Chance the Rapper Gets the Crowd Going with ‘Eternal’

Here to perform his
latest hit, “Eternal,” please welcome “Chance The
Rapper” featuring Smino. [APPLAUSE] We can, can be. (SINGING) Eternal. Eternal. Forever. Forever. We can– Eternal. Eternal. Forever. Forever. Eternal. Come on, Ellen show. Forever. Eternal. Forever and ever and ever. (RAPPING) What you
know about this? This before your time. I used to two-step in the 019. I always been fine,
this is not new wine. I just happened to find a way to
live my whole life in my prime. Side pieces don’t
look this good. Can’t cook this good. Can’t [MUTED] this good. Can’t get right. You send him to the store
and forget that he let. You send me to the store,
I come back with a chef. I’ll come back out of
breath while your side dude was sitting at the club with a
booty on his chin like a cleft. I don’t never want two,
that’s the same as the next. I made the three more
famous than Steph. No cap, that’s a roundhouse
kick to a Jameson’s neck. I got a Jada Pinkett keeping
sure my shame is in check. Cross-legged at the
dojo, my mastor, mentor. Side chicks can’t
take out splinters. Side dudes make they
Kool-Aid with Splenda. Side dudes can’t come
to Auntie Linda’s house. They gonna send
’em off, they gonna send ’em out to buy more things
than they hid in the couch. Don’t you know that side
dudes can’t cop no Tesla? Pull up in a ring
like wrestlers. Pop out at the soccer game with
the VVS’ and a bunch of snacks. Model X Falcon, backseat,
doing jumping jacks. 20-1-9, I want it one of a kind. 2020, I’ma be ahead of my time. 20,000 leagues, the
biggest fish in the pond. But if you never
go fishing, it’s something you’ll never find. We can be eternal. Eternal. Forever. Hey, hey, hey, hey! And we can be eternal. Hey. Smino. I know some shorties that’ll
blast for me over blasphemy, and throw that back for
me show my last to sleep. I’m on Ellen, so she had to see. Before I start, fill my
glass, wipe my glasses. Woo! I love her passion, ooh! Sweet. I drink her passionfruit. Sweet. I’m running through your organs
like when I pass the hoop. I want to pass the ball. I don’t pass the ball. I’m Kobe, babe. I ate it up. I ain’t ate all month, you
looking like a plate of lunch. Sentiment was edgy if
she let her get stoned. Almost fell in love, I hurt
my heart from these songs. Hey. Terminally known, she can
feel it in the stones. Hey. Now she giving me ultimatums. I told her I hate
tomoatoes, some chances, you gotta take ’em. I can’t see for the life
of me why all these [MUTED] like me when I got wifey. Side chicks can’t
do flat twists. Bet a dollar you
could buy me a Brisk. Hold on. Uh-uh. Side chicks can’t cook no grits. Grits, –! We can be eternal. Eternal. Hey! We can be eternal. Hey, I’m gonna need
to see y’all moving. This is the Ellen show, right? Dance with me. To the right. Come on. Come on. To the left. Come on. Hands up if you
love ’em, one time. Hands up! Hands up. Hands up. To the right. Come on, come on. To the left. Hands up if you
love ’em, one time. Hands up if you
love ’em, one time. Come on. Let’s keep doing it. To the right. Come on, come on. To the– to the left. Come on, come on. Hands up if you
love ’em, one time. Hands up if you
love ’em, one time. [APPLAUSE] That was– that was fun. The name of the CD
is “The Big Day.” You’re all getting a copy!

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