Chance The Rapper & Kelly Talk Getting Out Of Her First Record Contract | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Chance The Rapper & Kelly Talk Getting Out Of Her First Record Contract | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You’re also, I work with
John Legend on The Voice. – I love John Legend.
– I do too. And I know he is an executive producer on a show that you’re
doing, Rhythm and Flow? – Yes, yes, Rhythm and Flow. – Yeah, it’s not out
yet, but there’s gonna, it’s you and Cardi and T.I.? – Yep. (audience clapping) So it’s, yeah. – It’s a judge show, right? You’re a judge, right? – Yeah, it’s hip hop’s
first ever like, official, legitimate hip-hop contest show. It’s hosted by myself, the legendary T.I, and the amazing Cardi B. (crowd cheering) – That’s gonna be funny. – Yeah. (audience clapping) It’s basically really cool, ’cause with a lot of those
TV competition shows in music like at the end, they
give you a record contract and they kinda like mess ya over. That’s the TV version of
what I’m trying to say. – Wait, what do you mean Chance? (audience laughing) I have no idea what you’re talking about. – Yeah, no, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that, Kelly. I’m not saying things about them. – No, no, no, that’s my life. – Yeah.
– Like what you just said. But I got out of it, woo! (audience cheering) I was like the first one
that got sucked into that. – Yeah, you were literally. – [Kelly] Ya, ya, ya. – Uh, I’m so sorry. (Kelly laughing) And for day time TV, ’cause
they probably don’t know. I’m super independent. I’m the rapper that doesn’t have a label. That’s like my calling card.
– I actually didn’t know that. – Yeah, you didn’t know that? – I didn’t until today! Like literally, even when we
ran into each other last time. I don’t know, I figured you were so huge in the music industry, like you’re– – I’m the odd one out. – But that’s an amazing thing. – Yeah, it’s the way. (audience clapping) – [Kelly] Like, to be able to do that. It is the way.
– It’s the way of the future. – And you get to decide
everything and that’s awesome. – Yeah. – And you obviously have a
really great team around you that helps you implement on your ideas. – Yeah, amazing people, amazing people. A lot of them I’ve been
working with since day one. My dad, especially my brother. – That’s cool. – Shout out to Lee and
Reece, Pat, Kevin, KP. This is so cool, I feel like, getting interviewed by the news. Like, aye, what up? (crowd cheering) – I love you!

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    That was cute.

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  5. I ❤ Chance and of course Kelly!

  6. Wait, he didn’t get to finish! Is he saying that he doesn’t give a record contract at the end of the show?

  7. This is so much fun!

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