Cómo saber el Tiempo de Vida que le queda a tu Disco Duro y Reparar sus sectores dañados✅ | HDD SSD

Cómo saber el Tiempo de Vida que le queda a tu Disco Duro y Reparar sus sectores dañados✅ | HDD SSD

Good morning, today I bring you a new tutorial
from another program that can be very useful, to monitor the status and calculate
the remaining life time of your discs hard, and also to repair and remap
defective sectors, whether they are discs internal hard drives connected to the motherboard,
as external by USB. So if more preambles, I’ll explain
quickly its operation, and first thing logically it is to open the program. Also, if you look at the system tray
down to the right you will see some icon like these that you are seeing where we are
shows the temperature of the hard drives, depending on how many you have connected. And by clicking on any of them, also
you can open the program window as you are watching. If the program is published in English, as it is
my case, you just have to click, in this icon here, which has a computer form
with a screwdriver, and that way we’ll open the Settings window to change
the language to Spanish. We go here where it says “Preferences”
and on the right side we are left selected the language, so in our case we’re going
to pass it to Spanish. In addition, I also recommend that you unmark
this box that says “Load with Windows”, because if you leave it marked the program will
will run on its own every time you restart the PC, something that at least in my case I do not consider
necessary, so if you do not want those happen, uncheck the box as you are
seeing. Press OK to confirm the change, and now
we have everything ready, let’s see how the program works As you can see, in this first window, we were
gives information about our hard drives, that in my case I have 3 discs connected,
being very important to look at these two data, which say State and Temperature. The state tells us if the level of health
of the disc is good, and if you have it in green and at 100% it is. For example in my case we see that two of my
hard disks are 100% healthy, which It is a very good data. However I have another hard drive and something
oldest, which tells me 46% health, so the program warns us that in
this hard drive is advisable to have the information supports a backup, and so on
prevent any problem that could give us in the future. Now so you can see a pretty case
more extreme, I will connect a hard drive that I have in very bad condition, by USB, and so
we see what the program tells us. As you can see, I think it’s only
9% health, and it is also recommended to do a copy of the data immediately,
that the level of risk is very high. Also if you look at the program too
tells us what the performance of the disk is hard, which refers to whether the disk
Hard can still be used normally, and in the three hard drives from before, it tells me
that the performance is excellent with 100%, including the hard drive that had 46% of
health, so this data is also very important to know him. While the hard drive that I have with a
9% health, I get that your performance is of 90%, which is still a very good
data, and that’s because despite their status, the disc still works for me without any
problem when copying and saving data at. Equally another curiosity, is that also
we are shown the estimated life time what is left to the hard drive, and for example
on the two hard drives that are 100% of health I get that estimated life time
is more than 1000 days, which is the maximum that will always give any hard drive. But if I look at the hard drive that has 46%
of health, he tells me that he only has 231 days left of life, and if I look at the one that is 9%
health I get that you only have 12 left days of life Although do not panic, since this
it’s just a rough calculation that makes the program, but that does not mean anything
that is going to be like that, and in fact this disc hard that is at 9% health, I’ve been using it
for years, and it still works for me, what despite the program says that
12 days left, I can still continue more time. So if in your case you have a disk
hard in a similar state, does not mean either necessarily that the hard drive is ready
to die, although logically the recommended is to use it as a secondary disk only
support, in which to store things that do not amount lose if it comes to produce in some
moment a critical failure, being equally advisable to have backup of everything
in another unit. For its part with regard to temperature
which is the wall that I have not yet commented, is not usually such an important piece of information, although
if your hard disk were to exceed 50 degrees, if that would be worrying and you would have
what to see if it’s due to bad refrigeration of your team Also if you want to have more information
about the temperature of the disc, you can do Click on this tab that says “Temperature”
where the maximum values ​​and the average. Or equally if you want to know more data
about the hard drive status, you can do click on the SMART tab, where it shows us
what parameters of the hard disk are in good been or at risk, although already
I will explain in another video that means each one, and which are the ones to be lent
More attention. Having said all this, we move on to the other
important part, how can we use the program to repair the disk sectors, and to
we select the disk that we want to repair, and we click on this button that is shaped
of a hard drive with a green dot, which As you see, it says “Surface test”. In doing so, this window opens, where
we should appear already selected the disk hard that we had marked, although if it is not
so, you can also select it from here, being very important that you do not get confused
of hard disk. Next we are asked the kind of
test that we want to perform so we I explain quickly what each one does, and
which I recommend you use. The first one says “Reading Test”, and
to give you an idea is very similar to the “Ignore” option of the “Victoria” program,
since only a test will be done to indicate us the state of the sectors of the hard disk,
but without making any repairs. That is, it is a rather informative option. Regarding the following two methods we have
“Writing Test” and “Writing Test + Read “, although these two methods never
you must select them, since as we are is indicating, when using them, all
the hard drive information, that is, you will lose absolutely all the content
stored on your hard drive. The next method is “Test Read + Write
+ Read “, and what it does is that it reads the information of each sector of the hard disk, for later
overwrite that same information in yourself same sector, and finally compare that match. This method is very practical if we are
having problems to access the information that we have stored on the disk
hard due to the poor state of the sectors, since by overwriting all the
information, it is possible to revitalize said sectors, so that they can be subsequently
read more easily. Although it is a method that I only recommend
use, if you really have problems for access the hard drive information,
since otherwise, this test would only mean unnecessary wear. Next we have the test “Reinitialize
the surface of the hard disk “, being a method that like what happened with the second
and third, it erases all the information of the disk, since it is a low format
level, so you should never use it in a hard drive where you have data that you wanted
keep. Although it is a hard drive in the
that you do not have information, and therefore it does not matter if everything is erased, in that case
is one of the most effective methods if we want improve the state of a disk, and in the description
I’ll leave a link to another video, if you want learn more about what a format consists of
low level Already by last we have the proof “Repair
of the disc “being the most recommended method if you want to repair an album that you have
information, even if it is about main disk where you have Windows installed. This method is to verify the
sectors of the disk, repairing any sector that has become slow, or in the case of
the sectors that are already in very poor condition a remapping will be carried out, to replace
that sector for one in good condition in the area of the disk backup. That is, something very similar Remap mode of
Victoria, whose link will also leave you in the description if you want to know more in
depth, in what you sew. Once we have selected the desired method
and let’s be sure that disc we are going to repair, you just have to click on the button that says
Start Test, and we’ll wait for the program carry out the process, which may take
some hours depending on the state and disk capacity. Already with this you know the basics to be able
know better the status of your hard drive using this program, so if the information
you have been useful, you can hit Like, or if you have any doubt leave it in the comments,
and do not forget to subscribe.

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