Cómo Reparar un Disco Duro dañado✅ externo o interno | Victoria HDD SSD

Cómo Reparar un Disco Duro dañado✅ externo o interno | Victoria HDD SSD

Good morning, today I’ll explain how
repair a damaged hard drive, using to This is the Victoria application. In particular it is a free application,
and it is very useful if we have a disk hard old, that is giving us problems,
For example, if you access it, it freezes sometimes, or in general if we notice it too slow
in your reading times. In my case I have connected a disk to the PC
hard very old that I had kept in a drawer, and it’s this here, which marks 149Gb,
I assure you it’s a record that’s pretty damaged due to its age, but let’s
to see if with the Victoria program, we can give it a little more life, and make it come back
to work almost as in their good times. I also want to clarify that I have connected
directly to the “motherboard” as a hard drive more, but if you have an adapter
USB for hard drives, or an external hard drive, you can also use it, since the program
will recognize the disc. Once explained this, let’s see how
the program works, and for that logically the first thing is to decompress this file, whose
link will be in the description of the video. We enter the folder that was created, and
you have to look for this file, which has drawn a “Green Cross”, although very
important, when opening it you have to click with the right mouse button,
and Run as Administrator, so that the program work correctly. In doing so, this window will open, and in
this same tab that says “Standar”, if you notice, on the right a box appears
with the hard drives, in my case I have 3 connected, because even though you have seen before I came out
more discs, it’s because I have it partitioned, but logically the program will detect it
as a single disc, since it really is A) Yes. Now the first thing that I recommend you do,
is to check the state of the disk, and for that we select the disk that we want to check,
in my case I will start with the Thoshiba de 1 Terabyte, which is a relatively disk
new, and then we go to the tab that says SMART, and click on the button
that puts Get SMART. As you can see, I get related information
with the hard drive, and what you have to fix is ​​that everything is practically in
green, since that is synonymous with good condition. So you can compare, now I’m going to repeat
the operation, with the hard drive that I want repair, to check its status. I select it
in the “Standard” tab, I go to SMART, and I click on Get SMART. As we see, now the picture is very different,
and it is clear that this hard drive is in a much worse state, so we’re going to proceed
to try to repair it. For this, with the hard drive that we want
repair selected, we go to the tab that says Test, and you have to leave everything, almost
as it is, that is, leaving the box checked that says “Read” Reading, and a little more
below, where it says “Ignore”, we change it to “Remap”. By checking the option “Remap” what you
we are asking the program is that the blocks defective, become non-functional, and
they are replaced in another sector of the disk. By the way, very important, I tell you that
you should not check the option that says “Write”, Writing, since in that case what you would do
is to repair the disk, but erasing everything it contains, that is, you would lose all
the information that had saved, the same what if you format the disk. Also, if you notice, there are also some
blocks of colors, and by default they are marked the orange, the red and the blue. That what
tells us, is that hard drive blocks are more damaged, that is, they have
a slower reading time, or in the case of the blues, that that sector is directly
damaged. If you want you can also check the block
green or even gray, but in that case we could be “Remap” too many blocks
that at the moment still do not pose a problem so important. Also, if you only want to do the test for
see only which sectors are damaged, but without the program repairing them, or doing
nothing on the disk, you can leave marked the Ignore option, although if you are sure
that the disk needs a repair like In my case, mark the “Remap” option
as I have done, so that in that way damaged sectors are repairing to the same
time the program is found. Once with everything configured in this way
that you see on the screen, we just have to do click on the button that says “Star”, and the
Scan will start. Now the program will begin to read and correct
the blocks one by one, indicating how many block detects according to the reading time,
so as you see, although most of Disk blocks are in a correct state,
will also find some that is damaged, and those will go “remap” for
stop being a problem. From here the most important thing is to have
patience, since this process is quite slow, and according to the size of your disk
hard, and its condition, will take more or less hours. So the best thing is that when you go
repair, do it when you do not need use the PC, for example by leaving all the
night scanning, because as I say, the process It usually takes a few hours. Clarify also that if at any time
gives you the impression that the program Freeze for a few seconds, do not worry,
since that is usually very normal when you find a block that is completely damaged,
and give reading error, simply have patience and let the program finish
his work. I will take advantage of this moment in which you are
repairing the disk, to comment that although I have never had problems with this program,
you should back up the files that are important to you before you start
repair, that is, if they are in the hard drive that you are going to repair. Also a hard drive that has already shown symptoms
of being somewhat damaged, I would not use it to save information that I found valuable,
or that was not backed by a copy of security, but you can always use them
of support, to store things that are not so relevant In my case for example I will save in this
disc, the old video projects, that I do not really need anything anymore, but that
I do not want to erase definitely either, and I free space on my main hard drives
using this hard disk in a worse state of support. Also if you have a laptop with a disk
old hard that is giving you trouble, or even an external hard drive, with this
program you can also try to repair the disc, as I told you at the beginning, since
will recognize any storage unit. Another thing that I take the opportunity to comment on, is
that if you have to turn off the PC before the process is over, you can continue it more
late at the same point he had stayed. For that you only have to write down the number
of the block you were going through, which is this number from here in red, and then stop
the process, you close the program, and when you wanted to start repairing again
you write here, where Star LBA says, for that way start from that same point
specific. So already with this, you have everything you need
to repair your hard drive if it’s old and it’s giving you some problems, just
let the program scan the sectors, and at least in my case, thanks to
I have been able to use this program more of a hard drive that was already lost. In fact, so you can see that it has really
Improved disc status once finished the scan I checked again its status
with the SMART Get button, as we did at the beginning of the video, and as we see, I do not get any
indicator in red. Also something that has worked for me very
well, it is that in very damaged discs, I repeat the process a second time, since in the second
return, so to speak, the program will return to find damaged sectors, but they will be
many less than the previous time. I know that the repair process is slow,
You have to have a lot of patience, but it deserves quite worth it when it comes to improving the operation
of an old hard drive that is already starting to give failures. So far the video, I hope you have
useful result, if so, can you give it Like, or if you have any doubt leave it
on the comments. And do not forget to subscribe. Bye.

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