Chance the Rapper on His Longtime Love Story with His Wife

Chance the Rapper on His Longtime Love Story with His Wife

Hello there, Chance. Hey, Ellen. You look good. Thank you. You look really good. Yeah. And congratulations. You had a little tiny baby. I did. I have a fresh baby. A fresh baby. Fresh, fresh baby. Well, your wife had the baby. But– OK, yes. I can’t take all the credit. No. But I was there. So. And how old is this tiny baby? She just made a week
I think yesterday. Yeah her name’s– thank you– her name’s Marli Grace
Bennett, and yeah, I love her. So that’s dope. [APPLAUSE] You posted a picture. Now look at that. That is so sweet. So now she’s– you posted
a picture of just the body without the face. Yes. So who does she look like? Describe her face. OK. There’s two eyes,
there’s a nose, a mouth. She looks a lot like– you have a sketch pad. No, I’m– while
you’re describing it. OK. Well, there’s two eyes. Are they round,
or more kind of– More kind of. Like kind of– How you just said. All right. Hair? Yes, she does have hair. A lot? She has a lot of hair. That’s hair? Long hair? And then a little tiny nose. She has a nose, a round nose. Somewhere between
me and Kensli’s. All right. Does she smile? She does. Yeah. When she’s sleeping. Yes. I guess she looks a
little like that, then? That is incredible. Really? It’s like she’s here. Crazy. That’s Marli. Like if I’m holding
her like that. That’s how she looks. Yeah. So and then you married– how
long have you been with– what, I’m sorry. What is your wife’s name? Kirsten Bennett now. Kirsten Bennett. Yeah. She’s got my last name. And yeah, we’ve been
married since March 9th. Sorry, we got married
last year in December. We had our wedding March 9. So Yeah coming up
on a year, actually. But you’ve known each other
since you were nine years old. Since we were nine years old. Yeah. So that’s the sweetest story. Yeah. So my mom worked
at a real estate agency with her mom and
her mom through like a– don’t know, a Christmas party. And her daughters
loved to dance, and so they did like
a choreographed dance at this real estate party that
I was at, when I was nine. And I saw her dancing, and I
was like, let’s get married. So sweet. So she’s been with you from– through everything. Oh, yeah, definitely
before I was successful, she was my girlfriend. For sure. Yes. That’s important. If I’m successful now. Yes, pre-success. You’re very successful. Thank you. And what’s great about
your success is that– I mean I love you
for many reasons, because I love your talent. But I love your heart,
because you gave $1 million to education, you gave a $1
million to mental health. I mean, you buy
groceries for your fans. [CHEERING] You’re a good guy. Thank you. Why is it important
for you to give back? I think– all right,
so why is it important? So my understanding of a lot
of stuff is based on Jesus. So like Jesus teaches
to be like, you know, to care for your
neighbor and care for people that aren’t
necessarily your blood but still a part of your body,
because we’re all humans. And so like I think that’s an
impactful thing that I think I understood more as I got older. But my parents,
since I was young, definitely instilled
in me to like, when you see people that
are in need you don’t just want to pass them by. You want to try and do
something beneficial to them before you leave. Assess your imprint. So I guess that’s my–
mixture of my parents and Jesus would be my answer. Good inspiration. I don’t know. Good inspirations. All right, I have
something, first of all, for your whole family. We have overalls for everybody. Come on. All right. All right. And Kensli. So everybody’s got– and now
instead of three, you’ve got– And a fourth one? You got to be four. Right? This is actually so cute. And more important. So the first time
you were here you were here to promote
Coloring Book, right? And so on Spotify,
you have passed up– I think it’s a
1.5 billion views. All right. So we have something
to commemorate that. Oh. No! This is like a
real record plaque. Yeah. Well, thank you. You’re welcome. You just — We’ll be right back. Thank you.

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  75. Wow I wish everyone who had the money to give would give 🙌🏼 only the best for this guy

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