Classical Musicians Try (desperately) to Name Pop Songs Correctly

Classical Musicians Try (desperately) to Name Pop Songs Correctly

The roles have reversed! You guys asked for it in the comments. The opposite combo of… Where I won’t be able to play the piece properly, or sound really off, and Eddy will have to guess based on what he thinks I’m trying to do. It’s alright, it’s alright. It’s a team effort. Alright, and for those of you that didn’t see our last video, Brett doesn’t listen to pop music. I would play pop music on the piano and Brett’d try to guess it. But this time you guys asked for the reverse, so Brett’s going to play. Do I just YouTube “pop music”? I don’t know man, you do you. Yeah, okay. I’ll go— – I’ll look for over 100 million views at least.
– Okay. But I’m just gonna go to YouTube and type in like “pop music”, because I don’t know any like, pop music. Whoa!!! There’s 1.6 billion views. Doesn’t matter. Ah! I know this. Oh wait. It’s got rap, right? Oh I know! Uhh… (singing) “You’re such a duh-duh-duh. I love it.” – Uhh…
– Yeah. “I Love It”. Kanye West and… …the ones where they look like freaking Minecraft things. Um… Um, the guy from “Gucci Gang”, Lil Pump. Yeah…! *laughs* And the song is called… – “I Love It”.
– “I Love It”. Yeah yeah… Oh, that’s so funny. Alright, next one. Dude, I’m surprised we could get that. – Because it had like, no notes.
– Good combos. I’m actually kind of embarrassed that I know these songs. I need to like, guess wrong so that— To hide the fact that I know pop music…! *laughs* What?! Is that actually how it goes? – Huh?
– Is that actually how it goes? Yeah. Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, okay, that helped. Uh… It’s a girl, for sure. Right? – *humming*
– Well, there’s two people. This is literally just.. Bro, is that— The whole thing is in one chord, it’s E minor. Yeah. Ah!!! I know! I know! I know it! Ohh no, I— I can hear it in my head, but I just don’t know the song name. I know song, but I don’t know song name. Ohh, I don’t know… Actually it’s just this. *chuckles* – *chuckles*
– It’s like… – Nah, don’t add a second chord into it man.
– *chuckles* I don’t know man. Like— Oh, okay, is the guy Khalid? Yes. *gasps* – Ohh!!!!!
– How do you know [it’s] Khalid? I don’t know the girl though, who’s the girl? Billie Eilish. Oh really? Yeah yeah yeah… Dude that was so hard, because, literally it was one chord. – *laughs* Yeah…
– I was like “Bro..” It’s got one chord. Okay, you don’t have to play it, I get the point. – You keep playing the same thing I was like, “It’s not…I can’t…”
– That’s literally how it goes. *chuckles* Okay. I’m getting like, cheerleader vibes. Na na na na, na na… Bro, it sounds like a… …like a beginner class piano thing… Is there a bass or like an accompaniment? Like harmony? – *snickers*
– I have no idea. What is it? Shawn Mendes. What?! “If I Can’t Have You.” I actually don’t know that song. Oh. Oh no, this is getting hard now. – You’re picking harder ones.
– Yeah. I know how you felt last time now. Ohh, BTS “Idol”. – Yeah, okay.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, nah, I don’t…listen to pop music. What are you on about…? – I’m strictly classical…
– Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh I don’t think you’ll know this one. Try me. Oh. Thomas the Tank Engine…? Taylor Swift. Taylor Swi— Oh, it starts with T, close enough. – What song was it?
– “Me.” Oh, I don’t know that song. *singing* Oh. Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh! – Yeah yeah, ah, okay. Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. I should’ve play that. *scoffs* You’re doing pretty well. *hums along* Sounds slightly familiar. Oh!!! *laughs* God’s Plan. – Yeah! *laughs*
– Drake. Yeah… – I actually need to get something.
– Yeah. Like, give me something. *sings along* Practice 40 hours a day! Oh! Um… – Blackpink, um…
– Yeah…! The song is… Blackpink! – “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. Yeah yeah yeah yeah…
– Yeah! How many have you got so far? – I don’t know.
– I’m running out of pop songs. I don’t know any pop songs, guys. Oh, yeah. *chuckles* Okay. Oh. Wait. I’m so confused… I can’t get the pitch. But that’s the bit— Is there a pitch? If it’s rap I’m just going to go with Drake. Is it Drake? It’s “B**** Lasagna”. *evil laughter* Wait. “B**** Lasagna, b****—” Dude, that was way off! Oh… Oh yeah, I got the wrong note. What was this one? Yours sounded like pentatonic. Wait, wait. Oh I know, I know you were doing… Yeah that part. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Close enough. Close enough. (both) B****, Lasagne! – Oh, that was pretty funny.
– Here you go. Dude, 200 million! Wow, PewDiePie’s a pop star! He’s actually a pop star. You know, Charlie Puth was a… A YouTuber? Who’s Charlie Puth? I mean…I mean, yeah- *laughs* Next thing we’re gonna do is become pop stars. Alright guys, TwoSet’s going to become pop stars. Just abandon everything we’ve ever done. – Betray everything.
– Just betray our symphonies, do four chords. No more of a… The only piece I can play is… Ah, so much nicer! – It is so much nicer, actually.
– Yeah… Wow, that was actually legit. That’s what happens when you practice. Whoa!!!! Ready guys? That’s my knowledge of pop music. – Dude I think we did alright. We got 4 out of…8?
– I think it was like—yeah. There you guys have it. Did you guys guess what I was trying to play? Hit a like below if you like this kind of video. We’ll um, maybe do some more? Yep. Subscribe and see you guys next time.

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  1. from this video, I learned that I don't know pop music either lmao

  2. I know why Eddy did so bad: he forgot his ling ling insurance

  3. I loved “Me!” For the longest time and I couldn’t make out anything 😂 Sorry, Brett

  4. Is anyone else reminded of a happy turtle when they see Brett smiling?


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  7. Collab with Tiffany Poon!!!

  8. "I know song don't know song name"

    Jungkook " I know movie don't know movie name"

    Jungkook: "I know artist face don't know artist name"


  9. 2:27

    hElP mE iM hAvInG pIcTuReS oF jUnGkOoK sAyInG tHaT sTuCk iN mY hEaD

  10. Eddy: grabs music stand for emotional support

  11. Eddie's face when Brett said who's Charlie Puth was adorable!

  12. i instantly got bitch lasagne

  13. Dude Brett is so out of tune that I didn’t recognise some songs which I regularly listen to. Like the video would say ‘Lovely’ or ‘I can’t have you’ and I’d be like, nah. That ain’t how that sounds.

  14. What’s the piece playing at the beginning of the episode?

  15. Eddy: I know song, I dont know song name
    Jungkook: I know movie, I dont know movie name
    legends think alike

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  19. Why don’t you test your editors with classical music

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    Me: Jungkook? Are you Jungkook, but instead of “I know movie but not movie name”, it’s “I know the song but I don’t know the song name”?

  21. 2:30 Brett rapes the piano while Eddy gets rapped by the music stand.

  22. It okay to love kpop eddy

  23. Actually the idea of being pop stars isn't so far fetched as you might imagine…just take the classical pieces you already play and make a pop version of them…I worked for Bethoven's 5th back in the 70's as well as Rhapsody in Blue in that same time period. Imagine pop versions of Paganini's work.

  24. I only recognize "if I can't have youu~~" in the shawn mendes part

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    – Eddy

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  32. 7:15 Twoset violin cover of B*tch lasagne

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  35. My brain everytime i hear the piece in the background:

    thaicovsky piano concerto

  36. "I know song but I don't know song name"
    BRO WHAT IF THEY´RE ARMYS LIKE secretly…….. Eddy my dear are u trying to tell us smt?
    wait pewdiepie has a song???
    WHO´S CHARLIE PUTH…. BOY….. *sighs*
    loved the vid bye <3

  37. so i was guessing with eddy, AND I GOT "If I cant have you" at the last second because of the sound when it says everything means nothing if i cant have youuu- otherwise i would've never known

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    At 2:25 did you see how Eddy did that “I know her face but I don’t know her name” thing that JK did!! Lmaooooooo

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  45. lmfao i'm so sorry brett but i could NOT tell what you were playing at all

  46. When you're sitting there just knowing all the K-Pop-Songs. xD

  47. When you're sitting there just knowing all the K-Pop-Songs. xD

  48. Couldn't recognize any of the songs but Birch Lasagna 🙂

  49. When you get to know pop songs on a classical violin channel.

  50. I think If I can't have u is very obvious LOL

  51. Minecraft?? It's look's like roblox to me

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    Eddy: does famous jungkook quote unknowingly


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    -Eddy 2019

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  70. Guys do you know whats the intro piece (classic music) of this video?

  71. I thought i do listen to pop music, it turns out i actually don't. Checked out my playlist. The most pop there (if you can call it so) is Queen. Weirdly proud of it

  72. Really,,, mf-ing bitch lasagne, you memed us to hell Brett!

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  77. Listening to these songs transposed into piano…. just reminds me why I don't listen to pop music xd. Or most popular music in general….

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    "I know the song but I don't know the song name…"

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