Chance the Rapper Voiced a Secret Role in The Lion King

Chance the Rapper Voiced a Secret Role in The Lion King

-We got a lot to cover
and a lot to talk about. I want to get to the album,
but first, I want to know that I didn’t know that
you were in “The Lion King.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] I am, a little bit,
in “The Lion King.” -How did that come about?
And how did I not hear about it? -It’s a really weird story. Basically, I grew up a huge fan of the original
“Lion King” film. And one of my really good
friends, Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover,
as lot of people know him… -Yeah.
-…worked on the film. He starred in the film. And he contacted me while
they were working on it and was like,
“Hey, I told Jon Favreau, the director,
that you were a huge fan, and he wants you to come in
as kind of, like, a nostalgia consultant…
[ Light laughter ] …to, like,
tell him what ’90s kids like about ‘Lion King’ and stuff.”
So… -Wow!
-That’s what I did. I came in and I gave —
-You’re a nostalgia consultant? -That’s what —
[ Laughter ] I’m the guy
who knows about nostalgia. -Wow!
-Yeah, man. -Dude, this is amazing.
-Yeah. -This will get you other gigs.
-Yeah, exactly. And it did give me another gig.
I ended up doing — I did a little bit of slight
vocal work on the animated film. -Could we know — will me know
it’s you when we hear you? -No, no, no.
You won’t know it’s me. It’s, uh…
It’s very, uh — It’s very weird.
It’s like — I do like a lot
of the background noises. [ Laughter ]
I’m dead serious. -Are you sure
that you’re in this movie? -Yeah.
-Are you sure? [ Laughter ]
-In very small parts. If you see an antelope grazing
or you see — -Wow.
-I’m so serious right now. [ Laughter ] -Wait. So, they —
You went in — They had Chance the Rapper
come in, and then you — And they say, “Hey, can you do
an antelope grazing?” -Yes.
-And what — Could you give us an idea
of what that would be like? -I’ll do it for free this time.
But usually — -Close your eyes, everybody.
Close your eyes, and picture, if you will,
an antelope grazing. -[ Clears throat ] [ Munching sounds ] Does that sound…?
-Wow, that’s unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s really —
Felt like there was an antelope grazing right in —
-Right in front of you. -Right in front of me. Dude, are you a little — Are you afraid or honored
that there’s an alligator on the loose in Chicago?
-[ Laughs ] -This is real. There’s an alligator
on the loose in Chicago, and they called it
Chance the Snapper. -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -And this is real.
And this is — look. -It’s a real thing.
-That’s the alligator’s face. That’s Chance the Snapper.
See it’s face? -Wow, it’s crazy.
-Now he’s saved. He’s okay.
He’s gonna be in the zoo. Do you have any words for
Chance, if he’s watching? -Oh, yeah, man.
Keep your head up. [ Laughter ] They got you locked down. They can have your body,
but they can’t have your mind. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Fantastic!
Wow! That’s beautiful words.
That’s more than enough. Now, I want to talk about you
as a humanitarian, as well. You do so many good things,
really. I told you this before
when you were on the show. You donated a million dollars
to public schools in Chicago. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I think more people should
do that and take — set an example
and do what you do. And this year,
you just surprised everyone. You donated a million dollars
to mental-health services. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s very cool of you
to do that. What made you get involved with
the mental-health services? -I’ve just noticed that
there’s a higher frequency in, like, my friendships
or relationships where there’s, you know,
mental-health issues. It’s just closer to me
than I thought it was is, I guess, the best way to put it and a multitude of different
situations and relationships. And I think once I found out
about it and realized the stigma behind getting help
or getting treatment, me and the people
at Social Works, which is my nonprofit
in Chicago, came together
and put together a plan for supporting
a few already standing mental-health facilities
in Chicago that practice mental wellness
in a bunch of different ways, and then also creating
a new database for all the mental
healthcare facilities and programs and organizations
in Chicago so that people can find help
really easily and kind of get rid of the fear
behind getting help. You know what I mean?
-Good for you. I like what you’re doing.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s the answer.
-Talk about it. That’s really cool.
I like that you do that.

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