Coachella Band or Cartoon Character?

Coachella Band or Cartoon Character?

– Earlier this week, they announced the lineup
for Coachella. You’ve heard of Coachella.
Everybody knows Coachella here? [cheers and applause] It’s a musical festival. It takes place in the desert
outside of LA. The word “coachella”
is a Native-American term which means
“unshowered hipster.” [laughter] Some big names performing. Drake and Jack White
are performing, but a lot of up-and-coming bands
that I had never heard of, and it gave me an idea
for a new game we’re gonna play
right now. It’s called “Coachella Band
or Cartoon Character?” [hip-hop music] All right,
here’s how it works. I’m gonna give you a name, and we’re all gonna
learn together, ’cause I don’t know either, and we’re gonna play and see if
it’s a cartoon character or a band
at Coachella, okay? So here’s the first one. Let’s all look at it
together: all: Band.
– Yeah. I think it is–
I think I’ve heard of them. [cheers and applause] Yes. [guitar riff plays] Oh, that’s one
of my favorite riffs. Okay. [laughter] Let’s see the next one: [all shouting] – Really?
Okay, all right. I’ll take the pressure. See? [guitar riff plays] See, I was gonna go with–
Andy, you stop voting. Dirt Urchin.
Dirt Urchin. [all talking at once] – I am gonna–I’m gonna say
that’s a cartoon. Ah!
See? It sounds like a band,
and now it may be a band. Someone will form a band
named Dirt Urchin because of this. George Shrinks
is the next one. [all talking at once] – No, no,
I think that’s a band. I think it’s a band. [audience groans] Oh, here’s the next one. I’m not gonna vote,
’cause I know this one: all: Band. – It is a band,
isn’t it? Yeah. [guitar riff plays] That’s not Milky Chance. We’re just using
any guitar riff? That’s how you play “Coachella Band
or Cartoon Character.” Tune in next week
when we play “Club DJ
or Prescription Medicine?” [laughter]

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  1. YAS FIRST COMMENT ily Ellen 💜

  2. George Shrinks! My childhood 

  3. Ellen, you are amazing😂❤️

  4. 6th comment! I know its not a big deal, but it is with a 10m sub channel!!

  5. Haha I used to watch George Shrinks all the time! Ahh memories… 🙂

  6. Club DJ or prescription medicine, can't wait for that episode! 😀 

  7. How did ya'll not know George Shrinks…. That shit was my childhood

  8. OMG I loved George shrinks

  9. George Shrinks! Loved that show as a kid 

  10. Under 301 club ~message 14

  11. Yass Milky Chance!

  12. Take me to coachella ellen

  13. George Shrinks = Nostalgia
    Don't mind me, going to watch the first ep again.

  14. I feel ashamed, I forgot who George Shrinks was 😞

  15. Cashmere Cat isn't a band but ok.

  16. none of these were "bands" they were either DJs, rappers or singers

  17. or cartoon characters lol

  18. I love George shrinks..

  19. George shrinks! !! How do u not know that's a cartoon! ?


  21. Yeay Cashmere Cat!!!

  22. Woo Milky Chance!!!!

  23. How did they not get George shrinks?? c'mon that show was the best

  24. cashmere cat is simply a genius producer/dj. love him

  25. I wanted Stromae to be on this list 🙁

  26. George shrinks was one of my fav cartoons!

  27. Milky Chance is pretty well known in Europe

  28. Was at Cashmere Cat's set during the new year. Had a blast!


  30. Thanx Ellen! U helped me remember another show from my childhood!

  31. George shrinks was my life.

  32. ‼️‼️‼️ GUYS PLZ FOLLOW katie Ionita SHES AMAZING ANS SHE DOES ALL KINDS OF VIDEOS. PLEASE GO SUBSCRIBE TO HER AND SUPPORT HER ❤️❤️ and btw guys her family name is a capital I for Ionita 😀😊

  33. Milky Chance is from Germany! They're so great:)

  34. MILKY CHANCE❤️❤️❤️

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  36. Action Bronson isn't a band but ok…

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  54. "Cashmere cat? I think i've heard of them."

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  62. @Vaanchhita Raj


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