Chance The Rapper & Willow Smith – Artist on Artist (interview at vitaminwater #uncapped)

Chance The Rapper & Willow Smith – Artist on Artist (interview at vitaminwater #uncapped)

It’s Chance and And Willow Smith Yea we’re so psyched to play this FADER
#uncapped show And vitaminwater #uncapped and vitaminwater And all of it you know what i’m saying? Bro how are you? Let’s hug Yeah for sure What’s a good thing to talk about? The pyramids The pyramids? Alright you start it off Because i know you’ve got so much to say Your brother tried to make me a pyramid once He did? Yeah he never got it to me But yeah before we get too deep Let’s talk about your brother for a second Let’s do it Because i have a brother and i love my brother
a lot You do? I’m sure your brother’s really close to
you Oh yeah one hundred Having a brother is such an amazing experience Because like especially when you’re a girl Like you’re just like yin and yang Like when you can really like look at the
masculine in him And the feminine And then you can look at yourself And be like the feminine in you and the masculine You guys become one and you can just like
go back and forth But that’s how it’s supposed to be with
men and women We’re too busy being like this When we should really be like this I always was wondering like if i met your
dad If he’d like adopt me somehow Bro I really feel like he would You know what i’m saying? I’m not gonna lie If you really talked to him and was like Man like I just wanna be in the fam I just need that shot man I just need that chance To just show him who I am as a person And hopefully we can like extend the family Yeah That’s why I’ve been like I wanted to ask you a bunch of stuff about
family Yeah please That’s where the hustle comes from Yeah bro You guys have that family hustle My moms favorite thing to tell me Whenever i’m like mom i’m feeling really
indecisive Like should i do this? Should I do that? She’s like do you booboo And nobody else can do you like you And that’s the best part about being unique And being on this earth The universe is the unknown The universe The universe that’s within you is unknown Like how can you even know anything about Like the deepest parts of yourself That’s so deep that’s so real It’s kind of scary sometimes Yeah man it’s crazy I actually wanted to ask you Do you ever feel like everything’s already
been done Like everything in the past is already been
as cool as it’s gonna be There’s tools Like you’re always going to have the same
tools Primitive tools that like people are going
to touch And use to make different tonal sounds That’s the hustle though You gotta try and flip stuff Like anything you get you can turn into something
else So what does hustle mean to you? Hustle means to me that you have a goal And you’re going to do whatever it takes
to get to that goal It’s not tunnel vision because you can see
what’s going on around you But you know that like You’re focused You’re like I’m getting this and nothings
going to stop me From like getting what I need to get in my

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