Chance The Rapper “Wala Cam” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

So ‘Wala Cam’ was basically like a TV show
that eventually turned into a YouTube channel that we would watch Battles at Da War Zone
happen. Da War Zone is a series of basically parties
that was happening where people would come and they’d have hip-rolling battles and
footwork battles. It was just something that let us tap into,
like it was like a centerpiece for all this culture that was going on throughout my childhood
that people just watched on YouTube. Lido made the beat and when I heard it, I
was in the studio with a lot of my homies I grew up with and one of them, Zekur… He was like “This sound like some ‘Wala Cam’ shit.” I had like 15 different verses for this song
also that I just like shot and they all were bouncing but I just picked the ones I liked
the bounce for the most. I wanted to get the feeling, give people the
feeling of ‘Wala Cam’ without necessarily having to give them a long, drawn out history with
narrative. Just like the feel of what ‘Wala Cam’ gave
to Chicago. So juking is like, I don’t know, grinding? Is that what they call it in other places? I don’t know what you call it but it’s
like you know, you’d have a basement party or a juke party and motherfuckers would just
be getting juked on. You stand on a wall or somebody holds you
up and you get a juke. And if you’re really good at it, you’re
picking motherfuckers up, putting them on the floor. It reminds me of the daggering shit that they
do in Jamaica but like to slow music though. And not that level of intensity. It’s all inspired by my girl. A lot of things are inspired by my family
and my friends and my experiences and how we grew up and shit. Sometimes my girl is just dancing like she’s
on ‘Wala Cam.’ Like she’s a west side super star is how I’m looking at her and I’m like… It’s just raw. It’s dope. I would say I would beat it like Connect 4
against a computer. Like something extremely with a high difficulty
level, but I’d beat that shit. I used to dance in talent shows when I was
like in 3rd and 4th grade, like that was my thing. That was my first entrance to music was watching
Michael Jackson. When I was in pre-school, at our pre-school
graduation… Yeah they do pre-school graduations. I did a Michael Jackson impersonation. It was on the bill. Like it was like a thing. Chance the Rapper. No, that was not my name when I was 4. But, “Chancelor Bennett, Michael Jackson
dance.” On the program. People call your bangs like your ability to
footwork, they call them works. Get them works. My works don’t stop. They don’t have no breaks. I was still thinking about that car from the
last line. In Chicago, Jordans are like the… you know
like, that’s the thing. A bummy ass hood nigga will have hella J’s. All the new released J’s. I feel like everybody should definitely be
able to do what they want to their own bodies. I’m really just talking to the people that
also are struggling with their body image, but are still… got the natural booty. Like you gotta just know like that shit is
as it is yo. Like that shit is A1 so you don’t gotta
do no alterations. I think it’s super important to pay homage
to everything that’s influenced me which is mostly black culture. Also just to educate folk.

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