COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO PANIC! AT THE DISCO (Say Amen, This Is Gospel, Emperor’s New Clothes)

COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO PANIC! AT THE DISCO (Say Amen, This Is Gospel, Emperor’s New Clothes)

– (screams) – How do they think of this?
They’re so creative. – This one’s even weirder
than the last two. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (anchor) We’re hearing reports
that overnight, an ancient Mayan artifact…
– (gasps) – Oh, “Say Amen”!
Ah, are we reacting to Panic! again?! – (anchor) …an ancient
Mayan artifact known as the Devil’s Key…
– Devil’s Key? – What? – Oh my god, what is this? – I have no idea
what this is, honestly. ♪ (ominous music) ♪
(bell ringing) – Oh my gosh, this is scary. (gasps) – (gasps)
– Oh my god. Panic! at the Disco? – Oh, Brendon Urie.
Oh, this is his new music video! – (screams) I’ve been meaning to watch this! ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪
– Oh my god. – I have no idea
who this is. – Who is that? I feel
like I know this guy. Who is it? – I’m so excited for this.
Oh [bleep]. – Wait.
– ♪ Been traveling in packs that I can’t carry anymore ♪ – Is this Panic! at the Disco? – Why is he so charming?
Gosh damn it, Brendon! – I would go gay for Brendon Urie
in a heartbeat for sure. – ♪ And I can’t change
into a person I don’t wanna be, so ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Oh,
it’s Saturday night ♪ – Oh! Oh [bleep]! – Oh my gosh. Wait.
What just happened? – Oh my gosh.
This is so violent! – Yes! Gore, violence?
I’m into it. – Yes.
– Oh, I love him. – ♪ …be who I couldn’t say
I’d ever been ♪ – Panic! at the Disco
is one of my favorite bands. – Oh my god. That’s iconic. – Okay. My Saturdays
are usually boring. (gasps) Wait! (laughs) – Oh my god! The heck? – ♪ I pray for the wicked
on the weekend ♪ – Ah! I love it! – (gasps)
– It’s very Kickass or Kingsman. – He does not give a [bleep].
I love it. – Oh my goodness. – I was not expecting it
to be this graphic. – This is probably one
of the goriest music videos I’ve ever seen, to be honest. – This would be the most fun video
to film. (doorbell rings) – Hello.
– ♪ Oh, it’s Saturday night, yeah ♪ ♪ It’s Saturday ♪
♪ Saturday ♪ – She didn’t ask any ques–
(laughs) That’s good. – That– oh!
(laughs) – That’s the best part.
– That’s so good. – ♪ Oh ♪
♪ Oh, it’s Saturday night, yeah ♪ – Oh my gosh. (police sirens blaring) – (gasps) Wow. She ended up
getting the key at the end. – So good. Honestly,
probably one of my favorites that he’s done.
– It’s a cool music video. It’s shot really well,
and it’s interesting and stuff. But the fact that it’s the prequel
to a music video that came out five, six years ago
is insane! – (FBE) So that was the music video
for “Say Amen,” the latest music video by Panic! at the Disco!
– I honestly just know them by name. – I’m a huge fan
of Panic! at the Disco. – That’s probably one
of the longest-running bands that I’ve loved.
– (FBE) So you may have noticed that this video is actually
a prequel to two other videos that they have released.
– Oh, really? – Whaat?!
I did not know that. – What music videos?
We’re gonna watch em. (claps) – (FBE) So we’re actually
gonna show you the end of this music video again
along with two other videos edited together so you can see
how the trilogy comes together. – Okay, that’s so cool. – Leave it to Panic! at the Disco to
create a trilogy music video series. – (police sirens blaring)
– Ohh! (sings along) ♪ This is gospel
for the fallen ones ♪ ♪ Locked away in permanent slumber ♪ – Oh, okay. I get it now.
I’ve seen this music video. – Cool. Here’s wearing
the same shirt. – How do they think of this?
They’re so creative. – He’s so clever.
I love him. – (sings along) ♪ If you love me,
let me go ♪ – Oh, okay. Now it’s starting
to sound more familiar. – ♪ If you love me,
let me go ♪ – Oh my god. Everything’s
just turning up here, and I’m like,
“It makes so much sense.” – ♪ ‘Cause these words are knives
that often leave scars ♪ – I could listen to them all day. – ♪ And truth be told,
I never was yours ♪ – This music video blew me away
when I was younger just ’cause the choreography
is so spot on to everything. The pacing is phenomenal. – ♪ Oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh ♪ – No! Don’t die. – All right. Now the emperor’s
gonna get some new clothes. – And then this goes to the one
where he’s the demon. – It goes right into it.
Perfect man! I love you, Brendon Urie. – ♪ Welcome to the end… ♪
– Oh, I know this song. – I really like this song,
and I’ve never seen the music video. – ♪ Done my time
and served my sentence ♪ ♪ Dress me up
and watch me die ♪ – Oh my gosh.
(gasps) Ugh! That is so gross! – ♪ I’m taking back the crown ♪
– Ooh. – Oh my gosh.
He’s so talented. – Oh my gosh.
This is so dark. – ♪ The crown ♪
♪ So close I can… ♪ – This one’s even weirder
than the last two. – He’s so weird,
and I love it. – (sings along) ♪ Oh yeah ♪ – Is he a gargoyle/devil now? – So I’m guessing Brendon Urie
sold his soul to the devil or got the key? – Did he turn into the devil?
Oh my gosh. Oh! Well, he stole the key,
the Devil’s Key. (gasps) (explosion booms)
It all makes sense now! – I wanna know
the whole story arc now. What is the Devil’s Key?
Why did he go to hell? What’s gonna happen after this?
What happened before this? – (FBE) So as we mentioned earlier,
the new music video serves as a prequel
to 2015’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and 2013’s “This is Gospel”
music video. So this means that the trilogy
has been going on for about five years now.
– That is insane. For you have to have that
planned out so far ahead, it’s like, “My gosh. You knew
about this before we even knew you were gonna make the video.”
– You know what’s crazy is no one really knew
at the time, you know? And now we’re getting
more to the story, and it goes right into it,
and it’s a prequel. I love it! – (FBE) Do you think that the band
has been planning to do this since 2013, or do you think
that as new ideas came up, they just decided to make
prequels and sequels to their other music videos?
– Yeah, I don’t think they intended to do that in the beginning.
But then along the way, they decided to just add onto it.
– Maybe the idea was initially there, like kind of tossed around,
and then just based on how their earlier
music videos went, they said, you know,
why don’t we just run with it? – I’m gonna go
with the idealization of them and be like, they had this
planned from the beginning. – People can be spontaneous
to make those things, but how effortlessly it looked
and how smooth everything was, you had to have been
planning this for a while. – It’s easy to kind of
make the prequel, ’cause they’re like, “Oh,
well, we can make it look like it was a story
the whole time.” But honestly, they’re so creative,
I wouldn’t really put it past them to think that far in advance. – It’s so cool, because he can do
literally whatever he wants at any point that he wants. He can go back
and tell any story in any order, and it’s just putting
something out there. And if he has a reason
to tell more of the beginning or more of the end,
he can keep it going. – (FBE) So Panic! at the Disco’s
been making music since 2004, almost 15 years now.
– Yeah. I remember listening to them when I was in fifth grade. – The first song I ever heard
was “Nine in the Afternoon.” And it just– I don’t know,
I feel so old now, because I was so little. – I remember me and my friends
sitting there and her showing me their first album in elementary school
in fifth grade. And I’m just like,
this is so crazy to think that it’s been this long. – (FBE) So what is it about
Panic!’s music that has allowed them to stay relevant for almost
a decade and a half? – Honestly, in my opinion,
one of the greatest male vocalists I could ever think of.
His range and just his look. He looks so classy. – They have that “it” factor.
They have that ability to make a song that grabs you
and holds you for a long time, ’cause they have sustainability. – The songs have adapted,
you know, from being super emo to adapting to modern times
to keep it relevant and that’s what artists
have to do to stay relevant. – Every time that they’ve changed
going from the emo to the Beatles vibe
to this is now pop rock. I really appreciate that it is still
similar to their older stuff and it still has the same sound
to where the fans can continue to like it no matter how it changes. – (FBE) So finally, do you think
this trilogy marks the end of the narrative in these music videos
or do you think Panic! will continue to add to this series
as more music is released? – I definitely feel like
a trilogy is good as a trilogy. – I hope that they continue.
They could explain more. – I hope they continue
to add to it. I just think it’s fun. – The idea of a trilogy
is just so poignant, you know what I mean? So I could see them
cutting it off, but I also could see them
extending it past the trilogy as well. – I hope and pray
that this continues. I need this to be Star Wars
where there’s a new video every year or something like–
I just can’t wait. – I sure they hope they do,
’cause these are cool. I love this idea. I will be on my deathbed.
I will literally be like, “Play Panic! at the Disco
at my funeral.” – I wanna see 65-year-old
Brendon Urie playing 10 years before this one,
and it just keeps going back farther and farther
with him doing more stunts. So many different artistic directions
could happen in so many different ways and it would fit into this narrative. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – Subscribe for new episodes
almost every day, and shoutout to Jane Jane. – Hit that Like button
if you enjoyed this episode, and shoutout to DanJD. – Bye, guys!
Thanks for watching. – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. What other artists or musicians
do you want us to listen to next? Let us know down in the comments.
Bye, guys.

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