Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)

Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)

Varok… it’s time. Those who defend Orgrimmar are Horde as well. Our brothers and sisters. These warriors have sworn to fight. For you. Many lives will be lost. Or perhaps… just one. Sylvanas Windrunner! I challenge… Mak’gora! A traitor leading traitors. Why should I accept your challenge? You want to make me suffer. Brother… you cannot win. My old friend. You… and I…. We don’t get to hide. I set you on this path. And we knew where it could lead. Walk with me the rest of the way. Let it be finished. The High Overlord falls. I trusted you. And so did they. Death comes old soldier. And all their hope dies with you. You cannot kill hope. You tried at Teldrassil. You failed. Hope remains. You set us to kill each other at Lordaeron. You failed. Here we stand. You just keep failing. The Horde will endure. The Horde is strong. The Horde is nothing! You are all nothing! For Azeroth! If you could see yourselves as I see you. Toy soldiers in tin plate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it… Nothing lasts. What… …do we do now? We bring him home.

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  1. Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times

  2. Why did the female elf have more physical strength than the hulking orc?

  3. i wish to horde and aliance to be working together and live in peace to honor all who died for lies of Sylvanas

  4. When you play a duel in video games….please dont forget to learn one basic skill….hadouken

  5. hahah so how now "loyalist" of this banshe how it is to be so dumb to be loyal to a character who have you in her ashoole XD its kinda sad that rest of players (loyal to TRUE horde and alliance) cant kill perma this idiots XD hehehe

  6. Blizzard:Hong Kong is nothing!

  7. For the second time in eight years a King of Stormwind has walked into Orgrimmar

  8. For Hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. For Hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. For Hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. For Hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. For Hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The only "Reckoning " is that of share drops

  14. Those who understand why Sylvanas said this and cry here: look at her "work" in Legion and BfA and you get the answer. Wonderful cinematic, as always.

  15. What have you done to my beloved game?!?!!? WoW ended when Lich King died… This is… sry i have to vomit…

  16. ???: Human rights means nothing!!

  17. Blizzard : The freedome is nothing!!!


  19. Well? Someone give me a comment about blitzchung and blizzard.
    Maybe a satirical transcript with what Saurfang and Sylvanas are saying.

  20. After his death Saurfang still got honored and let through. After Sylvanas said Horde is Nothing, the "Battle for Azeroth" got an entirely new meaning.

  21. 5:54 "ting ting" of approval!

  22. This Mak'gora should have ended after Sylvanas first offense at 2:58. Looks pretty lethal to me.

  23. way to rip-off the Black Gate from LOTR

  24. Anyone else hearing the rythm of Queen's "We Will Rock You" when the Horde troops on the gate and walls knock their flag's ends on the ground?

  25. Blizzard Activision! I challenge Makgora!!

  26. Cinematic = Mind blowing cg/Tears/Feels, Story = coming to an end for this chapter, Blizzard = Makes the most captivating story, games, characters, oh yeah and cg. Make a movie!! <3 or several. Hire the Russo Brothers. 100% gold.

  27. Beasts who howl for honor, standing as one

  28. Come on Bolvar resurrect him as DK :/

  29. where i can download this whole movie???? i wanna watch

  30. If you have decent headphones on, you can hear the "nothing" of "horde is nothing" echo after she yelled it. Really adds to the scene. Didn't notice that when playing it on speakers.

  31. The Chinese are at the gates, quick get the Pooh costumes.

  32. the writing is so bad it makes me feel physically ill but the art style is phenomenal


  34. Why are there so many morons associating a game to politics? 🤦‍♂️

  35. You cannot kill hope,
    but surely Blizzard can kill the freedom of speech

  36. Liberate Hong Kong!

  37. Can anyone tell me the song name after Saurfang has been annihilated by Sylvannas, just so very curious????

  38. What this cinematic doesn't show you is Anduin being ganked by over-geared players immediately after entering the city and subsequently teabagged.

  39. So what was the point of all this and where did she fly off to?

  40. Blitzchung: "FOR… FREEDOM IN HONG KO-"
    Communist boot licking Blizzard: 4:39

  41. why they canceled the movie?

  42. "Brother, you cannot win".
    Nice pep talk from your buddy.

  43. I just samt to tell that Sylvanas was my favorit back in Frozen Throne

  44. Father like son…

  45. Blizzard : Hong Kong is nothing!
    World citizens (except chinese) : For the nothing!

  46. Blizzard 2019: "Hong Kong is nothing!"

    Everyone: 4:17


    as shown in the cinematic, slyvannas fled to northrend intending to corrupt bolvar fordragon and after a fierce fight bolvar was slain, corrupted and returned to life by the banshee queen. " FOR THE LICH QUEEN" before the end exclaimed by the resurrected bolvar as the banshee queen begins wearing the helm of domination

  48. When the Shalamayne splits in fight versus Sylvanas… Varian revenge for Broken Shore is done.

  49. Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution Of Our times.

  50. ,,The horde is strong !'' Sylvanas parries the atack. Saurfang uses his famous CLEAVE atack with Shalla'tor and Ellemayne EPIC!



    "Charismatic and beautiful, Azshara outwardly portrayed herself as a kind, generous, loving monarch who adored her people and her empire with all her heart. In truth, however, she was a vain, cruel, power-hungry narcissist who cared for herself above all else. An intensely manipulative individual, she fostered her own benevolent image solely so she could take complete advantage of it."

  52. At least he reunites w his son

  53. Sylvanas: The Horde is nothing!
    Flagbearer: glances
    Me: Now you see.

  54. Sylvanas: "The Horde is nothing!"
    Me: "Thank you, banshee. That makes me even happier that I spit in your stupid, treacherous, undead, just-another-pawn-of-the-Void face that day on the shore beside Lor'danel."
    RIP True Warchief Saurfang

  55. What's the song at the end

  56. Varok is from Hong Kong

  57. Not sure if the flag bearer was thinking, "what!? I love the Horde! You're dead to me!" Or, "uh, mistress, you realize you just said that in front of the entire Horde right?"

  58. Queeeeeeen SLAY 😀

  59. 5:11 Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

  60. So she just left? Why? Wasn't she ruling through fear and intimidation anyways?

  61. What will I be witnessing next?

    -A trator highlord of naga
    joining the alliance?

    -All Azroth vs void lords?

    -Sylvanas becoming the Azeroth's
    living(laughs) inheritance?

    "Sylvanas….she's the titan…"
    -Saurfang, after expressions later

  62. Non-China Fans: For ……..
    Blizzard Censor Ray:

  63. song name at 5:40 , anyone please for the love of god

  64. Horde Scum in first bfa cinematic: For the Horde and for the Banshee Queen

    Horde scum now: For what? and for whom? lol

  65. Liberate Hong Kong ! The revolution of our age !

  66. Just one question, why doesnt Sylvanas have fangs?

  67. Blizzard, if you throw that Saurfang pendant in the EU store i'm gonna buy it without even blinking. Just saying. 🙂

  68. Sylvanas: THE HORDE IS NOTHINGG!

    Horde dude: say sike right now

  69. Does anyone Know where I can find this soundtrack????

  70. 말빨 져서 간지나게 퇴장

  71. I was accepting Tyrande and Malfurion interapt and killing both the alliance and horde similar as the Wrathgate cinematic.

  72. sylvanas: the horde is nothing!
    flag bearer: okay so you wanna say that again?

  73. Sylvanas is the real traitor

  74. Cinematic ends at 5:16, the rest is nothing.

  75. If Sylvanas is a Banshee, can't we just use a vacuum cleaner when she goes into travel form?

  76. Can anyone trace the origin of the delayed "Blizzard Entertainment Presents" format where you see a snippit of the story, then they pause for the "Presents" and then continue? WoW has been doing it from the start – the trailer for Logan copied that format with the "21st Century Fox Presents" that comes in as the trailer is ramping up. My first memory of that was Final Fantasy 8 intro trailer in whenever that was 1998/1999ish where they have the "Squaresoft Presnts / Final Fantasy / VIII" as the intro is building – I remember back then thinking that was SO original and I got chills the way they did it. Does anyone know who had used that technique prior to Final Fantasy 8? I know Squaresoft was a big innovator of production in all formats but I don't imagine they invented that – I'd love to know earlier examples.

  77. Bruh Sylvanas was my favorite wtf

  78. I LOVE Blizzard and look forward to all of the content in November in 8.3.5 and the upcoming expansions and other projects. I Love you Blizzard.

    A dedicated fan since 1997 (22 years). PS – I still have my 1.00 Diablo I disc 👍

  79. Expansion 20 20 Sylvanas rise of the nine Trey Bloods

  80. Thats my babe!!! Sylvanas FTW!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  81. 성우들 연기력은 한국어버전이 압승이로구먼 껄껄껄~

  82. Surfang = freedom supporters
    Silvanas = activision china

  83. Yo how come this WoW vid appeared when i searched for backstreet boys

  84. Was really hoping my mans was gonna drag her down like a puppet when she walked past him.

  85. There you go, new raid boss. WOW's story is simply years of repetition with different packaging.

  86. Approaches gates For Hong Kong!

  87. darkest days for Blizzard. at this point I actually want to believe that they were manipulated by Sylvanas. and there might be sane people still left in the company.
    like, "you cannot kill hope. hope remains. you set us to kill each other. you failed. here we stand. you just keep failing. Blizzard will endure." then she's like, "Blizzard is nothing! you are all nothing!"

    lol what am I doing anyway. but I'm really wondering how Blizzard would do about this issues in the future. because they're already on the very edge. it's quite bitter honestly.

  88. I think I've watched this over 100 times and I still get goosebumps every time

  89. Anyone know the music name for this cinematic?

  90. Saurfang stands with Hong Kong

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