Chance the Rapper Reveals the Cover, Title and Release Date of His Debut Album

-I’m very excited about this.
I wanted to talk about your album
your debut album. -[ Laughs ]
-There’s a lot of secrecy. -Yeah.
-A lot of secrecy behind it. A lot of —
-Very mysterious. -It’s very mysterious,
which is cool. Nothing like mystique.
-[ Laughs ] -And I was looking
at your Instagram. I’m looking at things
for getting hints. But tonight we can reveal the
album cover, at least, right? -Yeah.
-So, we can’t say what it’s called or
when it’s coming out yet. But can we show the cover?
Is that it, the artwork? -Yeah, we can show the cover.
-You ready? [ Drumroll ] [ Cheers and applause ] Chance the Rapper’s debut album! [ Drumroll continues ] Wow! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Band plays flourish ] I love it.
-Thanks, man. -I think it’s good.
It’s, like, comic. That’s — it’s going to be it.
That’s the album, right there. -That’s it.
-Now, we kind of made a little bit of a deal
backstage. [ Laughs ] Yeah. -I want to know
the name of this album. I want to know the release date
of the album. Can you give me one of the two,
or both? [ Laughter ] -Um…
-And you know the deal. And I’ll do it
if you do one of them. -I’ll do one. I’ll do one.
I’ll do the release-date one. [ Crowd cheers ]
Can I explain the deal? -Yeah, explain the deal, ’cause
I have it all ready to go. But I have not pressed
the trigger on it. -Okay, so,
people watching at home, a lot of people know I haven’t
sold my projects before. All my mixtapes were free. This is my debut album.
So there’s, like, a preorder. And I told Jimmy
to preorder my album. And he was like, “If you say
the release date on my show.” So, if you preorder it, I’ll —
-So, here’s the deal. I went to
I put this in my cart. [ Laughter ] In a virtual cart.
-Yeah. -You’d think they’d come up with
a new name — “cart.” -[ Laughs ]
-And I got it. It says,
“Debut album preordered.” But it’s not called
“Debut Album.” That’s what it is
on -If you press “play,”
I’ll say the date and I’ll say the album title. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah!! All right. I’m going to purchase — I’m going to purchase right now,
“Purchase.” Oop.
-Whoo! -“Completing your order.”
Hold on. “Order confirmed!”
[ Cheers and applause ] Order confirmed. Now the release date and
the album title, please. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. -You can talk to —
Talk to camera 3. -I’ll talk to camera 3.
That looks good. -All right.
[ Laughter ] My name is Chance the Rapper, and I will be releasing
my debut album on July 26th, entitled “The Big Day.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Chance the Rapper, everybody! You heard it here first! “The Big Day”
comes out July 26th. Preorder it now!

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