hart. And he got in an accident and so literally down to the minute we had no-one and Dwayne Johnson cancelled
– and he didn’t cancel, he left his honeymoon a day early and came to my show for me,
so it really impressed me. (clapping) – Oh, that’s so sweet – Like, from Hawaii! He came from Hawa- And we don’t even know each other. – His wife is still there – His wife (laughs) (all laugh) – No-one told her – I think his wife is
the reason why he came on – That’s amazing
– I’m very thankful for her – But anyway, that was a really fun game, did y’all like my game?
(audience cheers) (clapping) – I think we’ve learned,
what we’ve all learned here today is that if you smell gas and you’re near Chance, he did it. (female guest laughs) But, it’s fun We didn’t get a chance to dance so let’s dance to the break. We’ll be back, y’all! (whoots) (upbeat jazz music)

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