hi guys it is Coachella day was
I’m so excited guys ahmen my phone’s ringing
I am so excited it is Coachella day one we about to get it popping gonna make up
but hair is finally intact whoa oh my gosh took forever I’m actually I got
this sent to me so I’m gonna be doing a review on it and I figured it’d be
perfect time to figure out if it’s good hair if it looks good straight I’m gonna
curl it for Beyonce and I’m gonna have it wavy for my blue M&M so I’m liking
the straight look at us black bro magic over here all
of us yes you better get that toll-free you
better get it Oh outfit of the day outfit earrings Tilly
boohoo this I got on sale target 8 bucks this outfit 8 bucks guys it was actually
seven something but with the tax ended up being eight Oh cute show your outfit you know lay all day in the game I just had a real craving for this so I’m here at Coachella I already
smashed one fish taco and now I have another now they’re just in the way probably eat
him though I mean he’s don’t I’m so on the keto please
there’s a bitchy we can y’all like that Oh day two of Coachella and we’re being a
little bit more daring because it’s Beyonce day so we got a little bit of
lace a little bit of lace a little bit of booty action and curls we’re doing
the curls today because me I’ll say so day two we have a really late start but
you know what that’s okay we’re still going to go and and live our best life
I’m just really excited that I am going to see Beyonce I’m that was the
highlight of Coachella and it’s here finally so I’m just going to pack up all
my stuff and head over there because I’m already late all my friends already left my outfit I’ve been rocking with butwho since I
was plus-sized and now I’m in their regular size what is she doing I had to get this shot
Chelsea you guys if you ever go to Coachella
drink plenty of water just don’t don’t question me
any festival water a lot like three of these bottles at least so we made it to
indigo a Central Market okay a prefere of food I’m gonna get something even
really good and I’m super excited ooh Korean barbecue balls
hell yeah I got the rice ball with these this is Chelsea she got baked potato I
just really wanted some corn yes porn yes so right now we’re waiting for Tyler the
Creator to come out I’m so excited to see his album j2 is over and my feet are on fire I’m
dying right now guys walking we have been struggling she lost her phone
yesterday but that’s okay we’re gonna find it I lost my phone literally two
years two years I’ve been here I’ve lost my phone so I’m surprised it’s day three
and I still got it in my hand plays Jesus hallelujah but I’m gonna stop
talking and get ready see you on the ground but we got through her
performance gave me all the life but I need gave me all the inspiration I need
to kill anything that I want to do in life so thank you queen bee I knew you
wouldn’t disappoint but today is day three we are doing M&M relaxed style I’m
literally just having a bathing suit and jeans like no makeup just chapstick
let’s go all right guys it is day three for Coachella
which means I’m okay I’m not barefaced I said I’m looking at our makeup then I
saw other people putting makeup on and I was like all right I’ll put some makeup
on – but I didn’t put foundation on I just did concealer and then powder and
lunch eyeliner okay I was basically being a girl but we are seeing Eminem
today’s the H Hill day I’ve excited to eat food I need to get some Chinese food
and fries those are the omen and ice cream only three things that I need to
get today so hopefully that can happen here is day three outfit it is just a
swimsuit no bra and some pants shorts
that’s it that’s all she wrote I’m so ready for day three I can’t do it
with this but I’m so ready for day three I’m sad that it’s over though this is
like gonna be the last Coachella probably but we did it with a bang so
it’s day three of Coachella I decided to wear my savage hat if you follow me on
instagram you know y’all get this it was only like nine dollars and I feel like
I’d wear this for hiking so purchase purchase bathing suit norstrom rock this
was like one of the more expensive things that I got only got one thing
that was expensive day ones outfit was actually eight bucks at Target clearance
it was a medium and I thought I wouldn’t fit it tried it on work towards it
that’s why I was at the gym more guys in some aspects to be stuck with you I
just want you to know if I could I swear all bad so I ended up getting a corndog we stand for the head like this it’s too
mischievous Fred any place I hope his face so at the end of Coachella whoo
my lips are so Drive I’m so sad that we’re leaving this place it was so
beautiful Chelsey is talking about her experience
with Beyonce to my mom so my mom can feel like she’s there but I didn’t even
show you guys there was more to this bed this area and this was filled with
towels so it was like we had a new towel every day it was amazing but we are
basically done I packed up my bag it’s in there we’re just getting
last-minute knickknacks stuff and I think we’re gonna pick up Sonic so I’m
probably gonna have a separate mukbang for that yeah I think so so we’re
actually waiting for Sonic this is my last cheat meal before I go back onto
the key to life I’m telling you we walked like over a mile and a half just
to get to our car so I think I earned sorry you can see our laundry back there
yes we did laundry at our condo in Palm Springs because we spent so much money
on it might as well get our money’s worth and do laundry for free Los
Angeles struggles but yes I’m gonna eat this food and thank you guys so much for
watching this video sorry this is a different one at unit Day it’s not like
Aikido related it’s kind of just like my coche hello experience and obviously
Coachella for me is not Kido I eat what I want there I’ve worked so hard so this
just goes to show you can put in so much work and get rewarded at the end
and get right back on it right back on it as soon as I get home thank you guys
so much for watching otherwise if you like these type of videos and want me to
make more go on like it go and subscribe hit that Bell notification if you aren’t
seeing my pretty face because I try to post at least three times a week for you

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