Cómo aislar sectores dañados de un Disco Duro en una partición mala y buena | Repartition Bad Drive

Good morning everyone, something you asked me
is it possible to isolate the bad sectors of a hard drive in a partition, that is,
if you can create a bad partition where all sectors that are already agglutinated
unusable, and another good partition in where we only have healthy sectors. And the answer is that if you can, although
you have to take some considerations into account that I will explain in this video, and what they do
that is not always a very practical option, so when you finish seeing it, and you
you decide if it’s something that you’re worth do on some hard drive that currently
you have in bad condition. Specifically, the program we are going to use is
the “Repartition Bad Drive”, whose link I’ll leave you in the description of the video, and
in my case I’m going to use it on a hard drive external 80GB that you see, after scanning it
with the Victoria program, I have been very many sectors in poor condition, so we’re going to
try to isolate them. By the way, if you still do not know the program
Victoria, I will also leave you a link to a Video tutorial in the description. To begin the process the first thing we will do
is to open the application, which does not need installation, although when opening it you can
leave a message like this, recommending us change the Sata driver in the BIOS, from
AHCI, to IDE, although in my case I will tell you that not to continue. Also, before continuing, I want to clarify
that the operation that we are going to carry out entails necessarily format the hard drive that
we want to partition, since logically when creating partitions with damaged sectors
and others with healthy sectors, we should delete the current partition. In other words, this method should only be used with
hard drives in which we have nothing saved, or at least no file that we want to keep,
since everything will be eliminated. Once the application is open, we’ll see
this little window in which they appear to us, our storage units, in my
case for example I have 4 hard drives, 3 internal ones, and an external connected by USB, which is precisely
in which I will isolate the damaged sectors. So I select that disk the disk in
question, being very important that in your Do not get confused about unity, so that
do not mistakenly delete the wrong disk, so make sure that the size matches,
and also if it’s an external hard drive it will appear also the word USB. In addition you will also see that here we are
allows to modify two parameters, the “size minimum that each partition may have ”
and “the sector displacement partition defective “, even if you do not worry
and just leave both parameters such what are they? So this is all, and for
start the process you have to press the button that says “Repartition Drive Selected”,
and as you can see, this message will come out warning us that all the data on the disk
selected will be deleted, and if we are sure to continue, so if we have
marked the disk that we want to partition, and you are convinced that you have nothing
in which you want to keep, we give OK, so that the process starts. Now you have to have a lot of patience, since
the program has to scan the entire disk to find in which parts there are bad sectors,
taking more or less time depending on the size of your disk, so ideally
is to do this process when you do not go to use the PC for a few hours, for example leaving it
working all night In my case, being a disc of only 80GB, it has
needed just an hour, although in what that the process is completed I take advantage of
tell you some important things. The first is, you should never use a disk
hard with damaged sectors, to have or install in it, your operating system, since
the disk on which “Windows” is installed it should always be in the best state
possible. Although, as long as the disc works, if
you can continue to use it to use it as external disk to save data, but only
files that are relevant to us, and if lost, it would not be a loss
that you missed. For example, a disk with damaged sectors,
but that still works, you can come very well to store things like movies or
series, which would always be possible get back, if the hard drive arrives
to fail completely. While on the contrary, under no
circumstance you store on a hard drive with damaged sectors, or that in general
I have given you some problem, information that if it could be important, and
even less if you do not have that information backed by some backup in
another unit. Clarified this, and going back to the program that
today we are concerned, notice that you have already started to detect bad sectors, and we are
is reporting how many partitions are being creating to isolate those sectors. And it is precisely that point that I made
reference to the beginning of the video, since the damaged sectors of a disk do not have
why be grouped in the same area of the disk, if not that they can be distributed
in different places, having in half parts of the disc that if they are in good condition, what
that forces the program to create partitions separated, as many as necessary. Put like that maybe it sounds a bit confusing,
but since the program ends you’re going to see much more clearly. By the way, keep in mind that during the
process the hard disk will stop going as drive on your PC, so do not worry
That’s why, since it’s normal. The program is already finalizing and as you can see
in my case I get it that it has created 4 partitions, that you really have to add one more, for
what are 5, clarifying that it is about me concrete case, in yours it could be
less or more depending on the state in the that your disc was. So then when I hit the button
of OK I will get the notice that they have been created all those partitions, and I’m also asked
give them a format, but now what I’ll do is to close all these windows, to explain them
better that is what has happened. We can also close the program already,
since he has finished his work. Also if I go to the units of my PC,
you will see that I get the 5 partitions that have been created, each with its letter, but
at the moment they do not have any format so I can not access them yet. And now what I will do is go to the “Administrator
of Windows discs “, as you already know, simply write the word “Hard Drive”
in the “Windows” search box below to the left, and we open this application that
says “Create and Format disk partitions hard. As you can see, here I get the hard drive in
the one that I have isolated the damaged sectors, and if we look, the partitions in good condition,
that have been created, they appear in blue, that are these 5 While the partitions in which
have isolated the bad sectors, that is to say the bad partitions to call them like that,
they are in black, and the rest in green color, so we have already separated
the damaged sectors of the hard drive, the They are in good condition. Flight clarify that in my concrete case with
this hard drive, it has gone like this, but with another hard drive could have been created less
partitions, or even more, so this example just take it as a reference. Although now I imagine that the question that you
you will be doing is if the partitions in where are the healthy sectors
you can join to create a large one, instead of having 5 of less capacity, and
same time join in another partition, all the partitions with damaged sectors. And the answer is that unfortunately
can, since as I was saying, the sectors damaged do not have to be grouped
in the same area of ​​the disc, if not that they can be in the middle of two partitions in good
been, as we have seen in this case, and if we would join them we would join the partition
damaged with the one that contains healthy sectors. Even if you are lucky in your case
and all damaged sectors are grouped in the same area of ​​the disc, not being necessary
create so many partitions. That’s why this method may not work for you
very practical, since according to the state of your disc, it can lead to the creation of
too many partitions, being a method that I would only recommend to use on a disc
external hard for example, which neither you will have connected to the PC all the time. To give you an idea and you can see
more examples, I used the program in another of my hard drives, although this time in one
that only had a few damaged sectors, and in this case he has only needed to create
a bad partition, which is also right at the end of the disc, which is perfect,
since the good partition is agglutinated in a single compact block. As you can see, the number of partitions
depends on what state this is currently the hard drive. Now that we’ve seen how it works, just
It remains to say that in order to use the partitions in good condition, you just have to give them
one format to each one, and for that we do Right click on the partition and select
the format option. Or equally if from the units of your
PC, you try to enter a partition that not yet have format, you will leave the usual
format window, so you would in the same way that you usually usually
do. And in the event that you are not satisfied
with the partitions created and you want to go back to take the disc to its original state with
a single partition, you just have only to eliminate the volumes of the units,
to re-unify them, although that already you can see better in another video where you
explained how to partition units, whose link I will also leave you in the description. And here the video, I hope that all this
information has been useful, if this is how you can hit Like, or if you have
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